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About ME

Stephen White Currently I am fortunate to say I founded the Crackpot Cube but honestly I never did it by myself. I had many JOEs, family and friends that helped me get this going. We had one mantra--> Help people change their world. <--Seriously we feel with daily success we can help individuals and businesses on a global scale.

The past: I’ve spent most of my career developing products for other companies or doing market and product research. I’ve been able to work with small businesses and large international conglomerates in many industries over the better part of the last three decades. I reached a fly or die time personally a few years ago where I decided that it was time to focus on developing a product and service to impact lives. I recommend for anyone who is truly down and out, the key is to focus on helping others and you will start to feel that impact on your own life Expertise : Well I’m not sure how to answer that one. I guess I have maybe three examples. One, is knowing I am not an expert at anything but that the expert is the market, its the person in the street day to day and if your good at tapping and understanding their needs you can develop a heck of a product. Two, I have felt all my life and awkward sense of comfort in arenas which require strenuous efforts. I have always had the confidence that I will work harder then anyone and this type of effort and enthusiasm is infectious in a team or organization. When a team loves each other and is willing to give its all, I believe nothing is impossible. Three, I guess maybe this is an expertise. I am never afraid of learning. People tend to get intimidated by not knowing, I love what I don’t know and I am truly insatiably curious. I frankly can’t wait to find out what I will learn today. LIKES:



vocation is my advocation so thats not just what i like it is what I love and who I am. To refresh and restore I love to golf and love finding a quiet place in the mountains and thinking, reading, learning and thinking more. NOTHING BETTER THEN LEARNING SOMETHING AND THINKING WHAT IF

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