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Targets of bullying

Grace’s story Focus


To read and discuss a scenario to identify that bullies often target those with vulnerable personalities


1. She is upset because two boys keep bullying her.

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2. They say nasty things about the way she looks, what she says or what she does.

3. It makes the bullying worse.


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• Examples of other minority groups targeted by bullies include those of a different race, religious faith or culture; who have a different (or perceived as different) sexual orientation, physical ability or physical feature(s); and those who have a high or low intellectual ability or social status.

1. Answers should indicate that because she cries, the boys get a quick reaction which gives them enjoyment and makes them want to bully her more.

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Supporting activity

• Discuss the ways people might respond if they are feeling upset; for example, cry, become quiet, withdraw from company, not want to join in.

• Refer to page vii for further information. Introduction

• The scenario on the opposite page describes a girl who is being bullied at school. Clues reveal she has a vulnerable personality, which bullies like to target. The girl reacts by crying—a quick reaction—which invites more taunting by the bullies. Discussing the text

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• While anyone can be bullied, bullies generally target an individual or group because they are different in some way and part of a minority. This makes them an easier option than if they were in a mainstream group. Bullies tend to find children easier to target if they have a vulnerable personality—shy, insecure, find it hard to stand up for themselves and get upset (cry) easily. Bullies get a bigger reaction from these victims which makes the bullies feel like they have the sense of power they are after. Forms of bullying used against these victims are usually of the direct type—e.g. verbal, physical or negative body language— as the bully gets an immediate reaction.

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• What is the name of the girl? (Grace)

• Why is she upset? (She’s being bullied)

• How do the boys bully Grace? (They say nasty things about her)

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• Why do you think her crying makes them worse? (Direct the discussion to explain that bullies get satisfaction from seeing someone react quickly like crying, which makes them do it more.)

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• How does Grace act when this happens? (She cries)

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