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Last week we had the chance to meet the students from Chester. Despite the poor quality of the image and the sound, we were able to have a short conversation with them. At first, we were nervous because we thought we had to talk about a dull issue: the Spanish and English education systems. Then, we found out that we were only going to talk about our experiences as students. They asked us some questions about school and we did it, too. The best moment was when we asked the students about Steve as a teacher, he couldn't help but bursting out laughing!! It was really funny because they were also really nervous and embarrassed. They told us that they would like to meet the other students, too. The video conference was only a preview. I hope we can see them soon. It was interesting because I think that it was a way to break the ice.

Fátima Camacho Sánchez (1ST BACHILLERATO PEL)

On April 25th, the students participating in Comenius, both in Navalmoral de la Mata and Chester, conducted a videoconference through Skype in which students from both schools maintained a more direct form of contact and got to know each other a little better through a series of questions. The videoconference was great because we were able to engage most students and we gave them a lot of encouragement and we all had great enthusiasm. It also turned out well, as they were able to practice and listen to Spanish, and we were able to do the same, but in English. Although,we did with quite simple questions and answers. In conclusion, videoconferencing helped both centres to establish a more direct contact with each other and to get to know each other better, while we practised the different languages, English and Spanish. ALBA PASCUAL RUBIO (4TH ESO) It was fine but some of them were a little bit serious and others were funny and very nice. Or I think so! I thought that we were going to talk more about the fashion show itself but students talked more about other things. I liked it because I had a good time, laughing and joking. I hope we will establish another connection as soon as possible to improve our English. Lucía González (1ST BACHILLERATO PEL)

I think it was very funny and entertaining. This is a good initiative on the teachers’ part because, in my opinion, it is important for the future trip. I hope to have some more connections with the students from Chester. It really was funny and a good experience. ALBERTO PORRAS MARTÍN (1ST BACHILLERATO PEL)

I really had a good time because we were very happy and excited about it, and I also think that they also felt like that. It was the first time that we saw them and also the first time that we had a conversation. I think that these students from Chester are very funny because some students were always waving their hands or also saying funny things. There was one boy that asked a Spanish girl for a telephone number, so I think that they are like us, very funny people. When we go to Chester, we will be talking with them and laughing a lot, because the last time was very entertaining, so I expect that this will happen. César Carrasco León (1ST BACHILLERATO PEL)

Firstly I have to say that my school and another school from Chester are involved in a Comenius project that consists of mixing cultures and languages. Last year we communicated with them by letters and this year by e-mail. Last day we had a visual communication through Skype. We asked him some questions about one Fashion Show project they had prepared and we had had to see one or two months before and answered some questions about the activity.

It was a good experienced because we had not been able to see them before; they finished the communication with a Spanish song. I wish it weren’t the last Skype communication with them. PABLO LEÓN RÍOS (1ST BACHILLERATO PEL)

On Wednesday, we went to the assembly hall to talk with some students from Chester (England). We were talking with them for about 40 minutes, asking them some questions and they asked us others. I think that it was an interesting and funny activity because all together had a good time and sometimes we laughed a lot. JORGE ORMEÑO (1ST BACHILLERATO PEL)

I enjoyed this connection with the students from Chester. From the very first minute we were laughing off our heads… There were two guys that were doing silly things all the time and we laughed a lot with them, and when they were asking us questions, it was funny and we enjoyed it! It was great to be able to talk about all kind of things. The idea was the fashion show but they asked us about our life, our villages, parties, hobbies and, of course, FOOTBALL. In my turn, I was successful as I didn’t have to repeat my question twice. They caught it at first and I liked it. I loved it because I understood everything in English and I enjoyed this time and I could listen to the real English accent and this is always a NOELIA GRANADO GONZÁLEZ (1ST BACHILLERATO PEL) pleasure for me.

Last Wednesday we went to the assembly hall to speak with some English students from Chester. We introduced ourselves and exchanged some information. This experience was very funny and I hope to repeat it more times to get to know the English students better. Diego Román Martín (1ST BACHILLERATO PEL)

Last Wednesday, we established a skype connection with our friends from Chester and with Mr. Walker. We had to ask them some questions in English and they did the same in Spanish. It was a very good experience because, while we were asking and answering, we got to know them a bit more and we realized that they are teens like us; with a lot of embarrassment, very friendly, with passion for football and music, etc. Moreover, the connection was very enjoyable because the guys were very funny and bubbly and they even sang a song for us! I want to do more activities like this because I had a great time! That’s why it was a great experience because we saw that some kilometers away, there are girls and boys like us. We are looking forward to meeting them!!!! RAQUEL CARRETERO (1ST BACHILLERATO PEL)

This has been a new experience because I had never taken part in a videoconference up to now and I would like to repeat it! It is a wonderful way to contact with other people and, in our case, with other students. I had a good time speaking and laughing with them and celebrating the victory of the Chelsea!! Haha, it was very funny! Another thing I liked was their answers in Spanish because they pronounced very well taking into account that they have been studying this language for a short period of time. The students were very funny and we were excited about meeting them! We want to see them again as soon as possible! ST


Our first meeting with the English students was great. It was really spontaneous and everyone was really cheerful to see them. I think that they were also looking forward to meeting us. Everyone thinks that the meeting was really short but it was very enjoyable. I also think that their questions were better than ours because we only asked them about the fashion show. They did their share a lot to make the videoconference interesting and every student was really kind. They asked and answered the questions the best they could and they did a nod to Spain when they showed the flag of the Real Madrid football team. The videoconference was very complete and they also prepared a song for us!! Everyone agrees that the trip to Chester will be awesome; we are visiting them very soon! FĂ TIMA CAMACHO (1ST BACHILLERATO PEL)

Last day we had an online connection with our friends from Chester. It was funny because the day before the Chelsea had won the FC Barcelona and we were recalling this situation. When it was my turn of asking, I got a little bit embarrassed but I asked easily. I enjoyed this experience because I had never spoken by Skype. ST GERMÁN MATEOS (1 BACHILLERATO PEL) I’d like to do it again.

My first impression about making a Skype connection with the pupils from Chester was that it would be boring. I thought so because our teacher had told us that we would have to ask them questions about the fashion show they had sent us recorded. The task of making some questions and answering them didn’t catch my attention and I thought it would be something more or less formal. But it wasn’t like that at all: When we arrived at the classroom, the other students were waiting for us. He had to wait for a while until all my classmates arrived and we greeted each other, and doing silly things like waving our hands or something like that. When we started, the round of questions was also funny, because sometimes we didn’t understand each other and we laughed a lot. We also made some kind of jokes like showing the Chelsea’s T-shirt because they had won the match against the Barça the day before. At the end, it turned out to be a great experience and really funny. I’m looking forward to repeating it again. ST


Last Wednesday, we didn’t have English lessons. We did a different activity. We had a Skype connection with the students from Chester, Mr. Walker’s students. It was because we’ll go to Chester in September and we are doing a project. So our teachers (Mila and Lara) decided to do that. It was a great idea, I loved it!. I enjoyed it a lot because it was a completely new experience for me, as I had never done it and even less in English. We arrived at the hall and we saw everything prepared and it was quite good. We were talking to them and making questions to each other. They asked us questions in Spanish and we asked them questions in English. We laughed a lot because they don’t know a lot of Spanish, so they didn’t pronounce correctly. Apart from that, it is a very good way to improve our level of English. If we learn English and we have fun, everything is positive! I don’t know what else to say. Just that I really enjoyed it because it was very well- prepared and new for me. I think my partners are happy, too. I hope my teachers decide to make more Skype connections because we both enjoy and learn. If it’s possible, I would like to make the connection not in relation to the fashion show, because I think we are all fed up with it. I would like to have the next connection with other questions, more free questions. I think I don’t forget about anything; if so, I’ll let you know it! ST


This connection was fantastic. We could speak so much with them and we laughed all the time. I think that it was a very nice experience and we could get to know them a little bit more. I won´t forget this connection because all the class participated in Spain and in England! They spoke Spanish very well I think that they can be good Spanish teachers in the future . Bye, bye! ;-) NOELIA MARTÍN (1ST BACHILLERATO PEL)

It was so funny! I had a wonderful time. At first I was really nervous but then everything went really well. I was the first one who talked and I was wondering if they would understand me but there wasn’t any problem I am happy to tell. They were really outgoing and nice. We laughed a lot! We were both embarrassed but we overcame this feeling and could really get to understand each other. It was strange to talk with them in Spanish, but they didn’t seem to think it was strange to talk with us in English. I am looking forward to visiting them in Chester and I hope this won’t be the last time we will talk with them through Skype. SARA POBRE TRANCÓN (1ST BACHILLERATO PEL)


Last day we connected with our Chester’s friends again. This time, in relation to the current Eurovision festival. They sang two songs, one chosen by the students, and another one chosen by the teacher, Mr. Walker. The game entailed guessing which one had chosen each one. We were able to guess both!

Then we sang several songs, Sara was the first one at singing one song of a group that I don’t know. Isma was the second one doing some beatbox. Finally, we all together sang the famous song “Au si te pego”. We had a good time doing all this and the teachers also had fun. Mr. Walker was as funny as usual. He is an authentic crack!

Last Wednesday we didn’t have and English class, but we went to the assembly hall and we had a skype connection with the people from Chester. This connection was for a contest, a music contest. People from Chester sang some songs; we couldn’t listen to them well because the audio wasn’t so good. Later it was our turn, and we didn’t want to sing, Sara and Ismael sang first, but at the end all of us sang, even danced! I have to say that Steve didn’t like the song ‘Ai se eu te pego’, but it was funny because all of us enjoyed it and he and Mila started to speak in Portuguese. I also have to say that I liked the previous connection more because the audio was better and students from Chester and us could talk; but anyway, we enjoyed it! =)NOELIA GRANADO GONZÁLEZ (1ST BACHILLERATO PEL)

Skype connection with Chester  

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