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HOW Does a Coach use a Cube? ˜

Coaches will tell you that for every hour they spend on the field they spend twice as much time organizing and preparing. Now with their Business Crackpot Cube they can create a direct feed to their players with one phone call and one push of the button. In addition they can post updates as to what they want their players thinking about. Things they want

Schedules & Locations Schedules and locations can be adjusted on the

to remind them and ways they want to

fly and a coach can know that all are aware of the

encourage them. Within a few seconds

adaptions without spending hours trying to ensure

of making the call it is now cracked to

that all the players and parents are aware of the

their website, social media, and even alerted to their players that have their own personal Crackpot Cube.

changes. ONE CALL of encouragement makes all the difference.


A COACH CRACKS Today is a great day to be alive and to be the best that you can be. Lets make sure today we are doing everything throughout the day to be a responsible, excited CHAMPION. See you at practice!

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hhow to use your crackpotcub for coaching