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The new girl – 3

Preventing bullying

MORE ABOUT IT Min was a new girl to the class, having come from another country. There were some things about her that were different from the others and some things that were the same. Look at the others in your class—you are all different in some ways. No-one is exactly the same.

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Choose a person in your class and answer the questions below about yourself and him/her. Highlight in yellow the things that are different.


Eye colour

Hair colour

Hair type (curly etc.)

© R. I . C.Publ i cat i ons Skin colour •f orr evi ew pur posesonl y• Do you have freckles?

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Height Favourite school subject

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Favourite foods Favourite drink Favourite TV shows

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Favourite movie Things you like doing R.I.C. Publications® -

Bullying in a cyber world


Bullying in a Cyber World: Ages 6-8  
Bullying in a Cyber World: Ages 6-8  

The blackline masters cover the following: What is bullying?, Forms of bullying, Cyberbullying, Targets of bullying, Effects of bullying, Wh...