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Fall 2012

Quiet Home Paints breathe freely

The Quiet Nursery Collection begins with the softest of palettes:

SLEEP Inspire sweet dreams with these soft quiet colors designed to create subtle, comforting spaces.

touch a subtle, soft, dusty pink

If you are looking for the perfect pink, for your little lady, look no further. Touch was created with your little one in mind. It is sweet, not sassy. So subtle in fact that in some lights you won't realize it's pink. With a slight hint of brown, touch radiates warmth. Touch is just that... a touch of baby's hand, cheek, toes... just a touch of pink.

wisp: a soft dove gray with just a hint of lavendar

Like the other colors in the Sleep Palette, wisp was perfectly created to be the right combination of soft, subtle and pure. It's a quiet color that inspires a soothing sense of comfort and calm.

Wisp evokes the barest hint of a lavendar fog.


a soft, airy gray

This color is the gray of a misty morning, created to be soft, elegant, and just slightly whimsical. It's the perfect color for gender neutral, soft, clean spaces.

Puff was designed out of the need for a neutral anchor in the palette. The color is perfectly pigmented to create warm, but quiet spaces

puff a natural neutral

Breathe was created to soothe. It's a blue that is so smoothe and quiet it works for both little boys and girls.

breathe the softest, cleanest baby's breath

~490,000 babies are born each day

melt a buttery, soft, barely there yellow

We designed melt to create rooms that feel yellow without being bright and bold. It's sun kissed, not sun drenched.

transition from soft and subtle to a palette of mid-tone colors with:

WAKE Wake up to happy mornings with medium toned hues that are vibrant and gentle all at once.

bee a warm yellow for cheery spaces

Stop looking for the perfect yellow. You've found it. Bee is perfectly balanced for any space. Pair it with bright pinks and greens for a girly room. Add splashes of blues for little boys. Or pair with neutrals for a sophisticated gender neutral palette.

Imagine a room that inspires twirling and giggling, swaying and cooing. Petal is a shade of pink that will fill the walls with warmth and envelope the space with softness.

It's the perfect pink to grow with through the years. Not too sweet, not too bright. It's just right.

petal sweet, pretty and classic

sprig a happy green for happy spaces

a natural, woody color perfect for little nature lovers


‌there are roughly 340 births a minute‌

pout a soft blue to inspire lullabies and contented yawns

a blue, green that is cheerful and serene at once


Take the next step with a bold, energetic palette:

PLAY Laugh, learn and grow with bright colors full of pop and pizzazz.

peep bring gorgeous freshness to your space with this bold, apple green

twirl the perfect purple for playing dress up or having tea parties

buzz inspire creativity, laughter and joy with this pop of bright sunshine

bloom hints of citrus give this pink some punch

jump an orange that is bright and fun without feeling neon

chirp the perfect blue for imagining sea creatures, far away places and adventures to come

be bold and explore the vibrant, deep colors of the palette:

POP Dial things up a notch with rich, deep colors designed to give a modern flair to baby's room.

stomp a vivid, punchy purple

shout a deep, bold red

puddle a rich and modern brown

the perfect navy for big statements


splash bright, watery turquoise

4.5 babies are born every second currenty 1 in 10 will develop asthma

The Quiet Nursery Collection was created out of the need for a more responsible product, especially for children's spaces. With asthma on the rise, indoor air quality is becoming more important. Why bring more toxins into your home? With Quiet Nursery, you can rest assured your walls are clean and safe. Breathe freely.

The Quiet Home Collection has five palettes, the first of which was designed to inspire elegance:

ESTATE a sophisticated and classic

celadon the pale jade green of ancient Chinese pottery brought to life on your walls

saddle the buttery, caramel color of your pony's saddle

ballgown the blue of Elizabeth Taylor's dress in National Velvet - deep, luxurious and rich

can we get a plie, please? a sophisticated pink reminiscent of beautiful ballet slippers


library an antique red, deep with wood tones, perfect for wrapping yourself in warmth


the blue of a stormy sky

The second palette is reminiscent of the shore:

COTTAGE Seaside, village or anywhere else: a palette perfectly unique and fresh

cup this pale, tea-stained neutral is both unique and fresh

porch a soft, summery blue perfect for front porch swinging

ACK it’s nantucket red for your walls - faded and bleached, an updated classic


the gray of

bleached shingles on the shore

sea glass the color you'll find scattered along the shores of new england - our most popular color

clothesline a warm, summery beige

a color of its own - not quite aqua and not quite teal... it's new and different. Torn Skirt wraps a room in beautiful, effervescent color. Imagine walking through your front door and being met by this vivid and yet somehow faded tone.

torn skirt

From the sea to the base of a mountain, or deep in the woods:

CAMP Rustic, dusty, earthen. A palette inspired by nature to create comforting spaces

minnow a watery green, both vibrant and subtle

husk a mid-tone, earthy gold

pebble the perfect, calming gray

spool warm and light, the color of linen

truck a warm, clean red; the color of your grandfather's pickup

a deep, cinnamon brown


To round things off, the next palette is made for those shiny, new spaces:

LOFT Urbanites and fashionistas unite with a bold palette that adds just the right amount of drama

sidewalk gray mixed with puddy, a taupy neutral

an aged red, the colorof old brick mixed with umber tones


vintage tux midnight black with just the right amount of fading

truss half grey, half green, all beautiful

street scene just a little grunge behind our favorite gray

a sophipsticated deep and dusty plum

avenue q

The last palette speaks to summer sunshine and blooms:


A natural, crisp palette

to evoke happiness, sunshine and warmth

grass stain a fresh, spring green with hints of yellow


summer pink,

the first bloom of june

cat nap feel the warmth of a spot in the sun with this light, airy yellow

the earliest purple of spring


cool off with this watery aqua-marine

nest a feathery neutral that is understated without being bland


CHARITABLE GIVING Quiet Home Paints is proud to support various charities and not for profit companies centered around the education and well-fare of children. All children should have access to safe, enjoyable classrooms to promote learning and comforting spaces to lay their heads. We are proud supporters of Education for All Children, Tanzania Children's Fund, and Be the Change. Our paint helps brighten the days of the kids involved.

Introducing our own

unique creative

furnishing line created sustainably with

organic paints & remnant fabrics

Meet the Team: We are a mother-daughter team passionate about color and design. With a common mission to create a paint line for children's rooms that was not only beautiful and cohesive but safe for both earth and child, the Quiet Nursery Collection was born. Once established, we added the home line to encourage the use of safe, beautiful paints in the whole home. -Lisa and Andi co-founders |

Quiet Home Paints, LLC Quiet Nursery & Quiet Home Collections

Quiet Home Paints Fall 2012 Catalog  

Flawlessly crafted, organic, non-toxic paints that are gentle on the earth and safe for your family.

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