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Not again!

What is bullying?

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READ ABOUT IT On Wednesday, he took my lunch. I am being bullied I found it in the bin. And I have no joy. When we played footy on It happens nearly every day Thursday By the same boy. He kept kicking me in the On Monday, Seth pushed shin. me I stayed at home on Friday Straight into the wall. Pretending to be sick in bed. On Tuesday, he stomped on Seth’s making my life miserable my bag As I am always scared. And that’s not all! Write your answers after discussing the poem above.

1. Circle the correct answer. Seth bullies the boy in the poem: (a) once a week.

(b) on Mondays.

(c) most days.

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2. Describe how Seth bullies on these days.

(c) Wednesday

(d) Thursday

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Bullying in a cyber world


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Bullying in a Cyber World: Ages 6-8  

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