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Being friendly

Preventing bullying

READ ABOUT IT This acrostic poem is about friendly people.

r o e t s Bo r e p ok u S WRITE ABOUT IT

ew i ev Pr

Teac he r

Feel fun to be with Really care about you Invite you to play Enjoy your company Never leave people out Don’t hurt people with words or actions Let you join in games You know they’ll share things

Write your answers after discussing the poem above.

© R. I . C.Publ i cat i ons •f orr evi ew pur posesonl y•

w ww


1. How do you feel if someone is:

. te

m . u

List three things in the poem you like the most about friendly people.

o c . che e r o t (b) unfriendly towards you? r s super (a) friendly towards you?

2. Should you be friendly towards everyone? Why/Why not? R.I.C. Publications® -

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Bullying in a Cyber World: Ages 6-8  

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