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5th Grade Newspaper~First Edition September 16, 2010

Welcome to the Wii Room Exclusive Interview By Karina H. This year everyone at Blevins Elementary is excited to have a Wii room. I interviewed Mrs. Harris myself to get the inside story. I asked Mrs. Harris if the kids loved the Wii room. She responded by saying, “They love it! The Wii room is popular and different then anything weʼve ever had at Blevins Elementary. Some kids donʼt have a Wii at home, so they play it at school.” Next I asked her why did the school buy the Wiis? She said, “Mrs. Loe got the idea from a workshop that she went to. At first Mrs. Loe was just going to get one Wii, but I suggested we should get 5 or 6 Wiis so every kids in each class could play.” After that I asked her how did the school raise the money to buy the Wiis. “We didnʼt raise the money,” she said. “Mrs. Loe got the money because last year most students did great on the Benchmarks. Mrs. Loe offered the money to me, so kids could have Wiis at school.” Then I asked, “How do you feel about the Wii room personally?” “I think its one of the greatest things ever. Its very fun!” By then I could tell that Mrs. Harris really was fascinated by the Wiis. Finally I asked the most important question of all. “How does the Wii room help kids?” “The Wiis help kids physically because you exercise. You also learn how to follow directions.” I sat there and let her continue. “Oh and it also helps kids teach them about games.” My interview with Mrs. Harris was splendid. Thatʼs my story until next time. This is Karina H. with your current events.

Mrs. Pat Loe By Dylan F. Friday, I interviewed Mrs. Pat Loe. The first thing I asked her was, “Is it hard being a principal?” She said, “Itʼs according to what day it is.” Then I asked, “Do you like being principal?” She said, “I do.” Next I asked, “Whatʼs your favorite thing about being principal?” She said, “Being with the kids.” I asked, “How long have you been a principal?” She said, “Iʼve been a principal for three years and in education for twenty-four years.” “How often do kids come to the office? What are some of the reasons kids come to the office?” “Once or twice a day. Some of the reasons are to get a student of the week button, for doing something good, or for discipline.” “What has being a principal taught you?” “To be patient.” “What do you do as a principal? “I have to work with the teachers.” “How old were you when you decided to be a principal? She said,”Forty because the former principal was retiring.” “What is the strangest thing you have ever had to do as a principal?” “The strangest think I had to do was clean up poop.” “How does having to paddle kids make you feel? “It breaks my heart.” Mrs. Pat Loe gave me some pretty good answers.

One Day One World By Madison H. In social studies we are in the middle of a very exciting project called One Day, One World. In this project we are able to communicate with kids all over the world. We are able to communicate with them by a downloadable program called Skype. Skype is like a phone on the internet, but if you have a webcam you are able to see the other peopleʼs faces. We are very lucky to be able to have this technology. We have connected with some very interesting places. We have 21 different schools we are working with. Some of the locations are Gliwice, Poland, Dublin, Ireland, Geelong, Australia, Novomikhilovsky, Russia, and Bursa, Turkey. In this project we have a series of tasks. “Whatʼs in your closet?” and “Whatʼs for dinner?” are just a couple of tasks for our project. Taking pictures, writing stories, and talking to kids all over the world are just a few of the things weʼre doing in this project. Who knows whatʼs next for Miss Ricks and her class!

Cell-Mania by Jada W. and Saloura M. Welcome to Cell-Mania! We are going to introduce you to our class project about cells. The project is happening in Mrs. Reeder始s classroom. We have learned about the different functions and parts of an animal and plant cell. Did you know that cells are the building blocks of life? Well, they are! Well, cells are not in non-living things. You may think cells multiply by two all the time, but the multiply by two only sometimes. Also, there are red and white blood cells. Did you know that there is a cell that looks like a foot? Some call it false food, but really it is called psudapod. Paper use to be a living thing until people cut down the trees and all the cells fell out of the paper or they are just dead in the paper. This project was due on Friday, September 10, 2010. As you can see we learned a lot about cells.

Also in the News New Year, New Excitements

Learning is on the Loose

By Madison H.

By Michelle H.

Here at Blevins Elementary thereʼs a lot of new people and things going on and I want to find out what the students are excited about this year.

In this newspaper we are writing articles and I got to walk into classes and see what they are learning. I got to walk into Mrs. Allenʼs class, Mrs. Dugganʼs, Mrs. McCauleyʼs, and Mrs. Johnsonʼs class.

In Mrs. Cowartʼs first grade class young Zora M. is excited about seeing her teachers, and I can see why since itʼs always exciting to see them.

In Mrs. Allenʼs class they have blocks with numbers. They have numbers 1 to 10 and they pick one number and they put as many blocks as the number. For example, they pick the number six and then they have square blocks. They stack six blocks because that was the number they picked. Okay! By the way, these Kindergartners are doing Math, and they are really good at it. Also they make Math very fun.

Mrs. Wickerʼs class had some interesting things to say, too. Paloma P. is ready for things such as fundraisers and new kids. When I talked to Hunter C., he said he was excited about sports. There certainly are some exciting things going on at Blevins Elementary. If you would like to know more, come visit us!

In Mrs. McCauleyʼs class they are learning about Homophones. The kids are putting the right word in the sentence. First they get their book out. Then they say the sentence and then the book has two different words. They put the right word in the sentence. I am so glad I got the opportunity to get to go in classes and see what kids are learning. If you want to know more about our newspaper, come visit us at Blevins Elementary School.

9-­‐11 Anniversary By:  Megan  H. On  September  9,  2001  many  hearts    were  broken,   many  tears  were  shed.  The  twin  towers  fell  to  the   ground    and  many  lives  were  ended.  The  past   Saturday  was  the  9th  anniversary  of  9-­‐11.  We   honor  the    memory  of  the  men  and  women  who   died  in  the  twin  towers  trying  to  save  lives.   Remembering  9-­‐11.

Sports The Lady  Hornets

By:  Jasmine  B.,  Senani  J.,  and  Trayonna  L.

Pumping Pulses

By: Malik  J.    and  Kanovas  L.

The Lady  Hornets  sound  like  they’re  ready  for  the  basketball  season.

We are  learning  about  pulses.  The   class  has  to  come  in  place  then   We  asked  basketball  player  Molly  ten  quesOons.  We  asked  her  what   goes  through  your  mind  while  your  playing  a  game?  The  rush  is  going   we  fill  your  pulse.  When  you’re     through  my  mind.  Who’s  your  inspiraOon  to  play  basketball?  Coach   done  can  you  feel  your  pulse  and   Banister.  Do  other  people  in  your  family  play  basketball?  Yes  my   count  and  what  your  number  is   brother.  Why  do  you  like  the  sport?  It  brings  you  closer  to  your  friends.   you  Omes  by  two.  When  you   Do  you  plan  to  play  basketball  for  a  career?  No.  Can  you  shoot  from   exercise  then  stop  and  if  you  feel   half  court?  No.  Are  you  nervous  when  you  come  out  of  the  locker   your  pulse.  Then  aSer  that  we  go   room?  Yes,  I’m  afraid  of  losing.  What  posiOon  do  you  play?  I  don’t  have   play  the  Wii.  It’s  for  exercise. a  posiOon.  Do  you  play  beVer  at  the  game  or  at  pracOce?  She  plays   beVer  in  the  game.  Is  it  something  you  want  younger  family  members   to  do?  She  said  yes  because  its  fun.  The  lady  Hornet  sound  like  they’re   ready  to  go  to  the  championship  this  year.

What we  do  for  fun! Lady  Hornets  on  the  Power By:  Glen  T.

By: Maegan  W.

When we  go  we  play  basketball,   we  always  win!  But  the  other   team  don’t.  We  enjoy  playing   basketball  because  it  helps  your   body  get  stronger.  Some  people   love  basketball  because  they  are   so  good  at  it.  We  don’t  get  that   much  Ome  for  our  games.  I  have   so  much  fun  outside.

I am  so  glad  that  I  interviewed  Coach  Jeremy  Banister,  the  Jr.  High   and  Senior  High  girls  basketball  coach.  This  is  some  of  the  quesOon  I   asked  him:  When  does  the  team  PracOce?  Jr.  High  pracOce  in  the   morning  at  10:30  to  11:15,  Sr.  High  pracOce  aSer  school  at  1:40  to   2:25  on  Monday,  Tuesday,  and  Thursday.    How  long  have  you  been   working  here?  8th  year  going  on  the  9th.How  many  team  members  do   you  have  your  team?  Jr.  High  had  20,  and  Sr.  High  has  20.  Is  your   team  good?  And  why  do  you  think  so?  We  have  a  chance  to  be  preVy   good  because  we  work  hard.  What  do  you  do  during  pracOce?  They   work  on  fundamentals.  How  do  you  like  coaching  here?  He  said,  “I   love  it!  It  is  the  best  job  I  have  ever  had!”  When  is  your  first  game   and  can  you  tell  me  how  you  feel  about  facing  it?  It  is  October  15th   and  I  am  excited  about  our  first  game.  Do  you  think  your  team  will   make  it  to  state?  “Yes”  he  does  think  they  will  make  it  to  state!

Lifestyle Fall Program  Coming  Soon

Fashion Mansion

By: Britni  C.

By: Ragina  J.

Lee Brice’s  concert  is  going  to  be  on  September  17,   2010.  Lee  Brice  broke  a  new  record  for  the  song  “Love   like  Cray”.  On  October21  we  are  having  a  program   about  country  music.  The  new  song  by  Lee  Brice  is   going  to  be  our  finale  in  the  fall  program.  Our  song  is   going  to  be  “Love  like  Crazy”.  Our  program  is  going  to   be  at  the  Blevins  Elementary  School  Cafeteria.  I  hope  I   see  you  there.  Also  only  5th  and  6th  are  in  this   program.

Do you  want  to  live  in  a  mansion?  I  do.  Once  I  get  an   educaVon.  This  is  what  it  will  look  like.  It  will  have   beauVful  couches,  a  trampoline  in  each  room,  a   swimming  pool  33X  deep,  a  hot  tub,  a  small   swimming  pool,  a  flat  screen,  a  living  room,  a  game   room,  a  displayer  with  speakers,  a  reading  room,   fancy  pillows,  a  brand  new  bed,  a  book  shelf,  a  wii,   and  a  play  staVon  360.

HunOng Tips

Movie Review:

By: Candiss  H

Deer season  is  approaching.  I   wanted  to  share  these  hunOng   Ops. 1.

Always wear  orange.


Don’t have  a  loaded  gun.


Never  hold  a  gun   backwards.


Always shoot  the  right   animal.


Make sure  you  shoot  the   right  animal.


Make you  territory.


Bring some  thing  to  eat  and   drink.

Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs By: Alexis C. I am writing about Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs. I think people should watch this movie because it hilarious. I know some people have already seen it and some people have not. This is for people who have not seen it. In the movie I hope you all know the slothʼs name is Sid. He finds himself with three dinosaur eggs. A few days later they hatch. You have to see the movie to see what happens next. My favorite characters are the two huge mammoths. Especially when the mom has a baby. Manny, the dad, goes crazy! There are ten other characters: three baby dinosaurs, a Saber Tooth Tiger, three opossums, one big mother dinosaur, and the biggest, meanest dinosaur in the world named Rudy. If you want to see these characters, you have to see the movie. Photo Source: Internet Movie Database

Art at  Blevins By:  Jamie  C.

When I  asked  Mrs.  Elliot  what  she  liked  about  art   and  if  she  goes  to  art  shows,  her  reply  was  yes.  She   does  go  to  art  shows  and  her  last  one  was  an   African  art  show.  She  said  it  was  very  preVy  and   neat.  Then  I  asked  her  if  she  would  ever  stop  being   an  art  teacher  and  she  said  No!  I  love  art  too  much   to  stop.  So  I  asked  her  if  I  could  take  some  photos   of  the  work  from  pre  k-­‐6  grade  did  and  she  said  yes.   I  took  5  or  6  photos  of  the  work.

Comics & Fun

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Our Words, Our News  

This is a news magazine created by my 5th grade Language Arts students.

Our Words, Our News  

This is a news magazine created by my 5th grade Language Arts students.