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‘What’s wrong?’ – 1

Effects of bullying

READ ABOUT IT Amy! What’s wrong?

Tell me. It’s OK. I saw what she did to you last week. It made me upset.

You must be tired.

can hardly sleep.

bullying me, Tess. I’m so ...

It must be awful to feel so ... awful!

Have you told anyone?

Yes, and on top of that I’m not hungry; I feel sick.

ew i ev Pr

Teac he r

r o e t s r WellB ... o e p I’m scared o u k of her. I’m S so worried I It’s Olivia ... she’s

You know, Olivia seems unhappy too. I don’t think her friends really like her; they hang out with her so she doesn’t pick on them.

w ww

can’t do my school work properly. I don’t even want to come to school anymore.

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I feel so alone. I don’t feel like playing or going outside.

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© R. I . C.Pub i t i ons Nol ...c Ia don’t Yes ... I’m so upset I know who •clearly, f orr ev ew pur p sesonl y• can’t think so I i to o trust. Really?

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Yes. I think lots of people like her less since she started bullying.

I didn’t realise.

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I think we should tell our teacher. All this awfulness needs to stop.

Bullying in a cyber world

OK. Let’s go.


Bullying in a Cyber World: Ages 6-8  
Bullying in a Cyber World: Ages 6-8  

The blackline masters cover the following: What is bullying?, Forms of bullying, Cyberbullying, Targets of bullying, Effects of bullying, Wh...