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Big Tobe: Retribution Urban Fiction By Teresa D. Patterson Toby Shaquil Byrts has left the drug game behind him. Now a successful business owner of Top2Bottom Detailing, he has no plans to delve back into his old lifestyle. But sometimes demons from the past can come back to haunt us. Even though our desire may be to run and hide, the best course of action is to face them head-on and deal with them. A person harboring a deep grudge has evil intentions and vows to make Toby pay for ruining his life. Toby can watch everything he s worked so hard for be destroyed, or he can revert back to Big Tobe and gain it all back. But, along with Big Tobe comes retribution. Join my mailing list: Join Mailing List

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This is a work of fiction. Names, character, places and incidents are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. Big Tobe: Retribution Š 2012 by Teresa D. Patterson All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form or by any means whatsoever. ISBN-13 978-1480245587

ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Thank you to all who have purchased the print copy or downloaded the electronic form of this book or any of my other works. I truly appreciate each and every one of you. Having your continued support is what gives me the encouragement and motivation to continue on this writing journey. Lord knows, it isn’t easy. I extend a special “thank you,” to Minah Diggs. Thank you for your help. Thank you, to my author friend, Keith Williams. I see how you have so much strength and determination when it comes to writing and selling your books. I truly admire your hard work, your grind, and the fact that you never let anything stop you and always remain positive. Lastly, I’d like to thank, Glenn Johnson (AKA Glenn Gamble.) You continue to pass on so much vital, invaluable information regarding the publishing industry that has been so helpful to me. Plus, you don’t ever let me give up, and you remind me to stop complaining and put things into perspective. I appreciate you, buddy!

Prologue “Man, that sounds like a plan. I’m tired of the PoPo watching my ass. This shit is getting old. I know I got to get used to gettin’ my hands dirty.” He paused then said, “I’m in, dawg. I’ll come up there, sit down with you to discuss the pros and cons and all the legal aspects.” John and Toby talked for a few minutes more then he hung up. He had to get moving or he’d be late picking Lekecia up from work. Her car was in the shop getting the brakes repaired. “Damn, it’s like Fort Knox in this bitch,” John said as he unlocked and unchained all of the locks and chains on his front door. It’s the precautions he had to take being so deep in the drug game. He wanted to ensure that LeKecia and John Jr. were safe until they moved out the hood. “Shit,” he swore. “I forgot my piece.” No way would he step out into the world unstrapped. It would be foolish. Too many wanna-be gangsters wanted him dead. On the other end, thugs plotted on ways to rob him. He’d always carried a Glock 9mm since the tender age of fourteen, when he’d began dealing. He headed back to the bedroom to retrieve the weapon he’d left on the bureau when he took a shower. He grabbed it, tucking it into the back waistline of his pants.

As he left the bedroom, thoughts of leaving the drug game brought a smile to his face. He’ll finally be free of all the bullshit. No more stressing about the police raiding his house or pulling him over and hauling him off to jail. He could stop being paranoid about niggas robbing him on the streets. He’d be able to breathe easy because his baby mama and son would be safe. LeKecia could stop worrying about him leaving her behind to be a single-mother. Secretly, he’d been a little envious of Toby even though that was his best friend. Toby had done what he’d set out to do. He’d kept his word about leaving the fast life and living legit. Instead of running things in the streets, Toby now ran a very productive business. John was proud of him, but he could admit he wanted a similar lifestyle. Now, Toby was giving him that opportunity. That’s my dawg, he thought. Always lookin’ out for a nigga. When he stepped into the living room, he sensed the danger before he saw the three masked men standing there. In an instant, he was staring down the barrel of an AK -47. “Yeah nigga. Ya ass got caught slippin’,” one of the men snarled. “Lay down, nigga.” Momentarily stunned, John just stood there in shock. His worst fears had manifested into real life. Being robbed and killed in his own home wasn’t the

way he pictured himself going out. He wasn’t a fool though. He wanted to see his son again, and if getting down on the floor and letting them take everything he owned ensured that, he’d do it. “Take whatever y’all came here for,” he said as he sank to his knees. “I’m cooperating.” “You ain’t got no choice, nigga,” another dude said. He kicked John in the face with his Timberland boots. “Now, shut the fuck up and lay yo’ ass down.” John complied. The third dude came over and began tying his hands behind his back with a rope. “It’s just business,” he rasped next to John’s ear. “Don’t take it personal.” He pulled the rope tight around John’s wrists causing him to wince in pain. They rope was tighter than the handcuffs the police clamped on him the last time he got arrested. “Oh, I’m gonna have to take this, partner.” John felt him pull the gun from his waistline. “Alright, niggas, turn this mothafucka up, down, inside out and take everything that’s worth something,” the apparent leader of the crew instructed. John wasn’t concerned about the material things. He just prayed he’d make it out of the situation alive. He didn’t even attempt to free himself from the rope. He wasn’t trying to play hero and get shot. They could take it all; just let him live to see another day.

He heard the men rumbling around in his house, turning stuff over, pulling out drawers, looking for his valuables. All he could think of was the 23rd Psalm. He began to recite it silently. The Lord is my Shepherd; I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: He leadeth me beside the still waters. He restoreth my soul: He leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for His name' sake. The man that had kicked John in the head returned and saw him with his eyes closed. “Nigga, I know you not in here prayin’ and cryin’ like a lil bitch.” He laughed. “You supposed to be a hard ass thug. You in here cryin’ and shit.” He laughed again. “I’ll give you something to cry about. You may wanna close ya eyes so you don’t see it comin’. It might hurt.” John could see pure evil in the man’s eyes as he aimed and fired. He felt a searing, hot pain as the bullet tore into his flesh. “Nigga, what the fuck you doin’?” The other two men rushed back into the living room when they heard the gunshot. “Yo ass wasn’t supposed to kill him. That wasn’t the instructions. You done fucked up. We wasn’t supposed to kill no motherfuckin’ body!” he screamed, stomping his foot in anger with every word.

“He ain’t dead,” the other man said. “He’s still breathin’ “What we gon’ do? Should we call 911?” “Hell nah. Look, get the fuck outta here. I’ll take care of this,” the leader said. He stood there holding the sides of his head looking at the bleeding man on the floor in front of them. “What you gon’ do?” “None of yo’ fuckin’ business. Just get the fuck out and let me handle this,” he shouted, agitated. Once the other two had jetted, the last man looked around. He spotted John’s cell phone next to his keys on the coffee table. He hurried over and grabbed it. “Man, this wasn’t supposed to go down like this. You wasn’t supposed to get shot.” As he spoke, he placed the cell phone in John’s right hand. “It’s up to you whether you live or die now.” *** “I know John ain’t done forgot to pick my ass up,” LeKecia complained. It was a quarter after five. John knew she got off work at five o’clock, and she always clocked out at five sharp. She refused to give the state a minute of her time free. She was tired, cranky and ready to eat. John had promised to take her to Red Lobster because she was craving seafood. “This is not like him.” She began to get worried. John wasn’t the type to be late. Something had to be wrong. She retrieved her cell phone from her purse and dialed his number. It

just continued to ring until his voicemail picked up. Disappointed, she hung up. She rubbed her stomach which had begun to cramp. She was twenty eight weeks pregnant with twins. The last thing she needed was stress. “Something is wrong,” she said aloud. “I can feel it in my soul.” *** The house had grown silent. The men who’d come to rob him were gone. John could hear his cell phone ringing. Through the haze in his mind, he could see it was LeKecia calling him. He tried to answer, but his fingers couldn’t seem to work. Somehow, he managed to hit redial. “What’s up, J-Roc? You on ya way up here?” he heard Toby answer. “John? Hello? John, are you there?” “Toby,” he breathed into the phone. “Man…them niggas got me…I’m shot…I think I’m…dyin’.” He started to cough and turned his head to the side and spit out a mouth full of blood. “What? What the fuck? John. Answer me. John. I’m on my way. Don’t you fuckin’ die, man!” Toby screamed. “I’m on the way.”

Chapter One Toby finished tallying the cash register and leaned back in the plush leather reclining office chair. He sighed aloud. “I really need to hire a secretary. This numbers shit is for some square ass nigga,” he said aloud. Even though he complained, he’d learned every aspect of running a business including balancing his cash drawer. He didn’t want any mishaps. He prided himself in running a tight, professional, legit business. There was no mixing of business funds with his personal cash. Every night the starting cash on-hand was put back into the cash drawer and stored for the evening, while the deposit was prepared for the bank. This was routine. He was getting ready to retrieve the deposit from the safe when he heard a loud thump outside. “What the fuck?” Just because he was no longer in the drug game, didn’t mean he didn’t keep a loaded Glock on hand in case of emergencies, and he wouldn’t hesitate to use it. He searched the security cameras that surveyed the perimeter of his building. He couldn’t see anything, but he sensed that someone was out there. He wasn’t too concerned with being robbed. He made sure not to keep a great deal of cash at the office. Top2Bottom Detailing had thrived during

the first two years it opened. Toby had defied the odds and managed to run an extremely successful business from day one. He did everything by the book, including making those cash deposits frequently during the day. So, if he got hit, they’d get less than $500, if that. Needless to say, he wasn’t too keen on the idea of getting robbed though, regardless of the amount of cash he carried. Even if it was one red cent, it was his money, and he didn’t take too kindly to anyone taking what belonged to him. If some niggas waited outside to rob him, they’d better be prepared to receive some hot lead in their asses. He was still ‘Big Tobe,’ in case they’d forgotten. Toby secured the building and set the alarm before heading out. He had the gun tucked in his waistline, hidden under his shirt. Since he’d parked right out front, he didn’t have too far to walk to his vehicle. He’d traded in the Cadillac Escalade for a Mercedes G550 SUV. He’d had to step his game up and show everyone that he didn’t just talk about it, he made it happen. His ride was impressive and owning it made him feel a sense of pride. Just before Toby had a chance to disarm his auto’s alarm, he heard an odd sound. He turned toward it.

“Who the fuck is there?” he called out, gripping the handle of his pistol, ready to pull it out if necessary. “Come out and show yourself.” “Help,” someone called weakly. “Help me.” Toby could tell that the pleading voice belonged to a woman. When he squinted, he could see a form lying on the ground near the dumpster. He didn’t know if it was a trick or a set up, so he didn’t automatically jump to the rescue. “Who are you? What’s wrong?” “He….lp,” the person said again, ignoring his questions. Not trusting the situation, Toby grabbed his cell phone and dialed 911. When the operator answered, he summarized the situation and was told an officer would be there shortly. While he waited on the police to arrive, he turned on the headlights of his vehicle in order to see more clearly. He looked around, surveying the area, before he cautiously proceeded over to the person. A white, disheveled, woman with unkempt hair was curled in a fetal position. Her filthy clothes were too big and swallowed her thin body. “Hey, lady, you dead?” he asked, because she was no longer moaning and was lying so still. “No, I’m not dead, motherfucker,” she said after a while. “What kind of question is that? Why the fuck you just staring at me and shit? Help me.” She managed to sit up and stare at him, accessing

him for a while. “You got a hit?” she asked, rubbing her frail arms like she was freezing. “Man, fuck,” Toby swore. “It’s a damn crack hoe,” he said in disgust. “Hoe, you better not be tricking around my business, fucking with my customers and shit. I thought you were in trouble. Get yo’ dusty ass up and get out of here.” “I am in trouble. Them motherfuckers gave me some slap head after I sucked their dicks. Can you believe that shit?” “Yea, I can. Look here. I ain’t got time to stand here and listen to yo’ sob story, trick. You shouldn’t be out here tricking, and you wouldn’t get ya head slapped.” He was unsympathetic. He’s heard just about every story you can imagine when he’d been in the game. Crackheads were notorious for making up elaborate stories just to gain sympathy. He reached in his pocket and pulled out some bills, dropping them on the woman. “I hope you use this money to get some food, but I doubt you will. You skinny as fuck. I can’t see how anybody would want to fuck yo’ bony, chapped-lipped ass.” He grimaced as he stared at her. “You’ll make a nigga’s dick go limp.” “Well, fuck you,” the chicken head snarled, greedily grabbing the money and quickly tucking it away inside her dingy bra.

“I’m just saying.” Toby shrugged. “Anyway, if you don’t want to go to jail tonight, I suggest you bounce. The police will be here in a lil while.” “Fuck the police,” the woman said bitterly. “Whatever. I’m just trying to warn yo’ ass. Have it yo’ way. I don’t care where you go, just get off my damn property.” “You know what? You are one rude ass motherfucker,” she snapped. Toby chuckled. “I didn’t get to where I am by being nice. Now, haul ass. Take ya dirty foot ass either north or south. It doesn’t make me any difference which direction you go as long as you get to stepping.” “Fu—ck you,” she repeated as she struggled to get up from the ground. Toby offered no assistance. It wasn’t his fault she was in that predicament. She needed to get her mind right and stop being a bass head. Besides, if he treated one chicken head nice, they’d all expect to be treated nice. They’ll make Top2Bottom Detailing their new hang out, and he couldn’t have that. It would be bad for business. Watching the junkie walk away reminded him of the lifestyle he’d left behind two years prior. He used to serve crack to crack whores just like that strung-out white lady. The women would try to offer him sex or blowjobs in exchange for drugs. He always turned them down. He hated to see so many

women degrade themselves in order to get high. He was so glad that he didn’t sell drugs anymore. He shook his head sadly. That woman was somebody’s mama. He made sure she was gone before he got into his Lexus, started it and drove off. He called 911 to cancel the call from earlier— the cops probably weren’t going to show up until two hours later anyway. After going to the bank and depositing the final portion of the day’s earnings into his business account via the drive thru, he headed for I-75 N. He listened to Anthony Hamilton as he drove toward home. It was quite a drive over the Skyway Bridge to get to Riverview. He’d had his eye on a house in St. Pete., but a friend of his hipped him on the properties in Riverview. You got a better quality, larger home for less money than the ones in St. Pete. He’d settled on a four bedroom, two and a half bath house tucked away on a quiet street with similar homes. He loved the neighborhood and appreciated the peace and quiet. Even though he missed his home boys, he couldn’t say he missed living in the hood. Besides, he could go hang with them any time. He could always find them on the block any given day. Lately, he’d been pulling more and more away from the old crew. He made the decision to let go of all the negative influences in his life. If the old

running crew couldn’t understand that he had a different mind-set now, well, that was on them. He was done with jeopardizing his life over straight bullshit. The selection, The Point of It All, seeped out of the speakers and the soulful crooning of Anthony Hamilton touched something deep within Toby’s soul. He wondered if he’d ever find someone special to give his heart to—someone who could make him feel like the women in Anthony Hamilton’s songs made him feel. Not liking the mushy feelings running through him, he slid Raheem Devaughn’s CD into the CD slot to change his mood. That was more his speed. He bopped to I Don’t Care as he drove over the Skyway. Half an hour later, he pulled into the driveway of a four bedroom, contemporary wood-framed stucco two-story home. He hit the garage opener and waited on the door to rise high enough before he drove into the two-car garage. He parked next to his Hummer H3 SUV. He knew that everyone thought he was showing off when he bought his toys, but he didn’t care. It wasn’t about them; it was about him and what made him happy. He wasn’t a broke nigga so why should he live like one? Why should he drive a car that was subpar? He worked hard every day, so he would

spend his money on whatever he wanted. Damn what society or anyone else thought. Since the garage was attached to the house, he entered through the family room. It was tastefully decorated to his liking. He’d chosen white leather because of its masculine appeal. To make the sofa more comfortable and inviting, he’d added different colored throw pillows. On either side of the couch rested two floor lamps. A glass-top coffee table set on uniquely structured curvy legs. Underneath the coffee table lay a zebra-striped throw rug shaped like a full-sized zebra. Two matching leather chairs completed the set. Abstract art hung on the wall, courtesy of his sister, Shae, and her husband, Larry, the artist. The home theater system included a highdefinition big-screen TV, a DVD/VCR player / recorder, AM/FM tuner, and a surround sound stereo speaker system. The 52-inch flat screen television was mounted on the wall. There was a guest bedroom and bathroom downstairs. The master bedroom, two other bedrooms and another full bath were upstairs. The house was extremely luxurious and spacious. He had no complaints. Toby entered his bedroom, getting undressed as he walked across the plush area carpet. He liked the hardwood floors and only placed carpet in front of his huge king-sized bed. He bypassed the walk-in

closet that was filled with clothes and shoes and went over to the dresser. He open one of the drawers and took out a pair of boxers and placed them on the bed. He was ready for a nice relaxing shower. When he thought about it, he could use some head and some mind-blowing sex while he was at it. He knew exactly who to call for that. Toby had maintained his virginity until he’d reached the age of nineteen. He hadn’t really been interested in any of the girls, hoodrats, scallywags, or dirty foots that threw themselves at him. He felt that they were too damn easy and just had no self respect. If they’d let him hit it so quick, what other nigga wouldn’t they let hit? That was nasty and he wasn’t into sloppy seconds, thirds, fourths, etc. He didn’t want HIV or some other nasty disease that kept on giving. However, when he’d gone house-hunting, he’d been introduced to Mary Rockwell, his realtor. She was an older woman who saw what she wanted and went after it. She didn’t let anything deter her either. When she’d laid eyes on Toby, she’d immediately wanted him and surprisingly the feeling had been mutual. Toby couldn’t lie—Mary was fine as hell, with a nice, firm round ass, wide hips, slim waist, natural perky breasts and a beautiful smile. She’d oozed sexiness as she showed

him the house. She smelled so good that he’d wanted to lick the strawberry fragrance right off of her. Once they’d toured the family room, dining room and the downstairs bedroom Mary had turned toward him. “So, do you like what you see?” she asked. “So far, I’m feeling the place. But, before I make a decision, can you show me the master bedroom?” he asked innocently. “I wasn’t referring to the house, Toby. I was talking about all this.” Suddenly, she did a stripper dip and all he saw was pure ass as her short skirt rose up exposing her pink g-string. “Well, damn,” he said, eyes transfixed on the sight. “It’s okay for you to touch me wherever you want. I don’t bite—unless you want me to.” “I – um – well.” He hesitated. “I’m not sure I’m what you want,” he finally said, kind of embarrassed to tell her he’d never had sex before. “What are you trying to say, that you’re not into women?” She gave him a pitying look. “Oh hell nah, that’s not what I’m trying to tell you. I don’t get down like that. I just never… Look, I’m only nineteen, and I ain’t never had sex,” he blurted out. “Oh shit. I got myself a virgin.” Mary’s eyes glowed in appreciation. “And you are just ripe for

the plucking with your fine ass.” She looked him up and down almost salivating as she devoured him with her stare. “Damn, it’s my lucky day.” “Hold up. How do you know if I want to fuck you, lady?” He smirked cockily. “Because I want to fuck you, and I always get what I want,” she told him confidently. She stood back up and did a split. Then she opened her legs wide. She pulled her panties to the side, giving him a full view of her glistening vagina. “Come get your first piece of pussy, baby. It’s waiting.” She slipped her index finger in her mouth, wetting it then she slid it seductively down her body and inserted it into her soaking pussy. Toby had encountered some bold bitches in his lifetime, but none as bold as Mary Rockwell. She had him intrigued and his dick had grown rock hard in his pants while watching her. “Since you’re not moving fast enough, I’ll come to you,” she purred, crawling toward him like a jungle cat. When she reached him, she unzipped his pants with her teeth, holding his gaze as she did so. Toby just stared at her in awe. He offered no resistance as she released his dick from the restraints of the boxers. She immediately engulfed the head of it in her hot mouth, going to work with her lips and tongue. She worked him like a porn star and didn’t pull back as he bust one down her throat.

She swallowed every drop and licked her lips in satisfaction. “Look, I ain’t returning the favor,” Toby said. “I don’t know you like that.” “Calm down, boo. You don’t have to do anything you’re not comfortable with. Trust me; I have enough niggas eating my pussy that I don’t need your inexperienced ass turning me off. You’d probably lick around the pussy anyway,” she insulted. When she said that, something inside Toby clicked. Was this bitch talking shit to him? Was she trying to play him? Just because he’d never gone down on a woman, didn’t mean he didn’t know how to. He was about to prove to Mary that he had a hurricane tongue. Before she could say, “Umm,” he’d dived between her legs and was slurping on her clit like it was a piece of chicken gristle. He took both of her legs and threw them over his shoulders and ate her pussy like it was a full course meal. “Oh shit. What the fuck you trying to do to me?” she screamed and came as he rammed his tongue inside her. He worked it in and out feeling her thighs and legs begin to tremble. Toby could tell Mary was used to being in control, but he was one young stud she would not be leading around by the dick.

“Turn your ass over and get on your knees,” he commanded. She quickly did as instructed. Toby kept Magnums on him at all times because he let the hood bitches slob him down, but not without protection. He grabbed one out of his pants pocket, ripped open the golden package, rolled the condom onto his dick and grasped Mary by the hips. “You ready for this?” he inquired. “Stop all the small talk and just fuck me,” Mary panted. Even though she’d seen how well-endowed Toby was, she thought she could take it. When he put the head in, she froze. “Damn, nigga. Hold up.” “Oh, hell nah. Don’t make me stop now. You talking all that shit. Take this dick like a grown ass woman.” He slide a few more inches into her. “Toby, wait. Wait. I need to adjust to you.” “Oh, you’ll adjust just fine as soon as I start beating the brakes off this pussy.” He thrust into her and began working it in and out. “You still want to talk shit, huh?” “Uhh. No. Toby. Uhh!” she groaned, still not quite accustomed to his girth and length. But being the horny slut that she was, she couldn’t let him get the best of her. Pain or no pain, she was determined to work the hell out of his dick and blow his young mind.

The Kegel exercises she did frequently paid off. She worked her muscles until her pussy loosen up and got juicy. As this took place, she was able to accommodate Toby’s size more. It wasn’t long before she was backing her ass up to meet his powerful thrusts. Toby was amazed that Mary could take all the dick. He was sinking it in to the hilt and she wasn’t flinching. As a matter of fact, she was squeezing her pussy muscles, trying to make him nut fast. He’d be damned if he’d go out like a twominute sucker. He flipped her over, raised her legs back over his shoulders, putting her in the buck. She was entrapped and couldn’t get away as he gave her vagina a thorough pounding. “Toby, I’m about to cum. Oh shit. I’m almost there. Fuck this pussy. Fuck it,” she screamed. “I’m cumming. Shit.” Toby sped up, giving it to her full speed. He could feel her muscles contracting around his dick and it was the most amazing thing he’d ever felt. He let go and came while in a piece of pussy for the first time. He almost howled his satisfaction. He loved the feeling of exhilaration that coursed through his veins and knew right then and there he would never deprive himself of pussy again from that day forward.

Chapter Two Two years later, he was still beating the brakes off Mary, but he knew what they shared wasn’t going to develop into anything serious. Mary was a freak, and she wasn’t about to settle down. Besides, he wanted more than just sizzling sex. He wanted something with sustenance. Until he found that one who would own his heart, he could always indulge in some nasty freakiness with Mary. Thinking about their first encounter made his dick spring a leak. He had her number on speed dial so he called. It went straight to voicemail. Damn he thought. I want that pussy in the worst way. He was horny as fuck, but he wasn’t a male whore. He took pride in his body and was very selective of who he bedded down. Since being deflowered, he’d only sexed two other women besides Mary. He figured three broads were more than enough to keep up with. Since he couldn’t reach Mary, he had to settle for Daphne. She was alright, but she couldn’t move her body and work her pussy like Mary. Truthfully, she was a dead fuck. All she did was lie there while he did all the work. She could at least try to move her hips, rotate her ass or something. Sexing her was like sleeping with a life-sized doll. The doll

would probably be more interesting. But since she had a “good head on her shoulders,” he kept her around. She was stiff when it came to fucking, but when it came to oral sex she could probably out suck a porn star. When he called Daphne, she answered on the first ring. He knew her feelings for him went deeper than his for her, and he felt a small amount of guilt for playing on that. “Daph, why don’t you come over and hook a brother up?” “I’m on my way,” she said, giving him no excuses. They disconnected. He could always count on Daphne to be there when she said she would. She was like a faithful puppy, driving all the way from Clearwater to be with him. She took care of his needs without any complaints. She knew he messed around with other women and didn’t seem to mind. He had it like that with her. BreAisha, however, was a different story. BreAisha or Bree Bree was his third flavor of the month. He’d met her at the strip club so he should have known she wouldn’t act like a lady. She was a handful and had a lot of mouth, too. He knew she was going to be trouble when he first gave her a piece of the black Python about three months prior. She’d been acting obsessed ever since. She wouldn’t hesitate to clown on another woman if she

saw him with one. He kept fucking with her because she went out of her way to please him when it came to sex. She never bored him in the bedroom like Daphne did. However, he’d been thinking about cutting her loose because she acted too stupid and reacted on her emotions most of the time. One night, another stripper at the club had approached him to see if he wanted a private dance in the back room. Before he could tell her no, BreAisha had stopped dancing, jumped off the stage and pulled the woman’s wig off. The two had gotten into a ghetto-styled brawl, fighting in their Gstrings, pasties and high heeled stilettos. They had turned the club out. Security had to break it up. Another time, BreAisha had been with Toby when he stopped at the convenience store to buy some condoms. The woman behind the counter had been checking him out. BreAisha, who was purchasing a Slurpee, caught an attitude and got into a verbal argument with the woman. It ended with BreAisha throwing the cherry Slurpee all over the woman’s clothes. Toby had apologized profusely to the woman and dragged BreAisha off before the clerk called the police. Toby was tired of being embarrassed by her actions. She needed to learn how to act sensibly, and he wasn’t the one to teach her. He couldn’t stand women who carried themselves in such a fashion. If she couldn’t control herself, he damn

sure wasn’t going to try to rein her in. He’d leave that train wreck for the next man she dealt with because he didn’t have the patience. Women who flew off the handle at the drop on a dime reminded him of his crazy mama. He tried to avoid those types of women at all cost. *** “Bitch ass nigga. Big Tobe, Toby or whatever the fuck yo’ name is today. I’m going to fuck yo’ life up, playa. I’m going to make you wish yo’ crazy ass mammy had poisoned you too, motherfucker.” The lunatic threw the magazine he held in his hands down angrily and stomped on the face of the cover model. The sinister man laughed evilly as malicious thoughts ran through his head. He’d been beat down and literally fucked so many times that hatred was all he had to hang on to. He stared at the metal bars on the six by nine foot cell—his home. Meanwhile, he’d just read about St. Petersburg’s Entrepreneurs on the Rise, in a write up in the Black Pages magazine. Toby Byrts was living high on the hog in a four-bedroom home located in an upscale neighborhood. He didn’t have to fight the booty demons off of him every night. He got a good’s night sleep and didn’t have downlow niggas waiting in hiding to beat him down and slide up in his ass.

He picked the magazine back up and glared at the face gracing the cover. “Toby, I want to tear into your ass in the worst way, and I don’t mean that literally.” He proceeded to rip the cover from the magazine and tear it into miniature pieces, these of which he threw into the nasty unclean toilet that sat in the back of the cell. He took his penis out and pissed on the torn pieces of paper. “I wish I had to take a shit right now.” He spit into all the filth and held down the handle as the toilet flushed. “Just like your life, nigga. It’s goin’ right down the toilet. You can bet that on my life.” *** Friday rolled around and it was mad busy at Top2Bottom Detailing. The autos kept rolling in because all the ballers and drug dealers wanted their whips clean and sparkling for the weekend. Toby could hear the loud music blasting different rap songs from several vehicles at once. It seemed like everyone was trying to outdo each other. As he glanced up from his desk and looked out the window, he could see customers standing around shooting the breeze with each other and his workers. He wanted to make sure no one was smoking marijuana because he’d already told them he wasn’t having it at Top2Bottom. They needed to smoke before they got there or once they’d left. It had taken a few times before he got his point across,

but it appeared they’d finally gotten the message. No one had fired up anything illegal today. If they were smoking it was only Black N Milds or cigarettes. He could hear them bragging about women they’d smashed and talking about everything from the spinning rims on their vehicles to the reality shows and games they’d watched. “That nigga Stevie J is a muthafuckin’ clown,” someone said. “Sho nuff. He gonna keep fuckin’ MiMi and Joseline ‘cause both those hoes gonna keep lettin’ him,” another man said. “Shit, we need to get a reality show: Love and Hip Hop in Da Burg.” “Hell nah. Nobody wouldn’t watch that shit,” a third guy intervened. “People want to see excitement, talent, beautiful women and shit like that. Not no dried up ass dumb hoes from Da Burg.” Everyone listening to their conversation burst out laughing. “Man, can our women catch a break?” the first man asked. “Hell nah. These Section 8 hoes can’t be on no reality show.” The phone rang, dragging Toby’s attention away from the window and the happenings outside. It was days like these that made him wish he had a secretary to help take calls so he could be out front with his workers. He wasn’t the type to micro-

manage his employees; he liked to get his hands dirty too. If they were short staffed or it was really busy, he’d pitch in and detail cars right along with the rest of them. He didn’t mind at all. He preferred that to answering the phones. After being on the phones for more than thirty minutes, Toby sighed and leaned back in his chair. “That’s it. I’m putting an ad in the St. Petersburg Times, on Craigslist or somewhere for a damn secretary. Meanwhile, let me see if Della will handle these calls so I can get some real work done.” Toby called his sister to ask if she’d come help out. She used to work at the shop fulltime until she began attending college and couldn’t do it anymore because of her school schedule. On the days when she didn’t have class, she’d come in and help. She couldn’t detail the autos anymore because her fiancé, James, didn’t want her to. He wasn’t the jealous type, but he didn’t want his lady around so many disrespectful men. Toby understood James’s feelings. St. Pete’s Negroes could be downright rude, especially to Della, because of her sordid past. A few copies of the video St. Pete’s Bitches Gone Wild still floated around the city even though Toby had tried to get rid of them all. Some people would never let her live down her past because of that video.

Toby was happy when Della said she’d come and would be there within the hour. While waiting for her to arrive to take over the phones, Toby ordered pizza for everyone. On Friday, he usually treated his employees to lunch since they busted their asses all week long. They deserved it. Most of them were great workers. A few of the younger ones needed to brush up on their customer service skill and learn how to treat customers. They weren’t used to being nice, friendly and polite. They sauntered around with a ‘hood mentality and wore a mean look etched on their faces. Toby had to check them about that. He would not tolerate any worker being disrespectful to his customers. If they wanted to continue to work for him, they needed to leave their attitudes at the door. He was a very fair boss and paid better wages than any of the other detailing or car washing facilities in the area. He just didn’t put up with any foolishness and let them know when they got out of line. The bell over the door jingled and Toby looked up. He squinted at the person who entered. “I know that ain’t that damn crackhead from the other night,” he mumbled. “Excuse me, sir.” She spoke low as she approached the desk hesitantly. “I was wondering if you were hiring?” she asked, avoiding his gaze. “I mean, I know we didn’t get off to a good start the night we met, but I appreciate you trying to help me

out. I bought this outfit-” She waved her hands indicating the simple jeans and blouse she wore. “-with the money you gave me. I figured I’d clean myself up and try to get a job.” “What about smoking crack? Are you still hitting the pipe?” Toby asked. He eyed her critically. She wasn’t popping and ticking, and her eyes weren’t dilated like she was on drugs, but it was hard to tell with today’s crackheads. They just weren’t trustworthy so you couldn’t take their word for anything. “I’ve been clean for a week so far. I checked myself into that drug program off MLK. I really want to stop using drugs this time around. I just need a job so I can afford a one-bedroom apartment. Right now, I’m staying at the Salvation Army, but I really hate that place. People steal and some of the residents are really nuts. I mean, they’re crazier than me,” she added. Toby couldn’t help laughing because he thought she was pretty damn crazy based on the way she’d cursed him out the other night. Once he composed himself, he looked her dead in the eye and she didn’t flinch. “So, you’re off drugs and you’re trying to find work so you can get an apartment?” She nodded. “Yes. I really want to get my life together. It’s because of drugs that I lost my daughter. I haven’t seen her in years. I don’t even know if she’s still

alive. If she is, I want to find her, but I can’t do that if I’m still on drugs. She’d slam the door in my face if I showed up looking like this.” She certainly was chatty. If Toby didn’t stop her, he was sure she could continue talking forever. For some reason, he actually believed she wanted to straighten her life out. She had come to him and asked for assistance. Deep down inside, Toby didn’t have the heart to say no to someone who truly needed his help. “First, what’s your name?” he asked. “It’s LoLo,” she said. “Well, LoLo, my name is Toby. I’m the owner of this establishment. Since you came to me personally, I’m going to see what I can do. Now, I can’t have you working around cash, ‘cause you still a crackhead, whether you been clean for a week or not. You understand?” She nodded. “But, if you don’t mind sweeping up, keeping the two bathrooms clean, doing a little mopping, and emptying the garbage cans out front regularly— because they get full real fast— then you’re hired.” Her eyes widened. “Do you mean it? Do you really mean it?” she asked excitedly, almost jumping up and down. “When can I start?” “I would tell you to start today, but I have to get you some uniforms. All Top2Bottom Detailing’s employees wear uniforms. It’s mandatory. I’ll have them ready for you on

Monday. What size do you wear, an extra medium?” he joked, and she chuckled. “I wear a small, but a medium would be fine because I don’t like to be restricted when I’m working,” she said. “Alright. Are you sure, ‘cause a medium in pants might swallow you?” She nodded. “What days and hours would you like to work? I’m very flexible.” “Every day, if I can, and I’ll work whenever you need me to,” she said eagerly. “Let’s start you off with part-time hours and see how that goes for now. So, you can come in from 8 am until 5 pm, on my busiest days. That will be Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The pay will be $12 an hour. Is that okay with you?” When he mentioned the amount she’d be paid, her eyes grew huge. “Oh my God. Are you serious? Of course it’s okay. I could just kiss you.” “Oh, please don’t, or I’ll have to fire you immediately,” he half-joked. Hell to the motherfucking nah, he thought. First, a kiss. Next, you’ll be trying to give me some head. I don’t want yo’ crack-smoking lips nowhere near me. “This is a professional working environment. None of that will go down,” he said firmly. “There will be no fraternizing on the job. That includes fraternizing with me,” he emphasized. “Now that

we got that out the way, welcome to Top2Bottom Detailing. Are you ready to put in one hundred percent?” “Thank you so much,” she said graciously. “I promise you, I’ll do my best. I’ll put in a hundred and ten percent. No lie.” “Don’t be selling me no wolf tickets now. I’m giving you a chance, and I hope you won’t let me down,” he said seriously. Toby knew all too well how crackheads made promises that they never planned to keep. That seemed to be the crackhead’s creed. He decided to give LoLo the benefit of doubt. If she let him down, she’d just get kicked to the curb. “Now, I need for you to fill out an application and some tax forms because I do everything around here legit. You feel me?” “Yes, sir,” she said, nodding eagerly. He got the necessary forms out the file cabinet and handed her the paperwork, a clipboard and a pen. “You can sit over there in the waiting area. Bring them back up here once you’re finished,” he instructed. “Thank you again. Today is one of the happiest days of my life.” He could tell she was getting emotional because her eyes were glossy and it wasn’t from smoking crack.

“Um…don’t start blubbering on that paperwork. I’ll need that to go into your employee file. It needs to be neat and legible, not wet, wrinkled and smudged. So, no tears, lady.” She just smiled, shook her head, and went to complete the paperwork. She knew he wasn’t as hard as he portrayed himself to be. She was convinced that God caused their paths to cross for a reason. By the time LoLo finished the paperwork, the pizza had arrived. When she brought them up to the desk Toby looked them over to be sure she’d completed everything. “Are you hungry?” he asked. “Yes. They were serving oatmeal at the Salvation Army, but by the time I got up to the front of the line, it was all gone,” she said. Toby gave her a look of concern. “Well, you need to eat something before you pass out. Sit down and have some pizza before you go.” LoLo was only too glad to comply. She hadn’t lied about not being able to get any oatmeal. She’d barely gotten a bowl of soup the previous night because there were so many homeless people at the Salvation Army. She was practically starving and gobbled down two slices of pizza. It had ground beef, sausage, pepperonis, onions, mushrooms and bell peppers on it. It was delicious. She washed it

down with some Pepsi from one of the two liter bottles. Toby could tell LoLo was trying to be polite. He didn’t care if she ate more pizza, but he didn’t want to embarrass her by saying anything. He just made sure she took a pizza, some wings and cheesy bread with her. If she didn’t eat and gain some weight, he was sure she’d blow away in the next tropical storm they had.

Chapter Three “Nigga, why haven’t I heard from you in three weeks?”BreAisha yelled when Toby finally answered his phone. The truth was he’d been avoiding her. He just didn’t feel like dealing with her drama-filled antics. He figured if he didn’t answer or call her back, she’d get the message and leave him alone. Apparently, she wasn’t that bright. “Calm the fuck down,” he said, rubbing his eyes. Her call had awoken him. “Don’t fucking tell me to calm the fuck down. I haven’t heard from yo’ ass in three motherfucking weeks. You must be fucking the next bitch, ‘cause you sure ain’t getting the pussy from me. If I find out you fucking some other hoe, I’mma fuck that bitch up,” she screamed in his ear. “BreAisha. Shut the fuck up, damn. Why do you always call me with this bullshit?” he snapped. “That’s why I don’t answer my motherfucking phone. I get tired of you acting like you own me. I told you from the jump what the deal was. If you can’t handle it, you can bounce. Toby Byrts belongs to no one. Do you feel me? No one owns this dick, you got that?” “Why do you treat me like this, Toby? You act like I don’t mean shit to you. You know how much I love you. Why can’t you just treat me right?” she whined.

Aww damn. Now I gotta listen to this crock of shit. Toby didn’t believe for one second that BreAisha was in love with him. She was in love with the idea of being his woman. He knew that she slept with other men. She couldn’t be faithful even if they put a padlock on her pussy. She was one of those women who had to have a dick inside her. Unfortunately, she equated dick with love. She had the wrong one for that though. He wasn’t evenly remotely in love with her. The more she opened her mouth, the less he actually liked her. As BreAisha continued to rant and rave, he grew tired of it. “Look, I’mma call you back tomorrow,” he interrupted. “I had a long day and I’m tired.” “Nigga, I know you ain’t going to just hang up-” When she heard the dial tone, she’d realized that’s exactly what he’d done. Toby hoped his conversation hadn’t disturbed Daphne. He glanced over at her and saw that she was still sleeping soundly. Since he couldn’t reach Mary, yet again, he’d called Daphne. Once again, she’d just laid there like a knot on a log as he entered her. It made him wonder if she even liked sex. She sure didn’t act like it. He was going to have a talk with Daphne when she woke up. He couldn’t stand the boring sex

another night. He wondered where the hell Mary had disappeared to. He’d rather have blue balls than to continue hooking up with Daphne’s dull ass. He turned over and went back to sleep. Toby snapped awake. Was that his alarm he’d heard? Even though he was inside the house, he always took extra precautions and set his home alarm. “Toby, I think I heard someone at the window,” Daphne said groggily. “I didn’t want to wake you up though.” “Girl, so what was you going to do, just wait until the motherfuckers came in on us and screamed?” he asked, annoyed. “Let me see what’s going on.” He pulled the sheet back, got up, picked his boxers up off the floor and slipped them on. He thought about getting his gun as he headed for the front door, but dismissed the thought. He had an idea who it would be. His instincts were right; it was BreAisha outside. He saw her Hyundai Tiburon parked out front. It had a candy colored paint that caused it to shine hot pink in the daylight and purple at night under white lights. She was ghetto through and through and had a car to match so of course it had HP EVO eighteen inch spinning rims. What the fuck is this girl doing here? “Toby, open this motherfucking door. I know yo’ ass got a bitch in there. Open up,

motherfucker,” BreAisha screamed as she stood outside on his front steps. “Got damn. I hope this bitch don’t wake up my neighbors with this shit,” Toby mumbled hurrying to disarm the alarm. He snatched the door open, grabbed BreAisha by the arm and pulled her inside. “Girl, shut up with all that damn screaming and yelling and shit. What the fuck is wrong with you? Why you always got to be so loud?” He meanmugged her as she glared back at him. “You always got to show out like a damn hood chick.” BreAisha was an eighteen year old, pretty, short brown-skinned young lady. She was what the men considered thick because she was only five feet tall and had wide hips, a slim waist and a whole lot of ass. “Don’t be raising ya voice at me, Toby. I know you got another hoe up in this motherfucker. I see her cheap ass Ford parked outside,” BreAisha said, smacking her glossed lips and flinging her freshly done Nicki Minaj hairstyle over one shoulder. The outrageous hairdo actually looked good on her. BreAisha was cute enough to pull off just about any look. It was just her big mouth and nasty attitude that did her in. “So what if I do have someone over here, Bree Bree? I told yo’ ass you don’t own me. I can fuck whoever I want to fuck.” “Toby, who is this bitch?” They both heard.

Toby turned around to encounter Daphne’s angry glare. He exhaled in exasperation. “Daphne, why the fuck you come out here? Go back in the room and let me handle this,” he instructed. “Well, it don’t seem like you handling nothing. If you were, that bitch wouldn’t be standing there.” Daphne crossed her arms over her breasts and leaned on one leg, watching the exchange. “Who the fuck you calling a bitch, bitch?” BreAisha snapped. “If the Payless Shoe fits, wear it,” Daphne insulted. “Hoe, I don’t wear no cheap ass Payless shoes. Niggas like Toby keep my ass laced in Christian Louboutin. Red Bottoms, bitch!” She pointed to her expensive shoes and gave Daphne a smirk. Daphne checked BreAisha out. She was decked out in name brands from head to toe. She was what they referred to as boug-ghetto, bougeios and ghetto. Daphne glared at Toby. “So, you buying this bitch shoes and shit? You probably paid for that blonde and pink fucked up looking Nicki Minaj weave she got too.” “You just hating ‘cause I look damn good, hoe. Unlike yo’ Plain Jane, non-dressing ass. Where did you get that outfit: CitiTrends? It’s wack, just like

yo’ lame ass,” BreAisha insulted. “Just because you light-skinned, don’t make you cute,” she added. “BreAisha, shut the fuck up and let me handle this,” Toby told her. She rolled her eyes but fell silent. He turned to Daphne. “If I did buy her something, that’s my damn business. Now, go on back in the room and let me take care of this,” he insisted, getting more and more irritated. He couldn’t believe Daphne was tripping. She had never acted jealous before. Why she’d chosen this night to do it was beyond him. He was trying to keep the peace because he didn’t want two women getting into a catfight in his place. “No, I’m not going nowhere. I want you to tell this fake Barbie, Nicki Minaj knockoff to leave right now,” she said raising her voice. She stood with her hands on her hips, making no move to leave the room. “Hold up. Hold the fuck up,” Toby exploded. “You don’t control what goes on under this roof. Get yo’ shit and you haul ass,” Toby said, losing all patience. Daphne’s mouth dropped. “You want me to leave? Are you serious?” “Hell yea. I’m as serious as HIV. Get yo’ ass out.” BreAisha burst out laughing. “So now what, hoe?” she taunted. Daphne just rolled her eyes at the other girl.

“I don’t know what you standing there for. You need to haul ass too,” Toby told her wiping the smirk off her face and replacing it with a look of anger. “Hell nah. I know you not telling me to leave.” Now, it was BreAisha who placed her hands on her hips. “I ain’t going nowhere.” “BreAisha, you and Daphne, both of y’all got to go. I should have known it wouldn’t work out. Y’all young bitches ‘bout a lot of drama. I don’t have the patience to deal with it. So bounce the fuck up out of here. Don’t make me have to get ignorant. Trust me, neither one of y’all want to see the dark side of me.” BreAisha lost the attitude real quick when she saw that Toby was serious. She knew when to back down. She had stepped out of her role and had to get back in the correct mode. “Toby, please don’t kick me out. I’m sorry,” she started to beg. “Bitch, have some dignity and just leave,” Daphne said. She had already got her purse and other personal items. She wasn’t going to degrade herself by begging some man not to put her out. Toby was fine, but he wasn’t all that. “Look, bitch. Stay in yo’ lane. He might be just a fuck to you, but I love him. You can walk away that easy, but I can’t,” BreAisha told her. “Whatever. If you want to look like a desperate hoodrat, go right ahead.”

“Desperate? Ain’t nobody desperate. Please believe that.” “Well, you’re making a fool out of yourself standing here begging and pleading. Have some class. But, that’s probably impossible.” She gave BreAisha a contemptuous glare. “I swear, hoes like you make it hard for a good woman like me to get a decent man. You fake bitches come a dime a dozen, blinding men with your beauty and your booty.” “Hoe, I’m sick of yo’ damn mouth. I’mma teach you how not to talk shit to a hood bitch.” BreAisha suddenly ran up on Daphne and punched her in the face. As soon as she did that, it was on. Daphne dropped her purse and swung back catching BreAisha in the jaw. Both of them swung like they were boxers in a ring. Toby stood back and watched for a while. BreAisha bent Daphne over backwards on the arm of the couch. She tagged her repeatedly with a left hook then right. Daphne tried to grab BreAisha by the hair, but there was no way BreAisha was going to let her pull her fresh weave out. She kept hitting her. “Toby, get her off of me,” Daphne screamed, realizing she was no match for the other girl. “Alright. Break it up,” Toby finally said, intervening. It took him five minutes to pull the two

women apart. After he had them separated, they still continued to try to hit each other around him. “If y’all break anything up in this motherfucker, that’s ya ass,” he threatened. “So, cut the bullshit.” “That Barbie bitch hit me first,” Daphne whined, touching her mouth and looking at her hand to see if she was bleeding. “And I’ll hit yo’ ass again if you keep talking shit,” BreAisha huffed, breathing hard from the scuffle. “I’m out,” Daphne snapped, snatching her purse and other items up from the floor. She headed for the door. “Oh,” she said turning around. “Fuck you, Toby, and lose my number. I was good to you and you treat me like shit in front of this golddigging hoe? Don’t bother calling me again.” “Whatever, bitch. He don’t need to call yo’ ass anyway. He got me. I’m his ride or die chick for life,” BreAisha said and slammed the door behind Daphne. “You should have left that door open ‘cause you not too far behind her. I meant what I said,” Toby said coldly. “Toby, come on now. I know I fucked up by coming over here without asking you, but I needed to see you. I got to tell you something and it’s important.” She gave him an innocent look, batting her eyelashes.

“Oh, hell nah. I bet you going to hit me with some Jerry Springer shit and tell me you pregnant, right?” She didn’t respond. “BreAisha? Don’t fucking play with me.” “Well….I did miss my period.” “BreAisha, what the fuck?” he exploded. “I told you I don’t want no kids right now. I wore condoms each and every time I fucked you. So, tell me, how the fuck am I the baby daddy?” “It’s a small chance,” she said. “Yeah, a very small chance. Well, check this. We going to find out for sure. If it is mine, well, I’ll take care of my seed,” he said. “Oh hell nah.” She shook her head. “I don’t want no motherfucking child. I am too young to be a mama. I just want some money so I can get rid of it,” she said carelessly. “You tripping. You think I’ll just let you abort my offspring. Well, you better get ya mind right. I’m not ya typical hood nigga who don’t give a shit about his child. I’mma take care of mine. But before I get all worked up and do something to ya ass that I’ll regret, we’ll find out. So, take ya ass home and I’ll holla at you in the morning. Have ya ass at home, too.” “Nigga, like you told me a thousand times, you are not my man. I don’t have to do nothing you say,” she said with an attitude.

“Well, at least slow down on fucking any and everybody until I find out if you carrying my child. Can you stop hoeing for at least that long?” he snapped. “Fuck you, nigga. You don’t control my pussy. What I do with what’s between my legs is my business. I’ll holla at you whenever. If I’m home, I’m home. If not, whatever. It is what it is. Bye.” She flounced out and let the door slam behind her on purpose. Toby fumed. BreAisha was the wrong type of hoe to get mixed up with. She didn’t give a shit about anything or anyone, but herself. He hoped like hell she wasn’t pregnant. And if she was, he prayed that he wasn’t the unlucky motherfucker who’d knocked her up. “Man, these hoes will drive a nigga back to smoking weed,” he mumbled to himself, resetting his alarm after making sure both Daphne and BreAisha were gone. “Damn. What the fuck was I thinking? I need to just cut out all the young hoes and stick with an older woman like Mary. But, where the fuck she at?” His nerves were shot and he needed someone to take his mind off of BreAisha’s possible pregnancy and the rest of the bullshit. He tried calling Mary’s cell phone again. “Hello?” a sexy voice answered.

“Well got damn. It’s about time you answered. You been M.I.A. on a nigga. What’s up?” Toby asked, excited from just hearing her voice. “I’m good. I went on a seven-day cruise to Cancun. I just got back today. You must have been missing this good pussy,” she said teasingly. “I hope your stomach isn’t all tied up in knots. It’s hard to give up this kind of loving without having pussy withdrawal symptoms.” Toby laughed. Mary knew the exact words to say to make a nigga’s dick rise. “Nah, I was just wondering where you disappeared to. That’s all,” he lied. “Come on, Toby. Let’s keep it real. None of those young bitches you’re dealing with can put it on you like I can. You love this shit. And you know you miss it.” “Well, why don’t you bring yo’ ass over here and we’ll see if I missed it?” he challenged. “I’ll be there in a few. You don’t have to ask me twice to come jump up on some good dick.” She chuckled. “You already got me wet just thinking about how many orgasms I’m getting in a few hours.” Toby hung up wearing a smile on his face. He went back into his bedroom and quickly changed the sheets and pillowcases. Even though he wasn’t in a committed relationship with Mary, he respected her enough to not fuck her on the same

sheets he’d fucked Daphne on. Once he’d finished tidying up the room, he jumped into the shower to wash off any scents of another woman before Mary arrived. He knew it was kind of trifling to fuck two women in one night, but hell, his dick needed pleasing. Daphne’s attempts to satisfy him had been mediocre. He needed to bust a serious nut and nobody could make him cum like Mary. He couldn’t wait to slide his dick up in her. He was harder than a steel pipe as he dried off, thinking about Mary. He wrapped the towel around his waist and went to find some candles. He had an idea. When Mary arrived, he let her in and quickly escorted her to the bedroom. He’d lit several small paraffin tea candles and couldn’t wait to test them out. He wondered if Mary had ever engaged in wax play. He was about to find out tonight. “What’s up, Toby? That dick must have really missed this pussy because it’s pitching a tent under that towel,” she said, licking her lips. “Actually, it did,” Toby admitted. “I hope you ready to get dicked down, because I’m about to be a beast tonight.” “Bring it.” It was a known fact that Mary was into dominating men, but when she was with Toby, she allowed him to take control. She was like putty in

his hands, and he could mold her body any way he wanted to. Mary wore a white Fendi ruffle front dress. It was sleeveless with a v-neckline. She wore matching Fendi satin-trim metallic and patent leather sandals with a three and a half inch heel. Her natural hair was in a twist out. It touched her shoulders in soft coiled waves. She looked damned good with her fine toned caramel colored body. Toby’s eyes devoured her, and he couldn’t wait to do the same with his tongue. “You looking all innocent and shit in that lil lace dress,” Toby said licking his lips in anticipation. “But yo’ ass guilty.” “What did I do?” “You went away for a week and didn’t let me know. I think I need to spank that ass.” “Ooooh. I can’t wait.” Mary turned around. “Come undo me,” she said. “The quicker I get out of this dress, the quicker I can feel them hands on this ass.” She jiggled her butt teasingly as she waited. Toby stepped up behind her and unbuttoned the button at the top of the dress. He slid the top of the dress off her shoulders and kissed her on the back of the neck. He slowly undid the other three buttons that were lower. He let the material slid down her body and hit the floor. Underneath the dress, she

wore a strapless lace white bra with matching white lace boy shorts. “Nah, I’m not going to punish you tonight. But, I do want to try something kinky,” he told her. “You know I’m down with it. I’m the Queen of Kinkiness.” “I’m going to have to blindfold you.” Those words almost made Mary reach a climax. “And I need to handcuff you too.” She moaned and came on the spot. “Damn. I haven’t even touched you yet,” Toby said, getting turned on just from looking at her banging body. The boy shorts hugged her fine, round ass. He reached between her legs and rubbed her pussy through the panties. She was oozing wet with her juices. Toby kneeled in front of her, eased her boy shorts down over her wide hips and let his tongue caress her softness. She gripped his ears as she shuddered and came again. He stood up and removed her bra. She smiled as Toby slipped a padded leather blindfold over her eyes. He placed a set of leather wrist cuffs with a snap hook on her wrists. “This is going to be good,” she purred as he positioned her in the center of the bed on her stomach. Mary waited anxiously for what Toby was about to deliver.

Toby picked up one of the tea candle that he’d let melt into wax. He bent over Mary and let one hot drop fall on her right thigh. When she moaned and began to writhe around on the sheet, he poured another drop on left thigh. Seeing that she liked the feeling, he continued to drip wax in several different spots. Every time the hot wax touched her flesh, Mary moaned and ground her pussy into the mattress. By the time he poured a few drops on her ass cheeks, she’d left a puddle on the sheets. Toby unfastened the wrist cuffs so Mary could hang on because it was going to be necessary for the position he wanted to try. He pulled her to the edge of the bed while she still lay on her stomach. He grasped her by the thighs and lifted her legs up. Mary’s lower body was suspended in the air. He entered her from the back and went crazy serving her the dick. She loved every minute of it and squirted like she’d never squirted before. Toby came so hard he saw white lights floating behind his eyelids. Mary was just the type of medicine he’d needed. He fell on the bed beside her, sweating profusely. “Damn that felt good,” Mary breathed, removing the blindfold. “What’s gotten into you tonight, Toby? Not that I’m complaining.” “Nothing. Just leave for a week again and don’t tell me,” he said. “I’ma get on that ass…or in it.”

“Is that a threat or a promise?” She chuckled throatily and crawled between his legs. “Don’t even think about sleeping tonight. I have a whole week to make up for.” As soon as her wet tongue touched the head of his dick, it sprung to attention. “Keep working that tongue and throat like that, and I might just have to wife you,” Toby said.

Big Tobe chapters 1 3  
Big Tobe chapters 1 3  

Toby has left the drug game. Will a sinister part of his past return forcing him to seek retribution?