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Pillows / Wall / sink / mirror / bed / cupboards / toilet / Ceiling / door / stairs / armchair / wardrobe / desk / fridge / Bookcase / cushion / cooker / carpet / poster / painting / curtain / Bath / chair / table / sofa / washbasin

UPLOAD 5, Express Publishing (adapted)

 Look at the picture below and label the pictures with the correct word:

Now look at the picture again and write down 5 words under the correct heading: BEDROOM




Alexandra Duarte

According to pic 1, are the sentences

Unscramble the letters!

below TRUE or FALSE?


» _____________

a) There is one pillow on the bed.



» _____________

b) There is an armchair in the living room.



» _____________

c) There are two chairs in the kitchen.



» _____________

d) There is a fridge next to the sink.


e) TAINSRUC » _____________

e) There are three cushions on the sofa.



f) There are two tables in the kitchen.


g) CHIARAMR » _____________

g) There is a sofa in the bedroom.



» _____________


» _____________

h) There are seven cupboards in the kitchen. _______

» _____________

Complete each sentence with a word from the right: a) Is that chair comfortable enough, or do you need one or two ______________? bookcase b) I’m so tired that I fall asleep as soon as I rest my head on the _______________ cupboard c) Can you draw the _______________? There is too much light in here. d) My bedroom has got a beautiful _______________ that covers the whole floor. e) Come over here and sit next to me on the _______________. f) She has got so many clothes in her ______________!!! g) What an amazing _______________ in that corner, full of good books! h) Please clean the _______________ in the bathroom. i) There are new plates in the _______________ next to the fridge.

cushions sofa curtains washbasin pillow wardrobe carpet

Personal questions: a) Have you got a big or a small house? ________________________________________________ b) How many rooms are there in your house? ___________________________________________ c) Which is your favourite room? Why? ________________________________________________

Alexandra Duarte

 FAVE ROOM – what’s yours??? Read what some people answered to the question: What’s your favourite room in your house? Why is it your favourite room and can you describe it? Do you have a picture of it you can show me?


Kisser The bathroom. There I can think clearly.

Last one born, First one to run♥ The office room.... it’s a small room with a computer, a desk, a printer, a radio, a crapload of cd's, and a window to let the light come in.



The Shadow Gallery My office, it is small, cosy and private!! I can hear myself think in there!


Puppy Luvver The Living Room or My room or The Kitchen... Hmmm... Can’t decide!


imsobore... Outside - get me outta here!!


Hey hey... My favorite room in my house is my bedroom. It’s my retreat! It has beautiful candles and curtains; my room is also decorated with juicy couture all over it!


The Reindeer For me too. I share it with the other 8 reindeer (yes, including Rudolph *groan*) It's warm

and cozy


Jasmine/.. My room. I don't have a picture of it :D (adapted)

A) Now… who says what??? Write down the corresponding letter! 1. This person doesn’t like being at home.


2. (S)he has doubts about not two, but three rooms.


3. (S)he enjoys being at the office, because of all the stuff (s)he has there.


4. This person can’t show any pic of his/her favourite room.


5. This person’s choice is different from the others’.


6. (S)he agrees with the person before him/her.


7. His/her favourite room is where (s)he works.


8. This person’s fave room is the bedroom, because it’s so comfortable.


B) Write your reply to the same question on ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________

Alexandra Duarte




AFFIRMATIVE There is a living room. NEGATIVE There isn’t a garden. INTERROGATIVE Is there a kitchen? SHORT ANSWERS


A) Read the examples and write down their meaning in Portuguese:

AFFIRMATIVE There are two bedrooms. NEGATIVE There aren’t any windows. INTERROGATIVE Are there flowers outside? SHORT ANSWERS Yes, there are. / No, there aren’t.

Yes, there is. / No, there isn’t.

THE GOOD GRAMMAR BOOK Oxford (adapted)

B) Read the advertisement and complete the sentences:


- There are two_floors.


- There is a modern_ kitchen.

1. ___________________________ living room.

5. _______________ two ________________.

2. _______________________________ study.

6. _______________ gas _________________.

3. ___________________________ cloakroom.

7. _____________________________ garage.

4. _______________ four _________________.

8. _______________ large _______________.

C) Complete the sentences with the correct forms of the verb THERE TO BE: 1. Q: ____________________ a TV set in your bedroom? A: No, _____________________. 2. Q: ____________________ a cushion on the sofa? 3. Q: ____________________ cats at home?

A: No, ____________________.

4. Q: ____________________ books in the bookcase?

A: Yes, ____________________.

A: Yes, ____________________. Alexandra Duarte

There’s no place like HOME… HOME is where the heart is!


 Please match the different types of homes to the corresponding pic and definition. 1. Skyscraper

9. A building that contains several flats


2. Terraced house

10. A very high building in a city


3. Block of flats

11. A small house built of thick pieces of wood


4. Lighthouse

12. A house built all on one level, no stairs


13. A house that is not joined to another house on either side


5. Log cabin

6. Bungalow

14. A house that is one of a row of houses that are joined


15. A house that is joined to another house by a wall

7. Detached house G

8. Semi detached house




16. A high building that contains a strong light to warn/guide ships







Alexandra Duarte

UNUSUAL BUILDINGS and HOMES There are some unusual buildings around the world. Before you read about one of them and accomplish other tasks, please answer the question: 1. What can you see in the picture? What does the building look like? ______________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________

Unusual Buildings Jan Sonkie’s house is in Malawi, Africa, and it’s a FOOTBALL FAN’S DREAM HOUSE. Jan, a Dutch architect, built this unique house in the shape of a football: in this four-storey house there is a bathroom, a kitchen, a bedroom and a living room. There is also a great view from its windows. The outside is all metal and the inside is all wood, so the house is cool in the Summer and warm in the Winter. Outside the house there is a nice garden. What a special house!

2. Say if the sentences are TRUE (T) or FALSE (F).

3. Find the OPPOSITES in the text!

a) Jan’s house is for footballers.


a) _______________ »» usual

b) There are four floors.


c) There aren’t any windows.


d) The outside is all wood.


e) The house is very hot.


f) Jan Sonkie is from the Netherlands.


b) nightmare »» _______________ c) terrible »» _______________ d) outside »» _______________ e) _______________ »» warm f) common »» ________________ Alexandra Duarte

Alexandra Duarte

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Resources to teach vocab connected with houses, rooms, furniture and appliances. It includes some reading comprehension and a grammar topic

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