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Journal: Week Nine In Detail (Part Two) Week nine saw an extension into the investigation and knowledge learned the previous week in our section detailing work. In the previous journal, week eight, I gave an in depth investigation into the structural integrity, sustainability and environmental analysis, as well as highlighting potential hazards and economical threats. In this weeks journal you will find attached a smaller scaled section detail of the roof section I had completed previously on a 1:1 scale. The section detail is annotated with key structural elements and components that are vital to the function of the section. In compliment to the weeks e learning, the important of the buildings thermal insulation was bought to my attention. The building blanket underneath he colorbond roof decking in collaboration with the existing thermal ventilation below it would seemingly ensure excellent thermal ventilation. Ormond College is an old building, constructed in 1853 with roughly 408 residents (Ormond College, 2013). Being such an old building with a dense residency, one would expect the embodied

energy consumed for heating during Melbourne’s cooler weather in a brick veneer building would be very high. Thus extensive ventilation, as exemplified in the dense thermal ventilation system, would ease economic woes as well as help reduce the carbon footprint on such a large college.

References Ormond College 2013, Last Accessed 05/09/2013

Journal week nine  
Journal week nine