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Problems in Educational Administration

How Do Administrators Motivate Teachers?

How to Motivate Students to Do Their Homework

By Carlye Jones, eHow Contributing Writer

How to Get Newspaper Recycling Bins for Schools Motivating Kids to Do Well in School

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How to Improve Teacher Morale

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How Do Administrators Motivate Teachers?

Problems in Educational Administration

Training While some types of teacher training are required and may not be particularly motivating, good administrators know that they can help motivate teachers by creating opportunities for them to attend voluntary training in areas they find interesting. This gives teachers the chance to further their careers and learn about something that they enjoy, and it motivates them to continue learning and teaching more.

How to Motivate Students to Do Their Homework

How to Get Newspaper Recycling Bins for Schools

Productive, Open Meetings How to Improve Teacher Morale

Like some training, poorly planned and run meetings can be less than motivating, but administrators who understand how to conduct an open and productive meeting are able to motivate teachers through good meetings. Having a voice in some decisions and being able to openly discuss problems and concerns with administrators eliminates some common frustrations and encourages teachers to continue doing their best work.

Staff Activities

How to Motivate and Encourage Students

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Good administrators understand that even if a teacher loves what she does, she still needs an occasional break. Involving teachers in planning and participating in just-for-fun activities is a common method for motivating teachers. These kind of activities can vary from basketball games to scholastic challenges.

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Getting In The Trenches


A quick and simple way administrators motivate teachers is by stepping out of their offices and working alongside the teachers. Many administrators do this by taking on a regular shift at lunch or recess duty, helping prepare for special school events or assisting in the classroom when a teacher needs a little extra help.

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Team Problem Solving When teachers are expected to solve all problems on their own, morale can suffer. Administrators who know how to motivate teachers will work hard to make problem-solving a team effort. Whether it involves a small group of teachers, a teacher and the administrator, or a large committee, teachers feel better about their work when they know they're not alone in figuring out how to deal with problems or overcome challenges.[4/5/2010 11:08:15 AM]

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How Do Administrators Motivate Teachers? |

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How Do Administrators Motivate Teachers? | Answerbag

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