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Resources Books The tale of Sir Dragon: Dealing with bullies for kids (and dragons) by Jean E Pendziwol

Bully beans by Julia Cook Big sister, little sister by Leuyen Pham Bootsie Barker bites by Barbara Bottner and Peggy Rathmann

When Sophie gets angry, really angry by Molly Bang

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When I feel angry (Way I feel books) by Cornelia Maude Spelman

Butt Ugly by Lynn Montgomery

The ugly duckling (traditional fairytale)

Pebble: A story about belonging by Susan Milord

Hooway for Wodney Way by Helen Lester

Eggbert the slightly cracked egg by Tom Ross

Shrinking Violet by Cari Best

My teacher’s my friend by P K Hallinan

Hurty feelings by Helen Lester

Stop picking on me by Pat Thomas (A first look at bullying) Tyrone the horrible by Hans Wilheim

Willy the wimp by A Browne

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I can play it safe by Alison Feigh

Ruby the copycat by Margaret Rathmann

Don’t feed the monster on Tuesday by Adolph Moser

The recess queen by Alexis O’Neill King of the playground by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor Jungle bullies by Steven Kroll

Just me and Dad by Mercer Mayer

It’s okay to be different by Todd Parker Odd Velvet by Mary Whitcomb

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Nobody knew what to do: A story about bullying by Becky Ray McCain

Crowboy by Taro Yashima

Ant bully by John Nicole

A rainbow of friends by P K Hallinan

The Berenstain Bears and the bully by S and J Berenstain

Learning to be a good friend by Christine A Adams

Enemy pie by Derek Munson

Dinosaur chase! by Benedict Blathwayt

Pinky and Rex and the bully by James Howe

Blubberguts by AJ Rochester

Henry and the bully by Nancy Carlson

Hooray for Horrible Harriet by Leigh Hobbs

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Martha walks the dog by Susan Meddaugh

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Arnie and the new kid by Nancy Carlson

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The bully blockers club by Teresa Bateman

Tashi and the golem by Anna Fienberg and Barbara Fienberg

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A weekend with Wendell by Kevin Henkes Myrtle by Tracey Campbell Pearson

Stand tall Molly Lou Melon by Patty Lavell

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No more teasing! by Emma Chichester Clark Elmer and the big bird by David McKee0

Bullying in a cyber world


Bullying in a Cyber World: Ages 6-8  
Bullying in a Cyber World: Ages 6-8  

The blackline masters cover the following: What is bullying?, Forms of bullying, Cyberbullying, Targets of bullying, Effects of bullying, Wh...