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Table of Contents Notes from the Co-chairs

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Our Goals

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An Open Letter to Our Community

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Creating Inclusive and Welcoming Prayer Space

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Schedule (general)

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Trans Ally Tips

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Thanks to Our Sponsors

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Individual Donors & Memorial

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Our Goals To (re)connect with our faith, our community, and with ourselves. To learn from each other and our community. To create new friendships within and amongst our community. To share our individual experiences with one another. To engage in spiritual worship and (re) gain a sense of peace within our lives.

To engage in meaningful dialogue with each other around concerns facing our community. To develop new ways of communicating our needs and desires to members of our community. To empower each other with vision, clarity, and sense of purpose. To create spheres of interest in writing, art, song, dance, and other creative media.

What are your goals for the Retreat? 2013 LGBTQ Muslim Retreat

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2013 LGBTQ Muslim Retreat Program Book  

2013 LGBTQ Muslim Retreat Program Book - session details and presenter/facilitator bios will be provided on-site ONLY (for privacy and secu...