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Teachers notes Preventing bullying pages 70–81 (continued) Bullies need to: • realise that bullying is wrong • understand when they are bullying • expect that bullying will be reported • realise there are consistently applied consequences of bullying and that it will not be tolerated

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• learn to empathise more with the feelings of others • become more tolerant and less aggressive

• learn to interact with others and resolve differences in a more acceptable way

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• understand that posting photos and hurtful or false information is a form of bullying.

Accessories or bystanders who are also bullies because they actively support bullies need to:

• realise if they support or encourage a bully by joining in, passing on hurtful material or even laughing, they are accessories and therefore are bullies too • know they have choices and do not have to support bullying • know others will help them if they too become a target

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• understand that it is acceptable to report bullying.

Bystanders who are also bullies because they passively support bullies by doing nothing need to:

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Advocates who are neither bullies nor targets need to: • realise the importance of their role in preventing bullying • learn strategies to deal with bullies and targets

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• report bullying.

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• realise that by not supporting the target they are being bullies too.

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Bullying in a cyber world


Bullying in a Cyber World: Ages 6-8  
Bullying in a Cyber World: Ages 6-8  

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