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Coin Toss Coin Toss is an application designed for the iPhone and iPad that always gives it’s users a 50/50 chance. Have you ever wanted to flip a coin in class but didn’t have one? Coin Toss, features each United States coin in very beautiful detail. To flip the coin, simply press your thumb against the coin and swipe it to make the coin flip. This app comes complete with sound effects and 3D graphics. Have you ever wondered what a coin looks like in slow motion while it flips? Using the iPhone and iPads gyroscope features, while the coin is in motion, simply push two fingers on the screen to freeze the coin. By moving your device around, the coin will be suspended and you can view your currency from all angles. Have you ever wondered just whether or not you really have a 50/50 chance at getting heads or tails? Coin Toss is also connected to your phones Game Center. Using this feature, you can keep statistics on your flips, as well as other flips around the world. This app is fun and simple. In it’s basic form, it is an app that can help you choose between two options, decide right from wrong, or determine someones fate in life. In the classroom, this makes a great tool for lovers of statistics, or in other simple classroom games. Coin Toss is a free app designed for the iPhone and iPad. You can purchase additional currency through In-App Purchases. Coin Toss Website Coin Toss on iTunes

Coin Toss