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EasyScan zero-dilation retinal imaging. 100% Easy Fast Easy Friendly Accessible

A matter of minutes - for everyone

Anyone can do it

Zero-dilation for patient delight

Size, price and portability

High contrast Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscope Early detection of retinopathies can prevent eyesight reduction and even blindness. Patients and professionals benefit tremendously if imaging is made easy and fast. EasyScan fits that need. Undilated. Uncompromised.

“All of our innovations are based on the fundamental belief that our solutions have to be fast, easy-to-use and widely accessible to healthcare providers in order to provide superior patient care.� Michiel Mensink, Founder of i-Optics.

All in the blink of an eye EasyScan provides a fast and easy workflow with automated tasks that truly speeds up the examination. The entire process from welcoming the patient to delivering a high-contrast image set takes only a few minutes.

Designed for rapid diagnosis Minimize handling, save costs Work efficiently

EasyScan is a fast and easy-to-use non-mydriatic retinal imaging system. Based on Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscope (SLO) technology, it is designed for the rapid diagnosis of diabetic retinopathy, age-related macular degeneration, glaucoma and other retinal pathologies. SLO technology facilitates imaging with zero dilation, thus minimizing the duration and cost of the examination. It saves at least 30 minutes of your valuable time. The patient’s waiting time goes down, satisfaction swings up, and revenues increase. Speed up image capture with EasyScan’s live preview imaging. Simply freeze the live image you see on your computer screen. Retinal imaging made right, first time, every time.

Confocal, highcontrast images Preliminary studies reveal that it may be easier to detect symptoms of diabetic retinopathy and other abnormalities by using high-contrast SLO images rather than by using the lower contrast images from fundus cameras.

Dilated fundus camera image

Undilated EasyScan image

“Speed is what we need. I’m looking for cutting-edge solutions to do more with less, faster and more efficiently.”

Easy does it Retinal imaging has never been easier. Just one touch puts a full sequence of pre-programmed workflow processes into motion.

Easy to use

Automated workflow

Plug & Go

With EasyScan, anyone can capture high-quality images easily. EasyScan does not need the multitude of controls and settings required by fundus cameras. Internal fixation lights and the self-guiding software do the trick. Just align the pupil, optimize focus in the live preview on your screen and capture. Focus is automated for most patients, but for those with hazy ocular media, only a small focus adjustment offers the best image quality. Plug the EasyScan USB connector into your PC and you are ready, virtually anywhere. There is no need to darken the examination room. AC power is not required. And you can store, retrieve, archive and share the high resolution digital images instantly with just a mouse click.

Intuitive Controls


Select either central or nasal fixation lights for the patient and EasyScan works out whether it is the OS or OD eye. Use the joystick to move the camera into position.


Simply press the AF (autofocus) button or use the focus dial.


Let autocapture do the work for you, or press the capture button.

“At the end of the day, it boils down to minimizing handling, maximizing patient care, while improving productivity.�

It is all about the patient Patients will enjoy the convenience of zero dilation and quick, immediate imaging – without having to wait. With their vision not affected by mydriasis, your patients can drive home by themselves afterwards.

Zero dilation

Internal fixation lights

Encouraging a positive patient experience

EasyScan is designed to be patient-friendly. Pupil dilation is not needed, as the confocal camera only requires a minimum pupil size of 2 mm to illuminate the retina in contrast to traditional fundus cameras. EasyScan is equipped with internal fixation lights to guide the patient’s gaze. This allows the user to image both the central and nasal field fast and comfortably. With a footprint as small as a binder, EasyScan enables eye-to-eye contact between operator and patient. Plus, you can place the computer screen right next to the EasyScan. This makes it very easy for you to review the images together with your patient.

Zero dilation Most fundus cameras require dilation, even when called non-mydriatic. Just imagine the benefits when dilation is completely eliminated. Patients don’t have to wait for 30 minutes and can go home by themselves.

Easyscan 2 mm pupil

Minimal fundus camera pupil size 3.3 mm

Easyscan can image through small pupils

“As physicians, we need more eye contact with patients, not computers. With the EasyScan, we can take advantage of a host of new patient-oriented benefits at the point of care.”

Global access is key Due to aging populations and growing obesity, countries around the world face a rapid increase in diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration and other retinal diseases. EasyScan brings high-end, multifunctional SLO technology to professional users at affordable prices.

Early detection

Worldwide access

Mobile versatility

Blindness can often be prevented when eye diseases are detected early. As a leading provider of smart retinal imaging, we are particularly committed to early diagnosis and screening for retinal problems. Global access to diagnosis and treatment is key. Eye diseases are growing at an alarming rate across the globe, while the cameras that are essential for the early diagnosis are still exclusive and expensive. EasyScan solves these problems. EasyScan hooks up to your PC or laptop via its USB 2.0 port. Anywhere. Weighing less than 7 kgs, it can be transported easily to wherever it is needed. i-Optics offers a hassle-free pick-up and swap service should any problems arise.

“The simple USB connection to my laptop gives me flexibility in where i can run my clinics.”

SLO vs fundus see for yourself Confocal imaging benefits

Easier to detect pathology

Infrared image

Green image

EasyScan’s infrared and green laser illumination provides clinicians with monochromatic images that help bring out clinical features in the retina. When viewed combined and individually, these images enable accurate diagnosis. SLO-based imaging systems offer better contrast than conventional fundus cameras. The infrared wavelengths can better penetrate media opacities such as cataract and corneal opacities.

Zoom to see small features (green image)

Dilated fundus camera image

Mild NPDR green image

(Very) early stage AMD

Undilated EasyScan image through cataract

Severe NPDR green image

Maculopathy and glaucoma suspect disk

Dilated fundus camera image through same cataract

Easyscan at a glance With an SLO, the retina is illuminated with a narrow laser beam scanned over the surface. A detector captures the reflected light. The image of the fundus is viewed in real-time on the monitor.

Specifications l

Optical engine: Confocal SLO


Capture mode: Green (532 nm), near infrared (785 nm) and combined, (pseudo color)


Field angle: 45 degrees


Minimum pupil size: 2.0 mm


Alignment help: “See what you get� with IR live imaging


Fixation targets: Three internal targets


Autofocus and autocapture: YES


Flash settings: Auto Exposure


Emmetropia compensation: +/- 10D


Unique movie loop feature showing multiple frames


Easy switching between capture, review, archive and export


Networking capabilities including telediagnosis


Image formats: TIFF, TIF, JPEG, BMP


Compact, portable, powered by USB. No AC required


Weight < 7 kg

We see things differently i-Optics is a leading pioneer in the development of smart and superior eye diagnosis solutions. Our products are designed to be affordable, fast and easy to use by care providers all over the world to better serve patients in the most convenient way. This has led to a number of innovations including the EasyScan, Cassini and EyePrevent. EasyScan is a fast and easy to use retinal imaging system based on Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscope technology for the diagnosis of diabetic retinopathy, age-related macular degeneration and glaucoma. Cassini is a first of its kind corneal topographer that is based on the principle of color LED topography (CLT), and supports superior diagnosis for keratoconus, premium contact lens fitting and planning of refractive and cataract surgery. EyePrevent is an integrated service for screening diabetes patients and others for retinal diseases.

Please share your thoughts Your feedback is indispensible for us to continuously improve our products and services. Please tell us what you think and contact us at For more information visit â&#x20AC;&#x153;Collaboration is in the DNA of i-Optics. As we go forward, we continue to look for ways to add value to you as a customer and deliver outstanding solutionsâ&#x20AC;? Jeroen Cammeraat, CEO

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