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Time & Attendance systems, access control and production data collection Integrated solutions for human resources' management

The TDP Marche Srl was founded in 2004. It began as a branch of Proietti Planet for the north in 2002, with the task of acquiring new customers in central Italy. Two years later, it seems to have a life of its own. It secures many new customers and grows exponentially, doubling its turnover every year and counting more than 900 clients in 2008, including public bodies and private companies. TDP Brands provides solutions to automate business processes, especially for: • Attendance and payroll processing via web; • Industrial clockwork; • Employees missions and trips (Cost control for business trip); trip) • Shift personnel scheduling and management; management • Access management and control; control • Queue management systems; systems • People counting systems; systems • Fleet management and control; control • Fuel pumps management and control; control • Business software (CMR, Production, management); management) • Meals booking and counting for institutions, corporations and school canteens; • Data collection in general, for verticalisation or statistics; statistics • Printers and hardware for printing the electronic identity card; card • Home automation and building automation; automation


TDP Marche srl


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Complete system of Attendance, available in English and Spanish Easy and ready to use

Technology at your service Easy to install and ready to use immediately. ERMES integrates all of the most advanced technologies of collecting data in a form that enhances the ease of use and functionality.

Customizable data transmission Choose from different data transmission modes, the one that best suits your needs. Proximity card reader No contact, no wear, no maintenance. Attendance management software Stampings recognition and card calculation in real time, direct interface to the most common payroll programs, definition of time groups for shift and personnell types management

RFID badge reader Stamp has never been so easier. You only have to approach the badge to the clock. The code of the badge is unique and not reproducible. It is not subject to wear and it doesn't require any maintenance activities. On the PC in real time The clock, always connected to the PC, allowing an immediate transmission of stamping to the control software, it does the storage returning the card updated in real time.


Time and Attendance Software This Time and Attendance software is simple and intuitive. The program produces on-screen on diagram of a common card. The user is guided by elementary icons to the use of the full potential of the software. Display ides clear and visible informations: The large display provides date and time, battery and status. IN/OUT Keys Immediate stamping . IN / OUT, approaching the badge and the data is recorded and delivered in real time.




Planet Time Enterprise

TDP Marche srl Via L. Motta 3 – 61032 Marotta di Fano (PU) Tel. 0721/960998 Fax 0721/958259

Time and Attendance System: the experience of an entire generation Planet Time Enterprise Planet Enterprise Time & Attendance software is designed and developed by Proietti to provide a complete solution to public bodies and companies for human resources. Planet Time Enterprise Planet Time Enterprise is the result of years of experience and work, but also thousands of installations carried out for different kind of clients operating throughout the national territory. The extreme flexibility in the configuration configura parameters, the intuitive and treated interface, the continuous updating to market demands and new regulations, the possibility of using the application on both Windows and in the Web, confirm the decade-long decade success of this application. Planet Time Enterprise nterprise has a web form that allows the management of the attendance using the intranet/internet. The user can view the processed data or, if enabled, he can enter, edit, delete the stamping of all users that are part of one or more business units. It permits mits the proxy of the management to remote areas or location manager, especially for what concerns some important issues that are difficult to resolve from the headquarters. The inclusion of the evidence of absence can be done manually (when the request is made in accordance with the normal procedure in use in the company) or in an automated manner (when it is done through the proper procedure of Planet Time Enterprise Web). The ability to configure (either in the form client/server or in the WEB module), different access profiles and to define for each user the active features makes the product extremely flexible and suitable for every kind of public or private companies. Planet Enterprise Time & Attendance chooses Trexom terminals The Planet Time Enterprise rise can be used with all terminals present on the market, but Proietti recommends the use of Trexom ones, that ensure a high price/performances reliability, but also advanced features that are perfectly integrated with the Planet Time Enterprise software. software


Expenses form For those who travel or go on a mission out of the office The new module allows you to compile detailed expense reports for each employee. You can configure the appropriate items of expenditure, the management of vehicles (personal or owned by the company) and business documents connected to the mission, foreign currencies with related changes, and the possibility of providing lumpsum reimbursements and/or per diem allowances and travel expenses. In addition, you can configure profiles expense, attributable to each employee, to determine which items can be autonomously managed by the staff and possibly the limits on amounts and percentages for each type of expenditure. In addition, you can export the total payroll to the program, if the path of export permits the export of items. OWN MEANS OR COMPANY MEANS CREDIT CARD









Planet Inside

TDP Marche srl Via L. Motta 3 – 61032 Marotta di Fano (PU) Tel. 0721/960998 Fax 0721/958259

The evolution of access control for offices, sports and recreation centers, businesses and communities Starting from the knowledge gained through years of experience in the design and installation of access control systems, Planet Inside could be considered the natural evolution n of Proietti proposal for an integrated building automation: •

• • • • • • •

Access control with the concept of gates, zones, areas and management of all essential parameters: card deadline, calendar management and time slots, sequenced entries, ecc.; Differentiated management for employees, visitors, outside contractors, temporary workers, workers ecc.; Accurate monitoring with real-time time information, for an easy management of what concerns control and safety; safety Ability to integrate with any intrusion detection system Integration with CCTV systems; Possibility of carrying out checks at every moment and from any computer connected to the system, with functional differentiation based on the permissions granted to each operator; Managing alarms and warnings: report of opened gap, attendance in controlled places, alarm management; management Historical data are archived and available for subsequent analysis and controls.

The system architecture is based on a series of devices (concentrators, detectors, actuators, RFID and biometric biometr readers) that can be composed in a flexible way for the realization of any type of plant. Equipment is designed to solve customer's problems but also those of the installer. It allow an immediate saving, in particular for what concerns the installation costs, and time, for the reliability and ease of maintenance. The technical characteristics are not the only determining factor in a product of this kind. A machine program is installed on the peripheral units (firmware). This machine allows it to function function locally, even in the absence of communication with the PC (where the management software is). Proietti Planet's controls are complete terminals on which you can configure all the parameters of communication, the types of readers that are connected to the t control gates, the time/days profiles of the users to effectuate the transit, the alarms that have to be transmitted to the PC. The machine program (firmware) is constantly upgraded and improved and it can also be updated on installed units: it does not require any physical intervention and you can intervene from the PC to which they are connected (firmware download).



TDP Marche srl Via L. Motta 3 – 61032 Marotta di Fano (PU) Tel. 0721/960998 Fax 0721/958259

Access control and mapping people, equipment and vehicles system This system is absolutely useful for all those buildings with security needs in locating and access control, where people, materials, tracked vehicles, should not take any action to be identified, except for transit in one of the controlled areas. Especially useful in shipyards, hospitals, offices, production areas or access areas to open spaces, car parks and other areas with considerable influx of vehicles and people. An effective system for all structures, especially for those that require a great level of security with the automatic detection of intruders or the generation of alarms for security officers.

• • •

How to make up the system? It is composed of One or more gates controlled by RFID antennas. From personal tags, one for each person / object / vehicle control (the tag can have various shapes and sizes, pendant, bracelet, badge) Optionally, the control antennas of the gates can be connected to a central monitoring system.

System Operation • The system can detect the personal movements of the controlled people without their knowledge. • The auditees do not have to take any action to be detected; they only has to be in possession of their own "personal tag". In step-controlled areas, the system automatically records the transit, managing the authorization of access to the area (opening the gate, barrier vehicles, door) • The gates can be up to 4-6 meters wide, and they does not require control personnel. • Antennas installation can have no visual impact if located behind a non-metallic panel, in various angles and / or locations. • Each journey is stored and it can generate local or centralized alarms. • Even people who pass through the gate at the same time they are detected. Additional functions offered by the system: The mapping system on PC also allows to obtain a series of ancillary features, such as: - To revise any reported alarm, even after a long time; - To monitor the path of the subject, and calculate the time spent in the different areas; - To know in real time which subjects are located in a certain area; - To request the list of the historic transit and export historical data.

Examples of antennas orientation to control people or vehicles


Ability to create integrated systems for your organization, integrating detection systems (Planet Time Enterprise) with access control systems (Planet Inside) vehicles control

PC for attendance

control access hardware attendance data

attendance detection automatic opening bar

attendance data server

attendance clock access control

payroll data

Some interesting references "Attendance management and Access Control" :

• • • • • • • • • • •

Capitaneria di Palermo (500 employees); Capitaneria di Ancona (500/600 employees); Ministero Infrastrutture e Trasporti Pavia; Ministeri della Giustizia Penitenziario di Montacuto Ancona e Casa di Reclusione Fossombrone (500/600 employees); employees Lega del Filo D’Oro ( about 600 employees with differentt branches through Italy); Italy Gruppo Spar Pesaro ( 400 employees); Colombini Spa Rep.San Marino(+ di 900 employees); RTV San Marino ( 150 employees) employees Eden Viaggi (400 employees) employees Fox Petroli ( 300 employees) employees Pesce Azzurro ( 200 employees Fano, Rimini, Milano Marittima).


TDP Marche srl


Via L. Motta 3 – 61032 Marotta di Fano (PU) Tel. 0721/960998 Fax 0721/958259

Single/multi-brand brand chains, franchising and outlets software. Optionally in the foreign language Best Store Retail management is the vertical solution for single/multi-brand single/multi brand chains, franchising, outlets, temporary store and corner. It is the result of over ver 25 years of experience in the fashion industry and no food in general. The dynamic structure of the Best Store has allowed us to develop more than 100 organizational models, directed to different companies: men, women and children clothing; men, women and children footwear; accessories, leather goods, toys and household appliances. Best Store maintains the same graphic interface for both head office and shop&store activities. The features enabled for each user are attributed to login. Multilingual he Best Store database and its centralized platform, ensure the user profile configuration tion in different languages: The English, Spanish, French, German, and it is extensible in all languages that use Latin characters. It is routinely used in Europe, North Africa, rica, America, Asia, Australia. BEST STORE retail management

Best store is a software responsible for the managing of store sale and flows in chains. It improves time management, informations monitoring and the implementation of company-specifications.

shop & store


MARKET place e-commerce

Market place e-commerce commerce is a sales tool for online shopping. It allows you to present your products with additional information such as: gallery, technical details, language translation, and much more. It 'also useful for business communication. Market place is native to Best Store and inherits the stock without further additions.

At the store, this software allows the control of: sales, returned goods, transfers, cash reconciliation, incoming goods check, inventory, fiscal prints and statistics. Even cards and customer profiles are easily arranged for the issuance of gift certificates, gift gif cards and special offers. System administrators can create user profiles, manage purchases, create lists, set a promotion, arrange the shipping of goods, print the bar code, produce and generate reports. They also have a total control over the activities of the network.


Brand arena Borbonese Poul & Shark Richmond, Husky Fornarina Iceberg Scorpion Bay Krizia Parah Simonetta


Brand Pinko, ToyG Zippo Facis Naturino Fuzzi Giorgio Grati Pinco Pallino Nannini Sergio Tacchini Murphy&Nye, Miss Sixty, ‌


Planet School

TDP Marche srl Via L. Motta 3 – 61032 Marotta di Fano (PU) Tel. 0721/960998 Fax 0721/958259

Increased efficiency in educational services A better service to citizens The improvement of the provided services, the cost containment and the availability of information in real time, could be considered important needs. In recent times these factors have not only involved the government but also large areas with a few thousand inhabitants. It is in this context that the technology can contribute to the optimization of processes and activities, not only for the benefit of citizens but also of that of the operators. Thanks to the available technologies to interact with the public (internet, e-mail, SMS, POS, ATM, bank branches and partner shops) and the use of identification tools (Regional Cards Services, School Card and other methods) the improvement of the provided services is always obvious. Planet School is a product that can optimize and automate the management of educational services with fee, supplied by the administration. These service can be whether monthly (school transportation, child care) or with payments to performance (school lunch, post school, gyms, summer camps, textbooks). The two most common areas of application are school feeding and monitoring of pupil attendance in class: a simple electronic card can be used in place of food stamps on paper and, at the same time, as a tool to allow the parent to verify children's entry into school. In addition to the obvious benefits for the government (as the possibility to monitor in real time all the economic and organizational aspects), we also have to consider the great benefits for families; thanks to web technology, they can examine a lot of information: attendance, children's menu, the days of using the service, meals eaten, the amount of the remaining credit and numerous other information provided by the administration.

Planet School is a web-based software that brings many advantages to users and operators: • • • •

General efficiency improvement of paper flows process that are almost completely replaced by the computing infrastructure. Accurate monitoring with real-time information Possibility of carrying out checks at every moment from any computer connected to the Internet Historical data archived and available for subsequent analysis

For school: • Operation flow control • Real-time monitoring • Eliminating inefficiencies • The school no longer has to worry about collecting, ordering, and communicate the data to the municipalità For families: • Ability to control the attendance of their children in the classroom, monitoring and reporting of paid services: all informations are automatically available on-line. It is possibile to send them also via e-mail or SMS


• • •

Flexibility in charging the remaining credit for the paid services. Ability to recharge the credit on-line line with a credit card and/or at a all authorized body (such as tobacco shops, stationery shops, bars, banks, etc..).

School meals

For meal managing authority: Possibility to prepare meals based on actual daily bookings Possibility of advance planning based on profiles, with the attribution of specific menus Possibility of monitoring and mapping of transactions

Nursery For the municipality: • Centralized control of the process • Reduction of paper flows • Immediate availability of all service data: booked meals, paid meals, remaining debts, etc.. • Historicization and traceability of data

Open and scalable system for municipalities, catering companies and educational institutions The heart of the system is the School Planet software, entirely developed on the web. Through a simple and intuitive interface, interface it allows you to manage all aspects connected with the sector of Education. • The subscription, which can be done either on-line on or at the municipal help desk, facilitates the activities of operators involved in the practices management; management • The application access and the features to be activated to each subject are defined according to custom access profiles; profiles • Services management can be configured according to the needs of each client (meals, childcare, transportation, etc.); • The rates that have to be applied can be automatically managed considering the income bracket, the residence, the number of children and other configurable parameters; • Paymentss can be operated in two modes: pre-paid pre and post-paid. About the first case, users pay in andvance and the system will scale the credit considering the required performances, about the second case, each user shall periodically do a deferred payment connected ted with the services; services • In order to facilitate municipalities and users role in the process of collection/payment, Planet School provides the possibility to manage the business in different ways: o at the municipal offices responsible for collecting; collecting o By postal payment slip; o At partner shops (stationery, tobacco shops, malls, etc.).; etc.). o At bank branches; o Online by credit card; • The Web allows: o Municipality: to use the software on the different computers of its offices involved in refectory and school boarding cost management; o Parents: to have an online monitor of the status of their children; children o School: to access the data of the pupils that are under its jurisdiction; jurisdiction o Cooking Center: to have a real-time real display of meals that have to be prepared in accordance with the reservations; reservations

School transport



Online registration and payments


The operation of the integrated system Planet School Tablet



TDP Marche srl service center


Post Office Municipal Office

Canteen Service

Agreed Bank

Agreed merchant

Planet School Management for School Refectory, Transports and Social Services Some references: • Comune di Ravenna (School canteen management with 11000 demographic entries); • Comune di Leinì (School canteen management, Transports, Social Services); • Comune di Falconara (School canteen management, Transports, Social Services); • Comune di Loreto • Comune di Camerano • Comune di Castelfidardo • Comune di Ascoli Piceno • Comune di Padova • Comune di Pavia • Comune di San Benedetto Del Tronto • Comune di Frascati • Comune di Sirmione Approximately 80 municipalities throughout Italy


TDP Marche srl

It’s Your Turn

Via L. Motta 3 – 61032 Marotta di Fano (PU) Tel. 0721/960998 Fax 0721/958259

Automatic employee shifts scheduling

What is it? "It’s your turn" is our software. It is specifically addressed to stores, shops, department stores and in general to all those activities in which employees are in close contact with customers.

How does it work? Adding the employees anagraphic data and the report card of each of the workers, you can determine the days of increased productivity and influx of customers (weekend, holidays, holiday eves); then based on this information crossed with the various types off days within the week, “It’s your turn" automatically optimizes shifts in order to enhance the characteristics of the each employee. It is possible to characterize the employee on the basis of his maturity, his experience, his expertise, or other factors factors that you want to determine during the configuration of the software.

Exploration of the characteristics

Employee data The section dedicated to employee data allows you to store: • All personal data • Roles on the staff • Professional career • Contract position • Time profiles The screen shows the fields that can be added to identify the employee. In the left part of the organizational chart and at the bottom we can see the list of the already entered employees.


Employee characteristics All employees are evalued on their own peculiarities • flexible schedule • knowledge of foreign languages • selling aptitude • verification of breaks and rest from contract • etc… Such informations are parametric and can be configured at the installation for each specific company, depending on the specific needs.

Shifts calculation Using a TDP Marche's algorithm, these data are crossed with the greatest influx days, considering the specific skills, sick leaves, holidays, leaves or mandatory days of rest.

Pianificazione avvenuta The result is shown on the calendar through an easy graphical representation. You can change the schedule directly from this section (in addition to the direct intervention in the database) using the handy feature drag&drop. With the mouse you select the column representing the employee and moves it in the preferred timetable/day. Such changes will be updated in real time within the database of the software.

Planning control Thanks to the original stampings detected by the hardware, you can check the consistency between the planning and the actual performance of the work. The monthly processing will end with the forwarding of the data contained in the attendance software subsequently exported to the payroll software.


TDP Marche srl Via L. Motta 3 – 61032 Marotta di Fano (PU) Tel. 0721/960998 Fax 0721/958259

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mission In collaboration with other companies of the same sector and its dealers in Italy and through the world, TDP Marche creates a great synergy to to better support its customers. It designs, develops, customizes software to integrate new products and new features feat and requirements dictated by customers, with the objective of optimizing and streamlining business processes automation. Thanks to the collaboration with Italian and foreign companies, TDP is now one of the leading manufacturers of central Italy for what concerns integrated solutions in the field of data collection. It has thousands of customers in the public and private sectors, both in Italy and abroad. In this new scenario, our strategy is to qualify our brand as a global partner, with a real added adde value in terms of advice and services, establishing relations and close alliances with other companies to enrich the value of our offer. In this period of strong economic and sociosocio cultural change is necessary to pay great attention to the people, a primary pri resource for the development of any organization. The people are who by their wits, strength and skill, play a fundamental role in determining the results of the companies.


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