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Their love of the 50’s Old Hollywood Glam inspired founders Jerrod Blandino & Jeremy Johnson to introduce Too Faced Cosmetics in 1998. By repositioning this private company, not only will it elevate its image into a must have, recognizable identity, but the campaign will rejuvenate and build affinity for the brand. Increased brand recognition, recaptured market share as wll as being a contender in this competitive, $60 billion dollar global industry are the goals.

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1.0 Research Abstract 1.3 Demographics 1.5 SWOT

1.1 Research Paper 1.4 Client Brief 1.6 Brand Mission

CREATIVE DEVELOPMENT 2.1. Inspiration 2.2 Taglines 2.3 Mood Boards 2.4 Website Ideas 2.5 Print Ad Iterations 2.6 Motion Graphic Elements STYLE GUIDE 3.0 Design Elements 3.1 Logo 3.2 Images 3.3 Colors 3.4 Voice & Tone 3.5 Typography 3.6 Textures 3.7 Look & Feel FINAL DESIGNS 4.0 Website 4.3 Print Media 4.7 Mobile Applications

4.2 Digital Banners 4.5 Billboards 4.9 Direct Mailers



research The cosmetic industry is a very competitive, ever changing industry. Because it is so volatile, with new niche markets emerging almost daily, the need to be and stay relevant is an important goal to cosmetic companies. Market share, which amounts to millions of dollars in revenue, is at stake. In addition to the loss of money, women, who ultimately are the benefactors from such products will lose out as well. In order to stay relevant companies often need a strategy, almost a rebirth in order for it to reconnect with its consumers. If this vital connection isn’t restored, the target market will stop purchasing the product, and become less aware of its presence. Unfortunately with so many choices on the market, choosing to not stay on the consumers mind is extremely calamitous. Fortunately, design solves this problem for companies. A solid, successful rebranding strategy can take even the least sought after brand and turn it into an overnight success. Often, rebranding includes a complete overhaul in design solutions like the logo, marketing and social media, and the overall feel of the brand. In actuality, design helps consumers make the tough choices simple. Color theories, the use of typography and ad placements are often scrutinized in order to find the best strategy in reaching the target audience. When a company believes it has a great product to offer to consumers it is in its best interest to take the necessary steps to stay relevant. This paper looks at one such company who, without the utilization of a well-thought out, rejuvenated rebranding campaign might lose its potential of becoming truly beautiful.

Let’s not be mistaken, Too Faced is not concerned with the size of its competitors. According to Goldin, “In the current world, money is not everything and size is not everything. It’s really about the quality of the connections you make with consumers, the way you bring the brand to life” (Neff, 2012). Too Faced is a glamour filled brand infused with fun for the woman who expects more from her makeup. By focusing on a rejuvenated rebranding campaign aimed at the needs of its consumer base, Too Faced will be able to make these connections. By strategically focusing on the intangible complexities that matter to a female between the ages of 16 and 40, like confidence, intelligence, beauty and fun. It will present to women on a glamorous scale, that this is the brand to purchase for that confidence, intelligence, beauty and fun. What teenager in high school wouldn’t like to have that in her arsenal during a confusing time of peer acceptance and boys? What woman, who is in the work force trying to establish her career, not want that for her? Beauty is important and powerful. This is why it is important a brand that focuses on the needs of women with quality, innovative, fun products is readily available and known to women. And Too Faced will make it known that all these intangibles are wrapped up in pretty packaging with its name on the box. In an essay from Robert Bly, he reiterates to “Start with her needs, desires, fears, concerns, problems, headaches and dreams. People care much more about themselves than they do about your product” (Bly, 2009). Too Faced will show women why they need to choose this brand over its competitors. To accomplish this, advertisements will be placed in fashion magazines like Seventeen, Teen Vogue, and Girls Life for the younger target audience. Modern magazines like Cosmopolitan, In Style, Glamour, Elle, and Vogue will be used for women 21 and over. Ads will appeal to both the price sensitive and the not so price conscious consumers. Too Faced will also sponsor fashion shows, have an extensive presence at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, the largest, premiere, most recognized fashion gala in the US. Also billboards and outdoor signage will be utilized to market the brand in mass appeal. Lastly, a stronger presence will be implemented on social media, all in efforts to raise brand awareness, brand loyalty, recognition as well as revenue. In order to increase brand recognition, market share and revenue, Too Faced must be rebranded. Focusing on campaign objectives will communicate Too Faced as the go to brand for trendy, fashion conscious women who identify with fun, and glamour. The market strategy includes developing commercials, web and mobile applications, print communications such as a redesigned logo, revamped product packaging, makeup cards that are understandable yet practical, and other marketing collateral; i.e., billboards and sponsorships of fashion designers and fashion shows. Typography, color and concept are all egregiously important in developing a memorable brand identity to accomplish rebranding goals. Erik Spiekermann, a celebrated typographer and author of Stop Stealing Sheep and Find Out How Type Works, states that anyone looking at a printed message will be influenced within a split second of making eye contact, by everything on a page (2002, p. 39). In order to influence attitudes, the Too Faced logo will be changed from script to sans serif lettering to be more effective. The typography will be Futura Condensed Medium, a bold san serif font that is easily depicted at any scale. This aggressive font is reflective of modern women who are fun, confident, and feel their personal beauty is important. Interesting usage of the font will be utilized as well. For an example, pictures of stylish, confident women will be placed inside the oversized lettering playing off the negative space. Also for further visual variety, utilizing a design trick to create interest.

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