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Escola Estadual Lauriston Souza PROVA BIMESTRAL Professor: Nair Inez de Souza

Turno: Matutino

Data: 16/12/2013

Disciplina: Inglês

Valor: 10,0





1) 2)

Choose the correct alternative.


Stem cell research has existed ____ 40 years.

( ) since

a. Mountain biking b. Rafting c. Rapelling d. Paintball e. Snorkeling f. Canoeing g. Archery

( ) for

b. We have tried to explore the world _____ the early days of humankind. ( ) since c.

I´ve been reading that book _____ ten days.

( ) since d.

( )for

( )for

I´ve had this telescope _______ three years.

( ) since

( )for

3) Complete com o ‘present perfect’ dos verbos entre parênteses. a. Christmas cookies _______never_________ (be) very popular in my country. b. I______________ (do) some shopping this week. c. Brad ______________ (spend) all his money on gifts. d. Tom ______________ (write) for important newspaper lately. e.

They _____________ (drive) so fast.

f. My parents _________________(know) each other since high scholl.


Match. (Relacione os esportes às imagens)

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English test 2º ano 4ºbim 2013  
English test 2º ano 4ºbim 2013