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THE LION AND THE MOUSE :) Narrator: Once upon a time a lion was taking a nap in the jungle. Suddenly a little mouse began running up and down very close to the lion. This, soon woke up the lion, who started to get angry. The Lion took the mouse with his huge paw, and opened his big mouth to ate him. Mouse: I am sorry, o lion king, for give me this time. I will never for get it. I promise to do something for you in the future. Lion: Ha, ha, ha sure!!! You are free now. You can go. Narrator: A few days later, Juan and Michael the hunters, captured the lion in a trap. The lion was very scared. Hunter 1 (Juan): Hey look, what we got here? We have captured the lion, the lion is very big, and very strong. Hunter 2 ( Michael): Yes, lets go for our truck. We will carry the lion to our zoo. Narrator: The lion was very sad. But suddenly something very strange happened. The mouse was walking close the lion. Mouse: Hello my friend. Can I help you. Lion: Hello mouse, Its me, the lion your friend. Help me please, the hunteres will come back very soon. Mouse: Of course my friend. Remember, I promise to help you. Narrator: The mouse to climbed the tree, and started to eat the ropes, to free the lion. Mouse: You are free now, my friend. Lion: Thank you, thank you my friend, you saved my life. We will be friends forever.

Moral Help others, and they will help you in the future.

The lion and the mouse  

Very famous fairy tale

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