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Here are the basic questions to ask before enrolling in a boot camp

Location: Is it convenient?

There are a few local options for boot camps, but you need to find one that has a location that is 5-10 minutes from your house or place of work. Convenience is the key when making a decision to stop and workout or just go home and get on the couch. Find a boot camp program that has multiple locations around your community. Camp Gladiator allows you to attend unlimited workouts all over the country, wherever you are, you can find a convenient place to work out.

Trainers: Does the program have top quality, educated trainers?

This is important for your safety. The trainer needs to have modifications and other options ready. You also want to make sure you like the trainer. If the trainer isn’t fun and doesn’t make the workout enjoyable, you won’t go back.

Community: Is there a support group with the program?

You want to stick with your boot camp 58


program and the best way to do that is with accountability. There are boot camps that will include you in other activities such as nutrition challenges, attendance challenges, city sports leagues, etc. Find a group that will keep you engaged and accountable.

Results: Will the program help you get results?

If the program does not have a good track record for success, you probably will not either. There is a reason why they don’t have success stories, whether it be the trainers, the convenience or the price. Choose a program that will deliver results and has a track record for success.

Price: Is it affordable?

There are boot camp programs that are very expensive. This can limit your access to classes. Choose a program that will fit your budget and allow you unlimited workouts.

CENTRAL TEXAS BOOT CAMPS Camp Gladiator The program that won the Tex Appeal “Fit in Four” fitness challenge. This “60 minutes of AMAZING” offers hundreds of locations nationwide and unlimited sessions. There are locations throughout Central Texas. Programs are available for as low as $65 per month.

Titan Total Training This local gym offers boot camps and group fitness classes in an indoor facility located on 57th Street in Temple. Group and individual rates are available.

The Field House This gym offers a unique 24-hour experience along with classes. It is located at 4305 S. 31st St. in Temple. Single and family rates are available.

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TexAppeal February 2014  

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