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Reflecting On The Question Should I Quit Teaching? The query “should I quit teaching” is something that many educators look and contemplate at certain points in their lives. I guess you as a mentor yourself have also thought about the possibility of renouncing entirely the occupation. Each mentor has his or her own reasons why. Whatever it is, you should think things through before deciding on that final conclusion. Here are the things you need to ponder before responding the question "should I quit teaching." These factors should aid you in drawing your final answer. Decide not only for yourself but for those who could be affected by such a choice. 1. Think about what you really enjoy doing. As a teacher and a professional, it is necessary to consider what you really want to do with your life. Rate yourself carefully. What are the things that can make you happy? Consider whether education can bring fulfillment and satisfaction in your life in five years or five decades time. Do not rush to leave teaching - especially if you have not carefully considered, or when a job with high earnings came. Examine whether teaching is your passion or just a simple profession for you. From there you can follow what your life will be in the future. 2. Think about what you can do. Being a teacher involves many skills to start. Effective teaching is not the only qualification for becoming a teacher. Even four or five years of school work on education are not enough. There are assets that educators should put in place, such as personal and interpersonal skills. Consider things that you can actually do. If you're really good at teaching, then it is better not leaving it. It would be difficult on your side to start a new profession if you have no idea what your work will be. It is also ineffective on your end to learn things again because it is a necessity. 3. Calculate how much you can contribute. Before deciding to quit teaching, and accepting a new high employment profession, note also how you can contribute to the school and your new company. Given your skills and talents, how can you be an asset for a particular working environment? Will you affect or influence a life when you stop teaching? Life is a service you must continuously extend some valuable contributions to others. And teaching is perhaps the best medium to do it. These are just simple ideas for you to think. Take time to reflect about these things and see how your answers will affect you and your goals in life. “Should I quit teaching” is a great question, which requires awareness and consideration of some

factors first. Visit for more help on your teaching profession.

Reflecting On The Question Should I Quit Teaching_  

Here are the things you need to ponder before responding the question "should I quit teaching." These factors should aid you in drawing your...

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