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QUIZ THE HELP- TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGE bestselling novel by Kathryn Stockett 1. Who was assassinated the night Aibileen had to work late and take the bus home with the men from the water plant. Malcolm X Medger Evers Martin Luther King Jr. President Kennedy 2. Which maid's story is the last chapter in Miss Skeeter's book? Aibileen Constantine Minny Louvenia 3. What type of pie does Minny make for Miss Hilly the day she is fired? Chocolate Custard Pie Peach Pie Lemon Meringue Chocolate Pecan Pie 4. What is the name of Elizabeth Leefolt's daughter? Mae Bromley Mobley Rea Emma Mae Mae Mobley 5. What is Skeeter's real first name? Louvenia Eugenia Pascuala Constantin

6. How did Skeeter get her nickname? Her older brother called her Skeeter when she was born It was her first word as a baby (meaning mosquito) She would get lots of mosquito bites as a child It was her father's nickname for her as a baby 7. Where is the novel, 'The Help', set? Greensboro, North Carolina Birmingham, Alabama Montgomery, Alabama Jackson, Mississippi 8. What organization is the women's league raising money for? The Poor and Starving Children Fund (PSCF) The Starving Negro Children Fund (SNCF) Whites Helping Starving Africans (WHSA) The Poor Starving Children of Africa (PSCA) 9. What is the name of the editor at Harper and Row that Skeeter is working with? Elaine Stein Linda Stein Elaine Steinberg Lainie Steinberg 10. What is the movie that Hilly invites Skeeter and Stuart to double date with her and William to? The Music Man It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World Bye, Bye Birdie Dr. Strangelove

QUIZ - The Help  

For those who have read or watched the movie, a quiz to check their knowledge or simply their memories. This is one of the possible follow-u...

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