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Do Re Mi Ear Training As a music teacher, training my students to hear pitches and match pitches is often one of the more difficult throughout the school year.  I recently began a new school year and found that out of the almost 30 students in my music theory class, many of them have never opened their mouths and produced meaningful musical tones.  I am going to be using a brand new app this year in my class designed to help out students looking to boos their sight reading and ear training skills.  This app is called Do Re Me Ear Training. Do Re Me Ear Training is an app designed for both the iPhone and iPad.  It is completely customizable and has a ton to offer the young musician.  Do Re Me Ear Training, on its simplest levels, plays a chord and a pitch from that chord and asks the user to guess the pitch.  Students learning basic sol fa skills will find this very useable and not intimidating at all.  In the more advanced levels, multiple pitches are offered and students have to  Teachers will love using this either in a one on one situation with students or on a projector with their iPad.  This is perfect for the musician who wants to pass their AP Music Theory exam and needs help brushing up on their ear training skills.  Do Re Me has a very customizable menu that lets the user work on intervals, relative pitch, perfect pitch, and uses a variety of notation types to fit any school system you might teach. Do Re Mi Ear Training can be found on the iTunes App Store or on their website. 

Do Re Mi Ear Training