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Who bullies and why?

What do bullies look and act like? Focus


To view and discuss pictures of different children to understand that while anyone can potentially be a bully, it is actions—not physical characteristics—that identify a bully


Teacher information • There can be no one set of characteristics to describe all bullies. A bully may be a very confident, high achieving, apparently popular student with high self-esteem or a target who is retaliating by bullying other less powerful or younger students in order to hide his or her own lack of confidence. Bullying is about power and control. A bully’s actions identify him or her as a bully.

2. Answers should indicate that you can’t tell by the way someone looks if he or she is a bully.


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Supporting activity

• Think of more ways bullies might act to add to the suggestions on page 47.

• The pictures on page 47 are of three different-looking children. By naming and describing the children, and discussing and answering questions, the students should realise that anyone has the potential to be a bully, no matter what they look like. However, a bully can only be identified by the person’s actions, not looks. Discussing the text

• How are the children you named and coloured in different? How are they the same?

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1. Teacher check: Descriptive words students might use could include boy/girl, tall/short/medium height, black/blonde/red/ brown/curly/straight hair, freckly/dark skin etc.

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• Refer to page viii for further information. Introduction

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• Do any of them look like bullies? Why/Why not? (Guide the discussion to this bullet point and the one below to conclude that you can’t tell by the way someone looks.) • Can you tell by how someone looks if he or she is a bully?

• Can anyone become a bully? (Yes, if he or she chooses too.)

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• How can you tell if someone is a bully? (By his or actions; e.g. saying mean things all the time)

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