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Sticks and stones

Forms of bullying

READ ABOUT IT ‘Sticks and stones may break my bones, But words will never hurt me.’ This is a very old rhyme your parents or grandparents might know.

r o e t s Bo r e When people try to hurt pyou by: ok u calling youS names or saying unkind things to you, Teac he r

But what does it mean?

saying nasty things about you or about someone you love or

telling lies about you,

ew i ev Pr

their words don’t give you cuts or bruises, but they can hurt your feelings and make you feel very sad.

The rhyme tells us that if we take no notice of the unkind words, they cannot hurt us. The rhyme is like a shield. If we say it to ourselves, we are protected from the nasty words.

© R. I . C.Publ i cat i ons • f orr vi ew and pu r p ose so nl y • Believe ine the rhyme the shield will protect you!

Choose words from the box to fill the gaps.

w ww



. t not give us e





to hurt us. This does

People sometimes use nasty


m . u


o c . che e r o t r s super words can be about us or someone we love.

or bruises but it does make us feel very

about us.

Sometimes, people tell

MORE ABOUT IT Sort the letters to give words meaning the same as nasty and unkind. (a) a e m n

(b) b e h i l o r r

(c) c e l r u

(d) e f i l p s t u

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Bullying in a cyber world


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