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WELCOME TO CLASS OF HAPPINESS In this magazine I will talk about our daily routine in my class as I called it "class of happiness" because of the fun creatures that lives in it from 7:30 till 12:30 so ... a lot to talk about ď Š Teacher Maitha

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Our Father " May Allah Rest his soul in Peace "

Graduated from


University in 2012. Employed in al-Yaqoot Kindergarten in Masfut at the same year of graduation. Majored in Early ChildhoodEducation; Pre-K till Grade 3, which means I can change my job later if I want from teaching kindergarten to primary but Im enjoying it at the moment.

Amazing conferences that is held in TEDx event around the world and gathers many talented passionate people from different sectors who came to inspire others with their great ideas. Im inspired by Sir Ken Robinson after watching : " schools kill creativity" and " how to escape education's death valley" . Also, Rita Pierson in "Every kid needs a champion". I wish I can have some of their courage and great talent.

Class of happiness