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Gemma’s nightmare

Forms of bullying

READ ABOUT IT Gemma woke up crying, ‘Mum! Dad!’ ‘Shh. It was only a dream’, soothed Mum. ‘Now, what was it all about?’ ‘Big monsters were chasing me!’ sobbed Gemma.

r o e t s B r e ‘All the girls at school were being really mean to me,o every day! At recess, they p o were playing chaseyu but they wouldn’t let me join in. I hadk no-one to play with S and I was all alone.

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‘Don’t cry’, soothed Mum. ‘What brought on this terrible nightmare?’

‘In class, no-one wanted to be my partner so I had to work with a boy! Then I told the teacher a wrong answer and they all laughed at me. ‘At lunch, they all sat in a circle and when I tried to squeeze in, they wouldn’t let me in. They carried on as if I wasn’t even there. ‘After I’d eaten my lunch on my own, I helped a teacher carry some things and they pulled faces at me and called me, “Teacher’s pet”.

© R. I . C.Publ i cat i ons ‘Mum I’m so upset I can’t go to school today!’ •f orr evi ew pur posesonl y• WRITE ABOUT IT

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punching her making fun of her

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calling her names ignoring her

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1. Tick the ways that the girls bullied Gemma. throwing things at her leaving her out

o c . The girls deliberately chehurt Gemma’s r e feelings) o t r s s r u e p MORE ABOUT IT 2. Write the correct word to finish the sentence.

. (body/

Write some other ways that a bully can hurt a person’s feelings.

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Bullying in a cyber world


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Bullying in a Cyber World: Ages 6-8  

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