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Real Talk Youth Impact Program

Spring 2013

REAL TALK GIVES THE YOUTH A CHANCE TO CHANGE The old saying that talk is cheap is only true when it is not followed up with action. Talk is everything when it’s discussion that develops a plan and that’s exactly what Real Talk Youth is giving today’s youth.

In todays world it’s true that teens can get

groups as well as activity clubs and educational

into trouble. Sometimes because they have

organizations will help the teens that have made

grown up without true awareness of the

the decision to get their lives on track.

possibilities before them to have full productive lives, and in some cases because they neglected those opportunities. Real Talk Youth believes that when teens are presented with real talk, i.e. discussions that allow them to truly understand the direction they are headed, with hard work and a belief in themselves they can change and reach dreams they previously never dreamed of reaching. At Real Talk Youth teens are given the opportunity to hear from people


that work in the legal system, people that have been through what they are going through and

Youth is the engine of the world.

maybe most importantly, they hear from people that truly care and are committed to being a part of their lives. Local companies and community


It’s important for our children to be given a concrete road map of how to get their lives on track.



I can do this just give me a chance to make myself proud

Lead Educate Aspire Respect New Beginnings

Mission Statement

Goals Of the Program

Our Story

Our mission is to assist the next generation today, in reaching their hopes, dreams and full potential by building character which will foster responsible citizens and the future leaders of tomorrow.

The real talk members consider all at risk youth as diamonds in the rough. Accordingly, our goal is to refine the participants and give them hope for a positive, limitless future.

The Real Talk members will share their real life experiences with at risk youth during their meetings, in hopes of assisting participants in making better choices.



Our group of present and former federal offenders are dedicated to changing the lives of today’s youth. This is done by meeting with the youth and their parents and guardians and having effective real talk about pertinent topics in the teens lives such as: • Family • Education • Gangs • Crime • Law Enforcement • Judges • Federal System • State System • Supervision • Employment • Society

real talk isn’t just about talking and meeting, we are about real action!

To be a winner you need skills AREAS OF FOCUS • • • • • • • • •

Keep it real Change lives Empower the youth Encourage Influence Inspire Guide Motivate Reduce recidivism


Their is a direction deficit today that we aim to cure. Our children need a community that cares by fostering an environment where we are all my brother and sister’s keeper. As a community we will light the flame of opportunity and commitment to a better tomorrow by creating a system where the youth actually believe in themselves. They must have passion to make a difference. We will focus their lives on how to L.E.A.R.N. • Lead • Educate • Aspire • Respect • New Beginnings To have a successful program we need a collaborative effort from all surrounding agencies and community organizations such as: • • • • • • • •

Law Enforcement Agencies Juvenile Probation/Parole Juvenile Institutions Counseling Centers Churches & Local Organizations Schools & Libraries Judges National & Local Businesses



ANY MEMBER OF REAL TALK will tell you that to actually change lives it’s gotta be about more than just brochures and acronyms, we need collective action as a community! Many kids have heard a lot of talk. No Real Talk Youth member starts with mere talk, but is committed to ensuring that all the wonderful people and businesses within the community are invested in a plan of action for today’s at risk youth. Community involvement is the most crucial part of our program if we want to create a lasting, truly transformational movement.

--WE’RE ALL WE GOT-TAKE FLIGHT!!! Care about the future of our community Now that our teens are fighting for their future there is a good chance that you may have just what they need to change their lives

just finally realize that real life is real fun. You can make a difference in our community by being a supporter of the REAL TALK YOUTH IMPACT PROGRAM.

permanently. Whether it’s giving them an opportunity to learn a new trade, an opportunity to get the right education or the opportunity to

Changing the lives of youth one person at a time, through education, mentoring and a passion for a positive future

REAL TALK YOUTH IMPACT PROGRAM 840 S. Rancho Dr. #4-626 Las Vegas, NV 89106 Phone: 702-625-2417


A program for at risk youth, REAL TALK YOUTH IMPACT was created by Sheree D. Corniel in collaboration with Real Talk Members of the Real Talk Youth Impact Program

Real Talk Youth  

Real Talk Youth Impact Program

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