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Last September, Portfolio students had the opportunity to travel to Chester (England) to enjoy the best experience of the year, that is, practise their English in a pleasant way. Therefore, they visited a lot of monuments and cities, they took part in some funny activities (such as ice-skating or bowling) but, above all, they could share culture, activities and hobbies with English students with the same age. One of the activities they had to do together was an interview in order to know more things about each student and to practise English with real native speakers. That’s why I am going to explain what I have learnt about Ollie, a very friendly and open English student who helped me with this task. Ollie Saddington was born in Chester, on 18th of September, 1994 (so he is actually eighteen).

He has got brown hair, blue-grey eyes and (is of) medium height. In relation to his family, he has a brother who lives in Lincoln, called Peter. His mother is called Alyson and his father is called Michael. If we talk about his hobbies, Ollie loves polo, playing the piano and he has an eclectic music taste. In addition, his favorite film is “Collateral”. But Ollie also loves reading, therefore, his favourite author is Ian McEwan. There is only a thing he hates, that is, bad spelling. In connection with Ollie’s academic life, he does English literature, German and Biology, whilst English is his favourite, and he wishes to continue this at university. For these reasons, he can speak English, German and a bit of Spanish and French. What most surprised me about him was the amount of places he has visited, these are: Spain, France, Germany, Greece, Switzerland, Austria, The Netherlands and Belgium. That’s why he is very intelligent

and he was talking to me about what he knows about Spain, for instance: he loves Spanish tapas, chorizo, calamares (among other Spanish food) he has visited the Dalí museum and Barcelona twice, etc. As a conclusion, I would like to say that English people are friendlier than I have expected. Ollie, Kate, Poopy and other students are the perfect example. Raquel Carretero Juárez

Getting to know questionnaire. It is necessary for us to communicate with other people and that happens even in another language different from your mother tongue. During our stay in Chester, we all met lots of students from Queen’s High School and, as a part of the Comenius project, we had to make an interview to one English student so that we could fulfill our task: Learning how to speak English properly by speaking with natives. I wanted to interview a guy called Olli, but he had already done one so, he told his friend to help me with my task. His name is Peter Kelsey and he wasn’t very talkative at all so… Peter was born in Chester on the fourth of September of 1994 so he’s actually older than me. He doesn’t have such a large family. His mum (46) is a nurse and his father (46) is an electrician. He also has a younger sister, who is 13 and is studying at the school. Peter likes playing many types of sports like football, basketball and swimming. I also like sports and I did play such a football match with some English guys and the Spanish guys from my class on the day we had the barbecue in the school. He also likes reading, like me, but he didn’t tell me about what he likes reading. Who did it so was Tom, another boy that we met there. He agrees with me that the trilogy “The Hunger Games” (Los Juegos del Hambre) is awesome. As many students, Peter likes listening to music and I have proved it because I saw him in the common room humming songs. He told me he also plays the drums  As a good English civilian, he hates people who don’t say “please” and “thank you”. This is something in Spain we don’t care a lot about, but English people do so we have to be very careful and polite in that sense. Talking about school, Peter likes Physics, Chemistry and History. In this case, we have different likes. I prefer Biology or Psychology to Physics or History although I enjoy some History classes. He is able to speak a little bit of German but he doesn’t know any Spanish, which is bad, of course! Haha! One of the things I liked about him is that he has been to many places including Spain, Italy, France and… America!!! About his stay in Spain he only told me that he had been to Mallorca once and he said that everyone was drinking on the beach –which is a little bit sad that is to say that a foreigner thinks so about your country. I think travelling gives you a lot of culture and perspectives of seeing the world and that’s why I want to travel to America; not because I just like travelling, but because I would like to know how it would be living in such a consumerist country. MARÍA MARCOS VADILLO

Getting to Know… My shadow’s name is Monira Sharif and she is sixteen years old. She was born in Chester on the 21st of December, 1995. She has a sister called Sumera Sharif, who is fifteen years old, and her parents names are Noor Islam Sharif, who is her father and he is forty-three years old, and Samsunahar, who is her mother and she is thirty-nine. She doesn’t practise any sport but she likes listening to music and watching films. She doesn’t have any pets hate! Her favourite subjects are sciences and geography and she wants to study medicine in a future. Monira can speak two languages, which are English and Bangladeshi. She also studied Spanish, but she left it some years ago. She visited America, Bangladesh and England. She doesn’t know so many things in connection with Spain. She only knows the numbers up to ten and that the capital of Spain is Madrid. GEMA Mª PARRA MARTÍN

Getting to know questionnaire When we were in Queens Park high school I was with Paul in class because he was my classmate, but when I had to do the questionnaire he was in class so I asked another boy if he could help me. This boy was like Justin Bieber, because his face was very similar to Justin´s face. His name is Ewan, so I could know that he wasn´t Justin, and his surname is Lutry and not Bieber. He is seventeen, but he was born on the sixteenth of December 1994 in Chester, so he´s one year older than us. He doesn´t have any brother or sister, so he is the child of the family. His mum usually works in a library and his dad is a lecturer that teaches Biology. He is into sports, but more into music. He usually plays basketball, but he normally plays the guitar, the bass and the piano in his free time. In his academic life he is into Music, Maths, Chemistry, Physics and Biology, like his father. And he also has studied some languages like English and French. He could visit France, Italy and Austria, so he had been in different countries around the world. He didn´t know Spanish, and he only know this about Spain: Paella, hot weather and Flamenco. So now I can see what people think about us, they only know us due to weather, food and music. César Carrasco León

LYCY POWELL She is a funny girl who is sixteen years old. She has got blonde hair... She is not either tall or short. She is medium high. Her birthday is on the seventeenth of January. She was born in Chester (England). I’m going to talk now about his mother that is forty-one years old and she has got blonde hair. She is a good mother and a good friend (she is funny she said). Her dad is a little bit serious but he is also funny. He works as a manager and he is fortytwo years old. He has got brown hair. Her elder sister is eighteen years old and she works as a shop assistant, she has got brown hair... and her little sister is thirteen years old and she has got blond hair like her mother and Lucy. She loves listening to music and seeing love films. She also has got two pets. Their names are Olly and Lowis. Her favourite subjects are Maths and History... because she wants to go to the university to do Law (Me too I said to her and she started to laugh). She speaks English and a little bit of French. She was in Lanzarote (“Lansarote”, she said and I laughed), in Mallorca ( she writes MAJIORCA) and in Turkey. She thinks that the weather in Spain is better than there in Chester and the food is cool. LUCÍA GONZÁLEZ

GETTING TO KNOW QUESTIONNAIRE One day in the high school, we had to do one activity in relation with English, of course, but it was useful to practise our conversation and mingle with the English students. We were in the sixth form room because our pen-pals, or “shadows” didn´t have lessons at the biginning of the morning. So Mila gave it to us to speak with the English students. Well, I am very shy , but I was feeling high that day and I started to speak with a lot of students and one of them helped me with the questionnaire. She is Millie Hogan and she is seventeen years old. Her birthday is on the 21th of March and she was born in Chester. She told me some things about her family. For example, her dad is 42 years old and he works as an airbus. Her mum is 42 too and she works as a shop assistant. She has two brothers; a sister named Kate and she is 15, and a brother named Peter that he is 12 years old. Talking about Millie, she likes music, watching films in the cinema, going to parties and that sort of things that “normally” young people like. She has a really strange pet hate. It is that when there is bad weather, she is really rude with friends! I didn´t understand it very well. About academic life, she likes History, English and Art, like me! She wants to go to the university and work. At university, she wants to study Art. A point for her is that she likes languages and she speaks French and English. In relation with places ans travelling, se has visited Spain, France, Japan and America, and she knows some things about Spanish culture, like the fact that the weather is hot, there is loud music and she likes flamenco dancing. When she told me that, I said that it wasn´t like that in every part of Spain and not in the complete year, because she was in summer and she went to Ibiza, so you can imagine what impression she has gor about Spain! When the questionnaire finished, I said “thank you” to her and I continued speaking with her and with his friend about Spain because they were asking me things about parties and places, and I was thinking about the point of view that they have about Spanish people and, if I have to be sincere, I wasn´t surprised about that!. ESTEFANÍA IMPELLIECIERI

GETTING TO KNOW QUESTIONNAIRE Some days ago, when my class and I were in Chester High School our teachers told us that we should made a questionnaire based on one of the guys of the Queen Park School. I didn´t complete the questionnaire with my shadow because I didn´t see her that day, but I did it about a very nice girl, her name is Stephy Eyeghe. She is 16 years old and her birthday is the 25th of April. I was impressed by the pact that she was younger than me, because she seemed older than me. She told me about her family. Her mother is 49 years old and she works in the school. Her father is 47 years old and he has an abroad work. She also has one brother, whose name is Michael and he is 8 years old, and a sister, who is 18 years old and she is studying at the university. Stephi´s hobbies are playing basketball, listening to music, reading books, dancing and going shopping. We have got a lot of hobbies in common. Her pet hates are people who lie. In a future she wants to study International Business Law. She speaks English and French. She also visited a lot of places like: Spain, Dubai and Morocco. She doesn´t know much about Spain. She only said that we have got good weather, sun, sea and sand and she really likes our language. Definitely, I believe that she is a very nice girl. CRISTINA SUAREZ BARROSO


My English correspondent’s name is Bethany Bayliss. She is 16 years old and she was born on the 21st of September 1995 in this city, Chester. She lives with his family which isn’t big. She only has her mother, Helen who is 40 years old. She has also got curly hair .His brothers, Collum and Jeny, are 14 and 18 years old.They are short and annoying. Bethany´s hobby is watching films with his friends. In spite of the fact that she hates spiders she wants to be a vet in the future because she likes studying Science and Maths. In relation to languages, she speaks English, Spanish and a little of German but she has only visited France. When I asked her if she knew anything about Spain and Spanish culture and she answered me that she only knew paella which is a main/common dish from Spain. MARÍA PRIETO

During our stay in Chester, we did many different things and activities. One of them was to answer a questionnaire. To do it, we should get in touch with our shadow friend. To find them, we had to go to the sixth form room and there, we started to talk with our respective mates to fill in the questionnaire. As you already know, my partner was Tom. As he was the most sociable student in “QPHS”, I knew lots of things about him and about his life, so I nearly could do it without him, but, anyway, he helped me in some specific questions. The first questions were the typical ones, like: name, age, birth… so my partners’ complete name is Thomas Inns. He’s actually 16 years old. He was born on the 22nd of December, in 1995. The place where he was born is “Bedford”. He has one sister, she’s 15. His mother is a teacher and she’s in her early forties. His dad is a minister and he’s 45. I’m sorry but I couldn’t ask him their names. Unfortunately, when I wanted to do it, he had gone.

The next two questions were about hobbies and pet hates. He said he really likes sports. He also likes reading books, listening to music, watching films, playing videogames… in short, the main things that a present-day teenager likes doing. Talking about future/academic life, he told me he would like to be a doctor, so he had to attend: Maths, Chemistry, Biology and Psychology. It’s totally opposite from my optional subjects. We have different ideas in our mind, but the main thing is to study, isn’t it? As he’s studying science, he doesn’t study languages, so he just speaks English, obviously, and just a bit of Spanish. I think he really likes travelling, because he has been several times to Spain. He told me he had visited Alicante, Almería and Málaga. He has also been to Switzerland, Ireland and Scotland. As I said, he has been here three times, but he doesn’t actually know anything about the Spanish culture. He’s ignorant in relation to this aspect/ topic. I think that’s all I have to tell you about Tom’s interview. I hope you like it and I hope Tom learns more about the Spanish culture when he comes here in 2 week’s time. That’s all folks!!

Ignacio Verdugo Fraile

I was in Chester and there I had a shadow. I´m going to tell you something else for you to know a little bit about my shadow.

Well, her name is Emma Cooney. She was born on the 26th of February 1995 in Chester. She lives with her mum, she is a pensions administrator, with her dad, he is a research scientist and finally with her brother who is in the university. In relation to her hobbies, she likes photography and music. Photography, business and psychology are her favourite subjects and future aims. She speaks English. Although she has visited various places around Europe and she has been to America and Florida, she doesn´t know anything about Spain or the Spanish culture. Alberto Porras Martín

GETTING TO KNOW QUESTIONNAIRE The last day of our experience in Queen’s Park High School, the teachers told us that Mila had a surprise, we had to do something, we had to interview a person, a student and here are the results. His name is Max Heap, he is from Chester and he is a Sixth form student. Max is 17 years old, she was born on the 14th of April of 1995 in Chester. Now there are some questions about his private life; family, hobbies, pet hates… His mother’s name is Debby, she is 49 years old and she works in a factory, she is tall and she has blond hair, his sister’s name is Kate, she is 21 years old and she is studying at the university and his brother’s name is George, he is 13, he is studying in Queen’s Park High School, too, he is short and he has brown hair. Max loves football, he supports the Liverpool FC, he likes Steven Gerard very much and he will never forget when the Liverpool FC won the Champions League. His pet hate (word that he didn’t know, he had to ask me what it meant) is being tired because he is an active person. His future aim is get a job. This is because he is studying in the Sixth form; his subjects are Physiology, Biology, Chemistry and Maths. He only speaks English because he doesn’t like languages too much; he has been in Spain once. What he knows about Spain is that we have a fantastic sun and that food tastes good. PABLO LEÓN

Well, first of all, I want to remember the instructions of this exercise: “to answer the following questionnaire you should get in touch with your shadow “. To be sincere, as I couldn´t see my shadow in the whole morning, I went to the library and I asked the first person I saw. Of course, I looked a t her face before because I preferred making myself sure that she seemed to be a kind person. I was right, she didn´t refuse to help me!! In short, I couldn´t get in touch with my shadow, but anyway, I obeyed the second part of the instructions which says: “this activity is aimed to practice your English with real native speakers”. I did it, I am so proud!!  Right, let´s start! The girl I asked was Ingri Sranerik. She was Norwegian and she was born on the 6th of October, 1995 in Sandnes (Norway). She is actually sixteen years old. Her mother is a teacher and she is 40 and her father is 41 and he works in a print company. I also know that she has got a younger brother. He is 14 and he is studying, too. Talking about her hobbies, she likes watching movies, going to the cinema and reading. She can´t stand spiders. I understand her. Which kind of person likes spiders? Ingri loves History but nowadays, she doesn´t know she will do for a living. I was happy to know that Ingri can also speak Norwegian and French apart from English. This is an interesting fact! This girl has visited Italy, Spain, Iceland and Denmark. All of them are beautiful places! She knew a few things about Spanish culture, for example, flamenco and paella as a part of it. Well, as she was working, I didn´t want to disturb her a lot but I was really grateful to her because she helped me in a charming and polite way. I would have also liked to ask my shadow because I didn´t get the chance to know more things about her. Despite the fact that I only saw her a few days; she was one of the pleasant people I met in Chester. FÁTIMA CAMACHO SÁNCHEZ

GETTING TO KNOW QUESTIONNAIRE I´m going to introduce you a sixth former that I met in the library of the QPHS. She is called Isabel Finlay. She was born on 18th of July,1996 in Chester, so she is 16 years old. She has two little sisters called Eve, who is 14 years old, and Ellie, who is 12 years old. Her father is called Andrew. He is 42 years old and he is a teacher. And her mother is called Pauline, who is 41 years old and she is a nurse. In relation to her hobbies, she likes playing the piano and cycling. She likes animals, but she hates spiders and snakes. Her favourite subjects are Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Maths, and in the future, she wants to be a doctor. She can speak English and a little French. She has visited France, Slovakia, Mallorca and other places in Spain. As for Spain she only knows that the Paella is a typical dish.


GETTING TO KNOW QUESTIONNAIRE The penultimate day in the high school, teachers told us to make our pen-pal an interview. It was for us to get them know a little bit more. I could answer them perfectly well because in the letter that I had received from her she had included all the information required so to practise my English I decided to meet another girl and I chose another one.

I asked a girl if I could ask her some questions for an interview and she said with a wonderful smile: of course! She was so nice and cheerful. Her name is Lauren and her surname JohnstonCree, I had to ask her if she could write it down because it was difficult and I didn’t know how to write it, she laughed and jotted it down. Remember this, when we were in Manchester I visited a Starbucks and the waitress asked me my name, she wrote my name in all the incorrect forms that you can write it, at the end I gave up and said, yes it’s correct in that way. She is eleven days older than me so she was born on the first of June, 1995 and has the same age as me. This is curious and what I’m going to tell you is too. She has one brother and three sisters and the four of them are in their twenties. All of them are tall and slim, like her, and work in a bar and in a shop and one of them is dentist. She has the same hobbies and interests as me. She loves swimming, reading, walking his dog… She likes Maths and Biology. She is lucky and she only studies the subjects that she’ll need in the future or she is interested in. I wish I could do that. If things were this way I would only study Maths, Biology, Chemistry and English. Bye bye philosophy and history!! We don’t get on well. She would like go to the university and study medicine. I was referring to that when I said that it was curious. She has visited Spain, Italy, America and France. Something surprising from English people is that they have visited more places than you, not only out of Spain even in Spain. Many of them have been to the Canary islands, Barcelona, Almería, Ibiza, etc. And people from Spain like Canarias Island but they haven’t been there. English people come here because they want to check if summer and a sunny day really exist!! And if you ask her or any English student they will tell you something from Spain or Spanish culture, they will say: FIESTA! This questionnaire was a good idea because if I hadn’t had to do this I wouldn’t have gone up to any English girl because it’s so embarrassing so it was a little excuse! Thanks for organizing this idea! I enjoyed the interview and spoke with that girl! NOELIA GRANADO

Getting to know questionnaire: HOPE First of all I have to say that I could not find my “shadow” on time to fulfil this questionnaire. So I had to extemporise and look for anyone to help me with it. In the middle of the interview, Amy appeared, but I could not do anything. However, I think Hope was friendlier than Amy would be like.

Well, the first time I tried to find an English student I asked a blonde haired girl who was sitting in the Common Room. Unfortunately she was German, but she told me that her English friend Hope could help me. Hope was sitting behind us and smiled when I asked her. It was a little difficult to understand what her name was, but finally she wrote it on the paper and I could understand that names do not change very much from Spanish into English. She was Hope Slater and she was 16 (she seemed older). She was born on the 5th August 1996 in Halifax, England (I had not heard this name before). She also told me she had a sister and a brother who were both tall and dark brown haired. Her sister was 28 and was a teacher. She described her as very stubborn and witty, hard words for a sister. Otherwise, her brother (29) worked with computers and was carefree, generous and wire. Hope seemed to be a very kind and sensible person with a lot of hobbies. Then, she told me she liked reading, drawing and doing art (as I expected). Talking about music she loved all type of music, mainly rock…When I asked her about cinema, her eyes shone and told me smiling that her two favourite films where “Fight Club” and “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” (Well, she was a little strange). The next question made her wonder a little bit; she seemed not to be able to give me an answer about her pet hate. But then she told me: “oversensitive people”. What a strange answer, I thought it was going to be something like I usually bite my nails, or I hate spiders, or whatever, but not “oversensitive people”… Apart from giving me well-thought answers, Hope also loved Music, English Literature and History. But the most important subject for her was Art. She loved it so much that she was going to the university to study it deeply. I could not imagine her on a stage singing or playing “Romeo and Juliet”… The next question surprised me once more. She only spoke French apart from English; but she had been travelling around the world so many times!! She had been to France, Germany, Spain, Hungary, Italy, Greece, Gtech Republic, Poland, Norway, Turkey, Belgium… (She could not remember the other places) My Goodness! She was incredible! While I was really enjoying this talk with Hope about her interesting life, the last question arrived: “Things she knows about Spain and Spanish culture”. The reality

is that I thought she was going to start talking a lot about Spain and Spanish people. But she started laughing, she told me she was many years ago and she did not know nearly anything about this topic. But as she was a very clever girl, she told me that Spanish people were very relaxed and open-minded (a very good answer). She also told me that Spanish is lovely (I think she has not studied all the Spanish grammar yet). And the most important fact and something that I get surprised about: HOPE LOVES CHURROS!!! :D


GETTING TO KNOW QUESTIONNAIRE It was first period and our last day in Queen’s Park High School had just begun when Mila appeared in the common room. We thought it was going to be a boring day. We did not have many things to do. We just had to finish our Chester’s Quiz and perhaps to start with our Liverpool’s one (you are right; we were going to do it by searching information on the internet). All of a sudden Mila gave us some sheets of paper. “You have to do this questionnaire and give it to me at one o’clock” She said in an angry way. I think she just wanted us to take things more seriously than we had been taking them. When Fátima and I started to read the questions we found out that the questions were not for ourselves. We had to ask Queen’s Park students. How could we? I had not seen my shadow that day and I am too shy to just bump into someone and ask her or him questions about her or his private life. Well, we had enough time to think about what to do so we decided to go to the library. “Maybe someone can help us there?” We thought. Rachel, Maria, Alba and Gema came with us. Our intention was to finish the Chester and Liverpool task. We will deal with the questionnaires problem later. Rachel was the first one to fulfill the task. She found Ollie in the library and run to interview him before any of us could make our way there. Well, we started to do our quizzes, with some difficulties with our computer passwords. Anyway, Fátima was next. She found a girl, not really interested in doing whatever she was doing. The girl seemed to be very friendly and in fact she was. Fátima did the questionnaire really quickly. That was when I started to get worried. I was the one left. A girl that seemed to be very busy was sitting next to Fátima and I in the computer room. I started to tell Fátima if she thought that girl would help me or not, and we started talking about whether I had to go

and talk to her or not. Finally I asked her if there was any problem if I would interview her. And she agreed to help me with my homework. Her name was Tzea Hartley. She was one year older than me and she was born in Chester on the first of September 1994. Her name as you’ll see was hard to understand so she had to spell it to me. I am afraid I have to check my spelling skills, or maybe I was just nervous. The thing got worst when we started talking about family. She has three brothers and a sister. Their names are Finch, Cenna, Thaine and Blaese. DISASTER! She had to write them down to me. Of course she still lives with her parents, Robbit and Anette. His father is 50 years old and works with trains, I think he is not a train driver but she couldn’t explain me what he really does. Her mother is 48, she works in a shop where pillows, clothes, underwear and this stuff is sold. It is a kind of hardware store. Her elder brother works as an interior designer for kitchens, he is 24. Thaine works as a mechanic, he fixes cars and he is 22. Her little brother is at school he is 14 and Cenna her sister is 20 and she is still studying. That part was hard but the rest of the questionnaire was easy and full of usual questions we had practised at school. Hobbies. She likes going out, reading books and going for walks, she said she didn’t have much free time and she liked spending it relaxing. She has no pet hates. I was surprised she actually knew what it was, I had asked other people this question and no one knew what I was talking about. Weird! It was easy to get the rest of the information. At the end it seemed that I she liked me or at last she wasn’t angry with me about the fact that I had interrupted her. She has studied all her life in Queen’s Park high School and her favorite subject is Art. On the other hand she doesn’t really like Drama. She said it is not her cup of tea. She wants to become an Animal Psychologist. It was a strange answer. I have never heard about that but I wish her luck. When she told me she was studying kind of medicine I thought she had to speak a lot of languages but she just speaks English although she has been to Spain, Greece, the US, Italy and Wales. A different country a different language. I was really surprised! I asked her more about Spain and what she knew about Spanish culture but she just knew the typical things: Sevillanas and Bullfighting. I cannot blame her. It is the image all Europe has of us. When the interview finished I politely thank her and Fátima and I looked for Mila to give her our homework. It was just half past ten and we wanted to do some shopping before leaving Chester. It was hard but we did it and that, my dear friends is what really matters. Saying good bye and hoping not to be tedious. SARA POBRE TRANCÓN

Getting to know Questionnaire

My classmate Dave Housden is the same age as me. I´m 17 years old. Due to this Dave and I belong to the same year, 1995. Dave´s birthday is on the 6TH of june. I´m older than him. He was born in Chester and he lives there. All his life he has lived in Chester.

He has got two brothers and one sister. One of the brothers is the youngest. He is 13 years old. And other brother is the eldest one. He is 26 years old. His sister is younger than the eldest brother. She is 25 years old. Dave is the third in the family. All of them are scientists and Dave wants to follow their steps. He studies Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Geography. He loves these subjects and they are neccesary for being a good scientist.

His hobbies are listening to music like “the killers”, “metronomy”, “muse”... they are Indie but a little bit Rock. They are good groups of music. He hates the spiders like me. I don´t know how he lives in England. In England there is the greatest variety of spiders. He only speaks English but he has visites New York, London, Paris and Greece. He´d like to visit Spain. He only knows about the food in Spain. Dave was very pleasant and a fantastic person. NOELIA MARTÍN

GETTING TO KNOW QUESTIONNAIRE His name is James Pugh. He is seventeen years old because he was born in January, nineteen-ninety five in Chester. He likes reading and playing the bass guitar. His pet hates are lion fish. His favorite subject is Biology. Hi loves Genetics and he wants to study it at university. He only speaks English, and he has never been abroad. What he knows about Spain is the bull fighting and the good music we have here. GERMÁN MATEOS

This questionnaire was given to us because teachers weren´t sure enough about wheter we were going to speak a lot with people from the Queen´s Park High School. When the teachers handed out this sheet I thought of asking my shadow these questions but I couldn´t find him. So I asked a nice girl if she would mind answering my questions. She answered that she hadn´t any problem in helping me. Her name is Anna Grainger and she is 18. Her birthday is on the 3rd of September 1994 and her birth place was Chester. About her family she told me that her mother is 48 and she works in the council. Her father has got the same job and he is 49. She also has got a twin brother, he is 18 and actually he is studying. Her hobbies are swimming and dancing and her pet hate is arrongant people, she hates them. In relation to her academic life I could tell that she would choose science, so she has got Chemistry, Physics and Maths. She told me that she visited France and Holland with her family when she was a child. And about Spain and Spanish culture she knows only about bull-fighting and "flamenco". At the end I had to ask her an additional question and I asked her how many years she had been in that high school, she answered me that she had been there for seven years. She was a really nice and polite girl with me, so I liked the talking experience I had with her. Alejandro Soria Velasco

Meeting new people During my stay in England one activity that I did with the students from the high school was to make some questions to some students from there. My interviewer was called Danny Ward. He was tall, blonde and she has got blue eyes.If I remmember well, he had got freckles.In my opinion he was a little bit shy and at the same time an interesting boy. He was born on the 29th of December 1994 in Chester (Chesire).He lived with his mother and his step-dad.He also told me that he had two brothers older than him, and he told me that they had an excellent relationship with his family.He likes familia barbecue and familia trips. Talking about his hobbies he said he liked doing sports, football, rugby and baseball.He also liked the X Box 360, he said to me that he often invited some friends to play with him and they had a lot of fun.His favourite kind of music is rap and roc.He hated Justin Bieber and “little boys that think they are good fingers and it´s false”. He´s a good student.He wants to study business.He likes mathematics, economics and politics.He only know english but he doesn´t know if in the future he will learn another language.He has visited Europe, (England, Italy and Mallorca) and also Africa! I think it´s amazing, ins´t it?

Finally we talked about Spain and the spanish culture and he said to me that the best thing from Spain was football, I have to say, that I agree with him, It was a good experience because I met a new person and I improved my English!. Débora Pilo GETTING TO KNOW QUESTIONNAIRE When we were in Chester with our shadows our teacher gave us a questionnaire to do with them, its aim was to practise our English with them. I asked my English mate some questions and I got the following information about him: His name is Rhys Williams, he is seventeen years old and he was born in Wrexham (Wales) on the 8th of June of 1995. He is as old as me. The most important information that he gave me about his family was that his father was a chemical engineer and that he had a younger brother, he is fifteen years old and he is blonde. He added me that he had a lion fish as a pet. Rhys has several hobbies, he likes table football and music, he plays the guitar and the piano. The languages spoken by him are English, of course, and a little French because he has been some times in to France. Apart from France he has visited Italy, Thailand and America. He told me that he loves travelling and that one of his dreams is to travel around the world for two years. Finally I asked him what he knew about Spain and he didn’t know too much, he only contributed telling me that Spanish footballers are better than English footballers, an important fact. He was not able to tell me anything about our culture. DIEGO ROMÁN

GETTING TO KNOW My shadow was called Amy Bebbington. She was born in June and she was from Chester, but in summer or on holidays she goes to Mijas, her mother´s town, because she thinks that it is a very beautiful and peaceful place. She has studied Spanish since 2008 and she likes it very much. At the weekends, she works in a shop with some of her friends. The last film that she watched in the cinema was Ted and she liked it so much. On T.V. she often watches Geordie Shore because she thinks it is a funny, but a bit stupid T.V. programme. She thinks that the most exciting sports to watch on T.V. are rugby and athletics. And finally the people that she admires are BeyoncÊ and her mother. ALBA I. PASCUAL

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Getting to know the students from Queen's Park High School

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