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Regional Consultant Program

Teaching Hero

Teaching Hero, Owner Leon Chaudhari Nordhellesteig 24, 13507 Berlin


UDEMY PROGRAM WELCOME - BECOME A REGIONAL CONSULTANT AT TEACHING HERO! Welcome to the Teaching Hero Regional Consultant Program! Teaching Hero offers its clients professional mentoring, translation of courses into 15+ languages, access to a 110.000+ people advertising network, help with filming, and support for setting up your own class in a location nearby. Do you have a passion for working with people? Are you open-minded and feel able to manage a group of 20-50 people? Teaching Hero is looking for you as a mentor to our clients! You would be considered a regional consultant. You don’t need any experience in consulting. We will show you everything from A-Z! The only requirement we set is that you should have a good internet connection and a little bit of time (not more than an hour or two a day). It will be your task to acquire 20-50 people that want to teach on You will work out the course content and structure with them and help them if they have any questions. Afterwards, you will message Teaching Hero’s translators over the internal Teaching Hero translators network and get your clients’ courses translated to 15+ languages. You basically only have to send a couple of emails. For every course your students create and for every translation of these courses, you will receive 5% of all profits paid out by Udemy. The original instructor receives 60% of the money, 30% goes to Teaching Hero, 5% to you and 5% are a processing fee which keeps Teaching Hero running. You will be able to earn a couple of hundred or even a couple of thousand dollars from your position every month. Let’s assume you manage 30 people of which every one creates on average 5 courses a year, of which each gets translated on average into 6 languages and earns 400 USD/year. You would earn 13.500 USD/year. Even though we believe you could earn MUCH more. You should answer your clients’ questions at least every 24 hours. Make sure you answer the questions in detail! If you have any questions, you can message Teaching Hero at any time! You will be paid directly via Paypal once every month. All payments will be done directly from Udemy. If our offer sounded interesting to you or you still got any questions, send us a message via our official Facebook page!

Teaching Hero Regional Consultant Program  

Do you want to earn money as a regional consultant? Then join Teaching Hero today!

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