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The game – 2

Preventing bullying

WRITE ABOUT IT Write your answers after discussing the play on page 71. 1. Describe the game Ava and Sienna had made up.

r o e t s Bo r e p ok u Sto Sienna before the game started? 2. What did Ava say

3. What happened to Mia?

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4. How did Mia feel at the end of the game?

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o c . c e he r 5. How do you think Ava and Sienna felt? o t r s super

6. (a) Do you think they’ll try something like this again? Yes No (b) Why/Why not? 72

Bullying in a cyber world

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Bullying in a Cyber World: Ages 6-8  
Bullying in a Cyber World: Ages 6-8  

The blackline masters cover the following: What is bullying?, Forms of bullying, Cyberbullying, Targets of bullying, Effects of bullying, Wh...