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Hello, I’m Alessandro from Pieve di Soligo, Italy

E- Twinning project “Hello, I’m Charlie from London” April 2019

Hello, my name is Alessandro. I’m ten years old, I live in Pieve Di Soligo, in Italy.

Pieve di Soligo is a little village in the north-east of Italy. We have beautiful hills here and there are a lot of vineyards in our area.

Italy is a beautiful Mediterranean country that is shaped like a boot. We have many famous cities full of art and history. The capital of Italy is Rome. We live near Venice, the city on the water.

I live with my family in a pretty house with a pretty garden. I have one younger brother. My mum is a hairdresser and my dad has got one estate agency.

I don’t have any pets. My favourite animal is the lion because is very strong.

I go to “Papa Luciani” primary school in Solighetto. In my school I have a lot of friends: Alessandro, Andrea, Cesare, Mattia, and Giorgio. At school we learn English. My favourite subject are English and P.E. I don’t like Religion.

I like playing football and basketball with my friends. Now and then I ride my bike with my mum. When I play football I’m usually the goalkeeper.

Here in Italy we have delicious food: pizza, pasta, tortellini, cheese, lasagna, risotto, ice cream, tiramisu’… I really like risotto with mushrooms, ice cream and tiramisù, but I don’t like soup. My favourite food is lasagna. My favourite meal is lunch.

In summer we go to Caorle. I like the beach, it is very hot in summer. At Christmas we go to visit my grandpa and my grandma and my cousin Aurora.

That’s it! This is me. Greetings from Italy. Bye bye!!!

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Alessandro D.'s e-book  

Alessandro D.'s e-book