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Traditional ELT Methods INTRODUCTION Those methods are very important for improving education in a society where there are injustice, unemployment, violence, intolerance, for this reason it´s necessary and fundamental to know all methods and approaches for creating new didactics strategies to teach and learn languages.

Names: Álvaro Ricardo Calderón Fredy Andrés Ramírez Lina Marcela Ramírez Luz Aýdée Torres

Date of brochure 17th august 2010 CONTENS 






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Traditional ELT Methods

Direct Method Theory 

The student can learn to speak and communicate.

It is an inductive method.

Instructional design The language natural, unwrapped and oral. The vocabulary is associated with pictures. Exist an a relationship between teacher and student.

Teaching procedures  Dictation.  Question and answer.  Conversation atmosphere.  Writing.

Audio-lingual Method Theory *In this method is used audio and oral sistem. the par psicological is managed stimulus and response.

Instructional design *Use of tape recording 

*teacher is a leader, and interact whit students. * deductive explanations

Teaching procedures *Dialogues memorization *question and answer drills. *Grammar games in different context.

Silent Way Theory *Building blogs in English language. It is based in explaining of the language.

Instructional design *teachers should be in silent. *students imitate teacher or audio re-

Teaching procedures *work in pairs *teacher make the feedback. *self correction


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Total Physical Response Instructional design

Theory * Language and body are conected though orders given by teachers.

*Teacher controls student’s behavior. *Student learns of way more exciting with less stress full. *Kinetic movement is use in lieu of rote memorization

* Communication oral is the most important element

Teaching procedures *Students and teacher use of commands for realize an action . *Teacher order sequence of actions to students.

Suggestopedia Theory Suggestupedia helps to develop the mental capacity in the students. *it makes emphasis a little on grammar

Instructional design *Increase the mental potential to learn. *teacher has the control of the students in the class. *music, drama and art belong in this process.

Teaching procedures *students make perform. *dramatic readings whit classical music *students select their own styles depending the activity made.

Natural Approach Theory Meaning is the most important , because the vocabulary is the heart of the language.

Instructional design *There are three stages aural comprehension early speech production and speech activities. *Teacher should be clear with the theory given.

Teaching procedures *Activities including games, roleplays, dialogs, group work and discussions. Recreational activities. Use a picture file and slide presentation

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 AUDIO-LINGUAL METHOD  DIRECT MET- HOD Names: Álvaro Ricardo Calderón Fredy Andrés Ramírez Lina Marcela Ramírez Luz Aýdée Torres Date of b...

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