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STORY OF THE MOONLIGHT WALTZ Why is the album called as "Moonlight Waltz" ? How was it decided? Scarlet: I chose the title that best represent the atmosphere of the album. Moonlight waltz came to my mind after listening carefully the first songs for the obscure and full orchestra that follows our music all the time.. and it’s a kind of melancholy and bloody waltz that drives us out of the way ..out of the life.. under the silent sight of the moon.. it’s strong and sensuous at the same time ..a painful long lullaby for vampires made by vampires.. Fabian: Yes, and we was also very inspired by the poetry of Christina Georgina Rossetti (1830-1894)

“Is the moon tired? she looks so pale Within her misty veil: She scales the sky from east to west, And takes no rest. Before the coming of the night The moon shows papery white; Before the dawning of the day She fades away.”


STORY OF THE MOONLIGHT WALTZ How was the album duration like? Scarlet: Our new album has a strong sound with a dark and intense atmosphere And it took us a long time to be realized. we decided to take our time without any pressure and hurry staying in Temple of Noise studio 24 hours for a day checking everything all the time, bringing something new every day. It was wonderful and hard at the same time to organize all the ideas, writing down all the songs and all the lines for the orchestra, chorus and violins keeping intact our sound and at the same time expressing our deepest emotions with a new energy. This is the reason why we decided to collaborate with the maestro Luca Bellanova for the Orchestral parts and what we have produced from this collaboration is really great.

Fabian: We worked a lot for this new album, we really like to give something special to the fans. So we worked hard to make our best production ever, and this of course take a LOT of time. I’m very happy that a lot of magazine noticed that, and immediately placed our album between the best production of the last 5 years!


STORY OF THE MOONLIGHT WALTZ How much effort you spent with the lyrics? Scarlet: I constantly work on my lyrics. everything can be a source of inspiration. I develop the ideas writing down my thoughts, my feelings without a precise shape at the beginning… than lyrics comes out suddenly as a creature with its own life driving my mind far away..

What happens during the song recordings? Scarlet: Everything can happen…everything changes all the time .. what we originally plan is never what we have at the end …new ideas always comes out.. we always find something more to record, something that needs to be modified, a different way to sing a song, I also change the words if I don’t like how they sound in the context, I can change all the song if I’m not convinced enough.. sometimes I would like to record an album more that one hundred of time… luckily the guys always stop me before..!.. I always need a couple of months after the recording to truly appreciate every single note and all the work we did.. and actually, that it’s almost two months are gone , I can tell you that I love so much Moonlight Waltz. I’m really satisfied. Fabian: I think that for an album like that, there are always “surprises” just around the corner. It’s for this reason that generally we make a pre-production to have an idea of what will be the final sound, and to make the correction if are needed

Personal memories, album expectations, what does the album mean for you? Scarlet: I really enjoyed to record MOONLIGHT Waltz. It become a bigger and bigger project day by day, starting from some ideas to become one of our best result at all. we probably consider Moonlight Waltz the most important album of our production, we have come to an important point in our career, we’ve got something more to say today, something different ,our sound has grown with us following our life experiences but keeping intact the TDV atmospheres through these years .We grown up as person and as musicians and we’re ready once again to go all around the world to bring our music everywhere. Fabian: I really hope the fans will love it. And if I see the initial feedback I really think with “hit the mark”. We have an incredible feedback at 2 week of the release.. Great reviews, and great pre-sells. Also the video of Carmilla helped a lot.


STORY OF THE MOONLIGHT WALTZ Information about the songs that have stories? Scarlet: I want to say something more about the stories told in our songs . I dedicated some lyrics to the magical feminine seductiveness.. Carmilla, Black Madonna, Medousa, three strong woman with a charming and seductive power that drives the men out of the way . they are beautiful sorceresses but with a great sorrow in their hearts . Black Madonna talks about Mary Magdalene, the sinner and the saint, the Holy grail and the harlot, the salome’, the Queen of Mystery that dry the feet of her lover with her black hair, she is the madonna and the most poisonous snake on the earth …two different side of the same woman.. depending on the eye of the beholder. . Medousa tells the story of her myths from her point of view.. condemned to be alone in her marble reign.. half goddess and half human ..beloved and scared ..amazing in her dreadful aspect.. her damnation, her sorrow is her power ..and I felt in love for Carmilla novel years ago. The carachter of Carmilla is charming, powerful, mysterious and seductive at the same time…the final part of the lyrics is taken out directly from Le Fanu words and “ …there’s no sacrifice without blood…”

First of all we would like to hear about the album process from you. How was it? Building a record with TDV is always exciting. They have a clear idea on what the final result must be, and we usually have some meetings before the recording sessions, where my role, as a producer, is to translate the feelings they want to express into "sounds" .Then, in collaboration with Luca Bellanova, the pre-production and the orchestration process start. This album, more than the previous, requested a large use of acoustical instruments, such as violins and cellos, which are the best media to reach the perfect atmosphere, following the songwriting in its dark, melodic or powerful moments. The synths are also a powerful media, and we usually start with Fabian's idea and then dig into the vast possibilities of both virtual and physical instruments, to find out what's best for the specific theme. Once the right tools are on the table, the actual recording can take place, so you can kiss goodbye the sunlight (that makes myself a vampire as well :), and not being able to leave the studio until the work's done.


Christian Ice Status :


Gabriel, Zimon, Fabian and Stephan are wonderful performers, and they catch right away every suggestion that can improve the recording ... but when it comes to Sonya things get really amazing. She can give you 5 different interpretations to one line, and is such a pleasure to be able to pick what's just right for the mood and the lyrics, instead of wasting time with some Brian Adams wannabe that is lucky if he gets just one note with the right pitch. For the mixing session the respect of the band for my role is once again outstanding, they trust me there as they trusted my choices during the pre-production, so I feel completly free to put my signature on a record, and this is the second thing I love the most about working with TDV. The first, of course, is the incredible amount of free beer I get on tour :)

Was there any specific song that you had difficulties with? Not really, but on this record there is a track I wrote for Sonya, it is called “Obsession”, and it’s an experiment for both me and them to try something so “Industrial” in a gothic rock context. It was exciting more than difficult, but I surely felt the pressure to make it the way i wanted it in a very short time.

What do you think about TDV? I think it's a band you absolutely have to see live. For most of the bands the record is just the top they can do, and their concerts are the hard attempt to play it live, trying not miss a note and waiting for the "highest" word to sing, or the "fastest" solo to perform. When Sonya is on stage, there is actually an event to watch. Personally i visited the planet with them engineering their concerts, and it's so amazing to move from a big concert in Mexico City to another in Moscow and find out that there is a reason why I give the best I can for them, cause both them and their fans deserve it. Finally I met my wife at one of those concerts, so I feel legitimate in saying that they changed my life .. looks like blood sucking is not the only way to do that :)

Do you consider any other projects with the band? For example; can you recommend another album that you think they'll do it better? I think and hope we have a long way to go together, and hopefully the album you didn't make yet is better than the previous .. but in Rome we say "nun poi chiede all' oste com'e' er vino!" that means: "you can't ask the waiter about how good is the wine" :D Thank you for interview ! I hope you still feel like thanking me AFTER reading the answers ;) Cheerz!

How was it like working with TDV? It’s always fantastic work with them, they always gave me the possibility of free expression, and their film taste are very similar to mine, so often we share idea about the videos! I work with them also in 2002 for the videoclip of “Lilith Mater Inferorum”

Was there any scene that you struggled while shooting? As the person appearing in front of the camera the most, how was Sonya Scarlet like?


David Bracci Status :

Director of “Carmillia” video clip

The only difficult part shooting the video, was with the actor Abraam Fontana, where is searching for the Scarlet coffin, we must have time to give the right “phatos” to the scene, but we need it to make it fast, because we cannot have it more then the 4 minutes of the song All the band was very professional, and sometimes they repeated the part for 6 times.. I was also very impressed by the fantastic costumes of Sonya Scarlet! Work with Scarlet it’s the dream of every single director, because she is a singer but she is also very talented as an actress, and she is an extremly intelligent person always very concentrated to what I ask to them. She is really professional and I have to admit that she have an incredible charisma.

Did you develop the theme of the video as you like? Is there anything that you wish you could’ve done about it? Carmilla is made of 2 different “blocks”, the classic videoclip, where all the member of the band is presented, and one “narration” part, where you look to the history line of Carmilla. Actually I try to make it as a small “Hammer horror movie” Actually I enjoyed so much work with Sonya Scarlet, that I’m trying to bring a movie with her as actress to some cinema producer!! And I hope to make it, because I’m totally sure that she can works GREAT as an horror movie actress!

We won’t take much of your time. You made a featuring appearance on one of the songs from TDV’s upcoming album “Moonlight Waltz”. How did that happen and find yourself in “Keeper of Secrets”? It was very easily done. I didn’t know them but they contacted me on Facebook I think, and I responded saying that I made an album with a similar name with my own band Notre Dame - Le theatre du Vampire about 12 years ago. They asked if I would consider doing a guest star appearance on their upcoming new album which I said yeah, ok why not , it might be fun. then later they sent me the files with the lyrics and a simple vocal guide and then I just recorded it in my own home studio.


Snowy Shaw Status:

Sang with TDV in“Keeper of Secrets”

Would you prefer a different song other than “Keeper of Secrets” in the album? I couldn’t possibly say since I haven’t heard any other songs from the album. Finally; what do you think about Moonlight Waltz and TDV in general? I can’t wait to hear it, they said they’d send me a special edition digipack CD. They have a cool direction and style I think. Haven’t heard too much of their stuff though. I hope with this album they get a bigger break.

We won’t take much of your time. You made a featuring appearance on one of the songs from TDV’s upcoming album “Moonlight Waltz”. How did that happen and find yourself in “Le Grand Guignol”? Well, this Summer I was contacted by Fabian from TDV. He told me they were preparing their new album and they wanted to cooperate with some artists from the metal scene, artists they considered significant for the scene and for their musical tastes. He told me they already had other artists’ appearance in the past albums and this time he was thinking about me. I accepted and we immediately started the cooperation.

What was it like working with TDV? How was the recording process? I didn’t work directly with them as I recorded my vocal parts in the studio I usually use for CADAVERIA productions. Fabian sent me the song and the lyrics and left me free to experiment with my way of singing. He didn’t tell me if he preferred me to sing growl or clean, so I used both the lines. I immediately liked the mood of the song. This inspired me so that I sang over the 50% of the lyrics. Not all the parts I sang were used in the final version, but I’m however satisfied of how it Le Grand Guignol sounds after the mastering.

Would you prefer a different song other than “Le Grand Guignol” in the album? In the beginning they were supposed to send me the promo of the whole album so that I could chose the song to perform, but finally I just received Le Grand Guignol track. I think they autonomously made the selection according to my style and finally I think they made the right choice.

Finally; what do you think about Moonlight Waltz and TDV in general? I haven’t already had the occasion to listen to the whole album, so I cannot express a concrete opinion. TDV have thousands of followers all over the world. I think they definitively rule.


Cadaveria Status :

Sang with TDV in“Le Grand Guignol”

We won’t take much of your time. You made a featuring appearance on one of the songs from TDV’s upcoming album “Moonlight Waltz”. How did that happen and find yourself in “Medousa”?


Eva Breznikar Status:

Sang with TDV in“Medousa”

I met TDV in Pola, Croatia in 2007 when they appeared on the same festival as my band Makeup2. We became friends immediately, we loved their band and they loved ours. So the next year, when they had a concert in Zagreb, Croatia, they invited me to be a guest vocalist on one of their songs. They chose their hit single La Danse Macabre du Vampire, they sent me the track and that was it. We went onstage without even one rehearsal together! But the crowd loved it and I think me and Sonya did a great job together. Two years later they invited me to be the guest on their concert again, and this time we did The Cult cover, Rain. One more time, it was a great collaboration. In all these years we stayed in touch through mail, I even went to Rome in Feb 2009 to visit them and they were here, in Slovenia a couple of times as well. I was pleased to do some vocals on Medusa because I can totally find myself in the song - I like heavy guitar riffs, good programming and subtle feminine vocals. I think that is a great mixture.

What was it like working with TDV? How was the recording process? I went to LA, USA in the spring of 2010 and stayed there till autumn. So when they had an idea to do one song together, we had to work through cyber space again I got the tracks via e mail and recorded my part of the song Medousa in the studio in LA. That was a nice experience, especially beacuse the American tour manager of Laibach, mrs Deborah Pastor, went there with me. I haven t seen her for a year and she has just arrived to LA the same day I had the recording reservation in the studio in North Hollywood.

She immediately asked me if she can attend the session. Usually I don t like too many people in the studio during the recording process, but this time it was a great, creative company that only added some more feeling into the whole process.There was also my band’s guitar player and author Jure Golobic present (who by the way skipped the football game with Christina Aguilera’s guitarist Rafael Moreira and some other great musicians that day, haha, but they all understand the studio comes first and everything else is second place) - Jure always goes with me to the studio and gives me good advice, because not only is he a great musician, he also really knows my vocals in different styles and manners. The sound technicians Domen Vajevec and Sven Martin also work with the band t.A.T.u. so they are both very experienced musicians and they helped me a lot during the process, while we tried different styles of singing. When I asked Christian Ice, the TDV producer, how does he want me to do the song, he simply said: ‘I trust you, you do it like you feel it.You always do a great job.’ That really meant a lot to me. When the recording was done, we sent the tracks to Rome and Christian got right into mixing the song.

Would you prefer a different song other than “Medousa” in the album? At first we were thinking of doing Figlio Della Luna, which is another song that I really like. But since I was in LA and I didn t have anyone native Italian beside me there, who would take care of the proper pronunciation (I learned Italian in school, but that is a looong time ago), we decided it is maybe better to do the song in English. I sang Italian with Laibach a couple of years ago on one of the songs, but ... I think Medousa was the right choice!

Finally; what do you think about Moonlight Waltz and TDV in general? Moonlight Waltz is, in my opinion, another great project of TDV. This is a bend that is really creative and they present music in a specific, powerful, efficient way. I am not surprised that they have so many fans all over the world. Their music is powerful, almost hymnic. You can hear everything from piano, whispering to roaring, screaming, raging bass lines, powerful drum beats and heavy guitars. I also like the dynamic that they bring into every song. They don t repeat themselves all over and over again, as we hear in so many other bands. Sonya is a powerful lead singer with the right attitude and the rest of the members give her full support onstage. The band breathes as one. Plus I like them personally a lot because they all have great personalities. And another thing that I like - they put a lot of effort into image as well. I support that because you give the message to the fans not only through music, but also through every channel possible - clothes, stage presence, statements in interviews, TDV music really lives as a whole.

Can you tell us how the TDV Brezilya Fan Club was created? And why TDV? Well,the Argentine fan club was created in fact I do not know very well, I followed the time when they created the forum sooner after I disabled my login to the forum for a few reasons.Plus the fan club in Brazil for example the gallery on orkut was an idea that came out of nowhere, and the idea that completely changed my life, and after a while came more profiles on other social networking site on the Internet, and today has become a major fan club recognized by the band.

What do you think about “Moonlight Waltz” album and the two songs released? Do you think it will get the praise it deserve? The songs the band released are great do not think it could be better, more just, than the oneprovided TDV is .. Moonlight Waltz is going to be amazing, I’m sure.

Do you have something to say to TDV? The band .. is an incredible band that stirs my deepest passions of my best and worst feelingsI owe much to them .. they inspired me in many things, I am grateful for that .. and tell them I love them and hope they return to Brazil. And would like to thank you for your questions,kisses

Brazil Fan Club

Fans are Wait

Can you tell us how the TDV Latino America Fan Club was created? And why TDV? The community was created on January 5, 2010. The idea was born in Argentina, Our goal was to gather all fans of latin america to form a large community. Was so successful that it had to end up being made official Community and Fansite by the band. Our site and community is very serious and always updated. I felt I should create this community for the praise that the band really deserves the band, especially in this country, and because we want them to come play here.

What do you think about “Moonlight Waltz� album and the two songs released? Do you think it will get the praise it deserve? Undoubtedly Moonlight Waltz be the most grandiose album of the band, has beautiful melodies, a magical power that grabs you and some nice lyrics Carmilla and Medousa are great songs, one of the best the band has recorded, it is really amazing. This album will have very good reviews, I think will be the best album of the band for many people.

Do you have something to say to TDV? Yeah, I really love tdv, and my dream, our dream is that one day we can see them live here. I want to thank the band for the great recognition for my site. There is nothing more beautiful than the band thanked me and that is always in contact with me. I hope someday come TDV for this land, we love you :)

Latin America Fan Club

ting for TDV !

Can you tell us how the TDV Turkey Fan Club was created? And why TDV? After meeting with Fulya Çıkrık, we have created TDV turkey Fan Club. We both are fan of TDV and it was known too little in Turkey. We always shared videos, songs, and slides which we prepared in order to make known TDV. Then we decided to create this fan page to present the gruop to greater audience. Why TDV ? Because we have been impressed by vampiric theme which the group reflects on the music. Lord Vampyr- Sonya Scarlet Justine vocals that continued for a while were incredible. We believe that TDV is incredible. We must confess that they have been incredible and they would not be better at combining vampiric theme which they reflects with the music.

What do you think about “Moonlight Waltz” album and the two songs released? Do you think it will get the praise it deserve? Carmilla and Medousa which are released prior to Moonlight Waltz are really incredible. We believe that the album will met the expectations of fans. The Italian group that previously made symphonic black-gothic metal has produced gothic metal music nowadays. We suggest that everyone listen to all of the albums because they are really successful in producing impressive music in vampiric fashion.

Do you have something to say to TDV? We are looking forward to the concert which will be holded on 3rd February 2011. It is pleasing to see the group in Turkey as TDV fans. We will continue to do our best for advertisement of the group.

Türkiye Fan Club

Fans are Wait

Can you tell us how the TDV Russian Fan Club was created? And why TDV? Russian Fan Club TDV was created in 2008, October, 31th. In this group we like all - music, texts, a scenic image blood and Sonya Scarlet. Therefore we have been simply obliged to create a fan club of group and to make its the best all over the world.

What do we think about “Moonlight Waltz”? It’s one of the best albums TDV. Keeper of secrets Carmilla Sangue Medousa This songs are our most lovely songs of TDV. We’re sure that the new album will successful.

What do we want to say TDV? Successful concerts and we wait for them in Russia.

Russia Fan Club

ting for TDV !

First of all; can you tell us how the TDV Col

TD fan club was created in a funny way. TDV was plannin bia but the show was cancelled. After that, I searched I couldn’t find many groups. Maybe one or two... I look the band. When I finally contacted with the Colombian p to show the band and the tour manager in Colombia. That

Why TDV? TDV is an awesome group. They have many styles show a lot of thing with their music, romance, death, p excellent band. They work with 110% performance. They r

What do you think about “Moonlight Waltz” alb

I think they will never stop to amaze their fans, it is It will be the most sensual and the sounds are evoking

Do you think it will get the praise it Deserv Of course! Just because you have created fusion with great

Do you have something to say to TDV?

We love you with our soul, we hope to see you soon in Colom Colombia is waiting!

Fans are Wait

lombia Fan Club was created? And why TDV?

ng to come to our country and play in Bogota - Colomon the net for a group of TDV Colombia. ked for a Colombian promotor who has the contact with promotor (Maritza Velez), we decided to do a TDV group t’s how we created the TDV group.

s, they all put the creations with great passion. They poetry, loneliness, dark art etc. That’s why TDV is an really love their music and works. They show that.

bum and the two songs released?

s a great album there is no doubt ! It will be crazy. the moments of unbridled lust and pleasure.


musicians make it more interesting and exciting.


Colombia Fan Club

ting for TDV !

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