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UDEMY PROGRAM WELCOME - BECOME A TEACHING HERO! Welcome to the Teaching Hero Udemy Program! Teaching Hero offers its clients professional mentoring, translation of courses in 15+ languages, access to a 110.000+ people advertising network, help with filming, and support for setting up your own class in a location nearby. Being a Teaching Hero means taking your Udemy earnings to the next level! Students, instructors, and affiliates from over 115 countries already trust Teaching Hero. Top ratings, high returns per course, and massive boosts in students have helped Teaching Hero clients to make a full-time living from Udemy! As soon as you join Teaching Hero, you will be part of a global community of educators from all areas. You will be able to connect at events, collaborate, and expand your professional network. Teaching Hero is all about getting the best out of your knowledge and taking your teaching success beyond! Do you want to teach online? We will make you successful! Do you want to have your own class in a location nearby? We will make it happen! Our professional team of regional consultants, translators, event managers, and marketers will help you kickstart your career in (online) education!

110.000+ ADVERTISING NETWORK Joining Teaching Hero means that your courses will get exposed to 110.000+ people in Teaching Hero’s advertising network! More than 110.000+ potential customers will be able to buy your course and leave reviews! Our advertising network includes websites, universities, educational companies and social media platforms. Teaching Hero’s professional marketing team will make sure that your work pays off!

TRANSLATION We believe in making education accessible to everyone! For every course you create, we will create another 15+ translations of it. Instead of one course, you will now earn money for 15+ courses. Our professional translators will translate your courses. And, your work remains your work! The only aspect that changes, is your earnings!

PRIVATE MENTORING Most regular Udemy instructors never taught an hour in their life. Thus, their teaching abilities are fairly limited and their courses seem unstructured. Students start complaining, less students will buy their courses, and the instructor will leave the platform after a few unsuccessful months. At Teaching Hero, this will not happen to you! As soon as you join Teaching Hero, you will receive a private mentor who will answer all of your questions via phone, e-mail or in personal meet ups. Your private mentor will help you create profitable courses and will answer you all your questions. Your private mentor will additionally manage professional Teaching Hero translators who will translate your courses into 15+ languages.



Publish educational content (for example a video course on Udemy) for which Teaching Hero does one-to-one mentoring to create high quality video content that attracts customers, marketing in order to make your video course consistently profitable, professionally designed covers, and high quality promotional videos. For the finished product, revenue will be shared like the following: 60% course instructor (you) 30% Teaching Hero 5% regional consultant (the person who brought you to Teaching Hero and mentors you) 5% processing fee. Udemy automatically receives 50% of all profits. The revenue shares listed above describe the remaining 50%. 
 OPTION 2 Get your course get translated into 15+ languages and earn money for every course! Professional translators will translate your video course completely for free and publish it onto Instead of one course that earns you money, you will now have 15+ of courses that will earn you money; The course will reach a global audience and grow you a tremendous number of students. Revenue will be shared like the following: 40% course instructor (you), 25% translator, 25% Teaching Hero, 5% regional consultant (the person who brought you to Teaching Hero and mentors you), 5% processing fee. Udemy automatically receives 50% of all profits. The revenue shares listed above describe the remaining 50%. 
 You will be paid once a month. Your monthly salary depends on the sales of the product. The more people buy your product (or one of the translated products, for which you are earning money as well), the more money you will earn! The money will be directly transferred from Udemy to your paypal account.


Teaching Hero - Udemy Program  

Take your Udemy course earnings to the next level with Teaching Hero's Udemy Program!

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