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Fred’s Christmas Preparations Thought I’d just take a few minutes from my busy schedule to write this and take the opportunity to wish all Equine students and staff a very merry Christmas. Many of you will wonder what I actually do as you may only see me in my stable, but hey, you know how important stables are at this time of year, especially one particular one in Bethlehem! During the year I give a lot of design advice to Christmas card and advent calendar makers on how to make their stables look good – after all, I am somewhat of an expert. When I venture out to the Cove building for various modelling sessions for equine kit of all types, I also use the opportunity to select some trendy gear for the occasional trip out. I used to do a lot of nativity plays and stuff and help Rudolf’s lot at their busy time but the old arthritis has caused me to have to slow down a bit these days, so it’s limited to guest star appearances. I did really enjoy being on the judging panel for Strictly Showjumping though – I hope to get to do that again! It was great to meet Shutterfly! The poor old humans have to put up with Len Goodman. When the sun has been out I have been working out in the field with Penny. It’s amazing how these youngsters keep you on your toes. I shall be hoping to continue this so that I get a bit fitter for the Panto season after Xmas – just hope I don’t have to get into a suit and be the pantomime human – at least you do that by yourself, not like those poor humans who have to be the front or back of a horse!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Merry Christmas from Fred

Fred's Christmas preparations  

Frestive note from Fred