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I - Now that you’ve listened and read a new poem, say: 1. Whose prayer is this? Account for your answer. _____________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ 2. Does he/she have reasons to pray? What does this person pray for? __________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ »»»»»»»» «««««««« II - Read it again so that you may fulfil the next tasks. 1. Under the headings below, write down words / sentences that refer to the students’… APPEARANCE:



2. Choose the best option: a) According to the author, students are…



b) The tone of the poem is … SERIOUS


3. Use the correct verb forms: to come, ____________, ____________ to blow, ____________, ____________ to wipe, ____________, ____________ to eat, ____________, ____________ to show, ____________, ___________ ____________, drew, ____________ to know, ____________, ____________

The expression LET is used + __________+(not) ___________ Allan Ahlberg in The Utterly Brilliant Book of Poetry ed. by Brian Patten

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in the infinitive without TO.

III – What about YOU? 1. What applies to you? In other words, where do you fit in, in this teacher’s prayer? _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ 2. Do you usually pray? What for? Are your prayers answered? _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ »»»»»»»»»» «««««««««« 3. Let’s reverse the situation! Write down your own prayer, a student’s prayer!

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A suggestion / an inspiration for our students…

CHILDREN’S PRAYER Let the teachers of our class Set us tests that we all pass.

Let them never ever care About what uniform we wear. Let them always clearly state It’s OK if your homework’s late. Let them say it doesn’t matter When we want to talk and chatter. Let our teachers shrug and grin

When we make an awful din. Let them tell us every day There are no lessons. Go and play. Let them tell your mum and dad We’re always good and never bad. Let them write in their report We are the best class they have ever taught! JOHN FOSTER

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