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Cyberbullying stories – 3


MORE ABOUT IT It’s just a gamet!

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1. Do you think Jackson is being a cyberbully?

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Jackson played ‘Wizard World’ (an online game). His wizard avatar was much stronger than many others in the game. Jackson liked picking on weaker players, like PJ22. Using his wizard, he was nasty to PJ22. He stopped PJ22 from gaining credits, sent PJ22 messages like ‘I’ll kill you’ and he told the game moderators lies about PJ22 so they would ban PJ22 from playing. Jackson didn’t think there was anything really wrong— it was his wizard doing those things, and it was just a game, right?

2. Imagine you are the person trying to play as PJ22. Write how you would feel if someone who you didn’t know ...

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(a) sent a message saying ‘I’ll kill you’.

(b) stopped you from winning the games.

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(c) lied to make you look bad so you‘d get banned from the game.

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3. What would you do if this happened to you?

4. Jackson thinks it’s OK to be nasty to people online. Write what you could say to Jackson to make him realise it’s wrong. R.I.C. Publications® -

Bullying in a cyber world


Bullying in a Cyber World: Ages 6-8  
Bullying in a Cyber World: Ages 6-8  

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