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Volume 5, Issue 8

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May 15, 2013


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to return any articles but, that will be the case in the The further we get into the future for those of more Spring season the more we than one page or not broke can see the handiwork of down in parts. Please underthe Lord. The grass and stand our stand on this issue trees began to sprout. and respect our wishes. What an awesome Creator we have! Now, as I stated, I’m always blessed by what’s sent in, Again I must thank all of but in last month’s newsletyou who have sent in arti- ter two particular articles cles to be published in the stuck out and really minisnewsletter. I’m truly tered to me. The first one blessed by all the devotion- was by Bro. James Smith als/exhortations, testimotitled: “Learning to be connies, poems, praise reports, tent”. In it he spoke of us and prayers and I know not worrying about things at many others are also. With home or our families, that that being said I must reit- God has that and will take erate something I request- care of them. That’s someed awhile back. PLEASE thing I really struggle with whatever you send in to be since my wife is by herself published, we really need it and sometime comes to visit to be limited to one page by herself. So thanks for once it’s typed and printed. those words of encourageBeing that we go by a first ment and keep me in prayer come first serve rule we as I learn to release those want to get as many as anxieties to God. possible in each month. If you feel God has given you Then there was the article by Bro. Dederick Tubbs. more than one page, then First of all let me say to you, simply break it down in two parts (Part 1 & Part 2) Brother keep on keeping on! In this sanctification stage of and one will be placed in our salvation the flesh will that month’s newsletter always try to buck and do its and Part 2 in the next newsletter. We don’t want own thing. But with trial

and error there will come victory as we learn to tap into the power in us (Ephesians 3:20). Also it’s letters like yours that let my wife and I know we’re doing what God called us to do, along with everyone else that contribute each month. So thank you also for the encouraging words, and I wish you could get it everyday!  Until next time let me leave you with a quote I heard: “Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future.” Be Blessed! V.L. Wilson Sr.

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Our Mission

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The mission of “The Day of the Lord Ministries” is to embrace offenders, ex-offenders, and their family members with love through the various groups under our umbrella; to assist them in becoming equipped with the things they’ll need to be productive citizens, and loving family members.

Membership in The Day of The Lord Ministries includes all persons participating in any of the stated Ministries who choose to embrace our stated vision and values

To be an instrument through which the power of the Holy Spirit can minister to offenders, exoffenders, and their family members. Causing them to be self confident as they learn their purpose; to develop a new attitude toward their circumstance and rise above it.

“The words of King Lemuel, the utterance which his mother taught him.” Proverbs 31:1

“THE WISDOM OF MOTHERS” In verses 2-9 of today’s chapter we see King Lemuel’s mother giving him some very sound advice. We’ve heard the expression: “mother’s intuition” and I believe all mothers have it, but all mothers don’t use it. Although I never knew my biological mother, the woman I knew as my mother always gave me sound advice. My problem was I didn’t take heed to it! Mothers will go far and beyond the duty for their children and family. In Exodus 4:24-26 we see the mother (Zipporah) taking on the responsibility of the father (Moses) to save his life. In Exodus 2:1-10 we find the mother of Moses using wisdom to save her son from the command of Pharaoh. In Matthew 15:21-28 the Gentile mother uses her wisdom to get Jesus to heal her daughter. Grant it, all mothers aren’t good ones, but more times than not, a mother will be there for her children no matter what. And although we may be grown and have our own family, there’s still a lot we can learn from our mothers today and from what they taught us as children. There are many heartaches and disappointments we could have avoided had we only heeded the voice of our mother. The Bible teaches us to honor our father and mother that it may be well with us and we may live long on the earth (Ephesians 6:1-3). Remember, the wisdom of mothers comes from God just as everything else does. When we honor our mothers, we’re honoring God! Be Blessed, Virgil L. Wilson Sr.

Larry “LB” Barker Vernon & Lora Falls Michael & Sandra Howard Dale & Ann Taylor

Kristen Bonnee Jo Linda Gibson Dionicio & Nanncy Martinez Sandra Wilbanks

Joseph Junior Evans Cliff & Yolanda Gordon Alberto Prado Virgil & Shy Wilson

Remember it's not about us, it's all about Him!


God’s grace, in our lives, says: “I’m not where I used to be, I’m not where I’m headed, and it’s all by His grace that I’m where I am.” Contributed by Paul Stout for Active Frontline Ministries Beto One MEN OF VALOR & POWER MINISTRIES WORDS TO ALL THE MOTHER’S I’M A SON THAT GIVE YOU PAIN, BUT I’M ALSO A SON THAT FINALLY WAS AN ANSWER TO ALL OF YOUR PRAYERS… GOD FOUND ME MOM, I’M NO LONGER A LOST SHEEP! HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY TO ALL THE MOTHERS OUT THERE! Rev. Darnell Johnson MVP Ministries

“HOPE” A life so desperate; as to doubt for tomorrow, A heart filled with dreams; yet weighted with sorrow. A house full of struggles; and nothing therein, A world uncaring; and so engrossed in sin. Economic times; so pressing and true, Determination absent; in a world through and through. A world lavished; by yesterday’s plight, A world under stress; to make wrongs into rights. A life spread thin; with it’s future a blur, A world bed ridden; and so in need of a cure. A world whose forgotten; a struggle can be won, A life of pure gratitude; made to shine in the Son. A memory of a love; shared in honesty and truth, A life so cherished; but got lost at it’s youth. A life built on faith; and a heart that believe, A world seeking assurance; as its people must grieve. A child taught to love; within a generation of hate, A world rebuilt; and reinforced with faith. We arise from the ashes; from the fire within, and step out bold; to be productive among men. A hope with vision; for a brand new start, A hope built on confidence; to take one more step. A hope born of thankfulness; for a brethren who help, A hope which gives courage; where mystery reside. A hope filled with grace; not bloated with pride, A hope spoken as yes; in the midst of a no. A hope which rewards; as the chances grow, A hope not superficial; as a commitment is real, A hope filled with power; and persistence instilled.

POEM by Danny Dean (Goree Unit)

“WHY SEEK THE LIVING AMONG THE DEAD?” He has risen, He has risen, He has risen! Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ has risen. On March 31, 2013 we celebrated He has risen. But how many Christians out there really see into the statement made by the Angels in Luke 24:5? Scripture reading will be Luke 24:1-12. Point of power is: if He has risen in your life what signs and wonders follow your ministry? The power is knowing that Jesus live in you. knowing what His word say about greater things we will do then He. Did you know that He was God in the flesh? With that being the fact, the things He did was amazing to us but normal to Him. however, when you and I in the flesh, born of sin with all the distractions of this world on us. when we can deny our selves, tap in to God’s spirit through Christ and cast out a spirit. That is a greater work than Christ did. When you and I can build up an unseen faith with belief in Him who we have not seen. Follow Him to whom we have only read about and witness the mighty power of God flow through us; that is a greater work. The problem is, so many people do not see themselves full of power and might. So many people walk in defeat, when they should be walking in the power given to us by Christ. Let me show you how that can be. In Luke 24: 1-5 The Bible gives us a situation of Jesus’s resurrection. When His followers came to tend to His body, they found Him GONE!!! And two angels of the Lord asked them in verse 5, why seek you the living among the dead? I want to further that question; how is it that we can claim to be saved, but yet we fellowship with sinners and seek an anointed, alive word from a dead corpse? How can we sit gossiping with the world and unfruitful believing claimers who bare no fruit? Why see you the living among the dead? If Jesus has risen in your life, you should be able to find Him in ever scripture you read. You should be excited about getting around believers who are on fire for God, and you should not be tired of hearing about God. I’m the type of Christian man, that I can sit and talk Bible all day and nothing else fills me; because I’m looking for a risen Savior. I’m looking to overcome dead character defects. I’m seeking the power of God in my life and I encourage all of you to do the same. Note your social circle, if they are not anointed believers, you need to come out of the tomb. If we start seeing Christ alive in us, John 20:2 says Mary ran to tell the men of God that Jesus was gone. When Christ live in you, you want to seek Him out. You want to tell others about Him. and you will not want to hang out in the tomb. We should be telling “tomb folks” that HE HAS RISEN! Rev. Leroy Ford Hamilton Unit

“NOW THAT YOU KNOW” by Richard D. Freeman A preacher man came today; said he had some words to say, about a Man who came to die long ago. He said Jesus Christ died and now lives; and your sins He will forgive, So what are you going to do, now that you know? Now that you know; where are you going to go, What are you going to do, with the Word that’s been revealed to you? Will you receive it with a smile; or put it on a shelf for a while, And tend to other things, you say you have to do? When application is a must; will you let it lie there to gather dust, this precious gift, for which Christ took the fall Or will you walk and believe; and from our Lord receive, The salvation, that he offers to one and all. Bright nights; or dark days, the broad street; or the narrow way. Now that you know; which one will you choose, Eternal life, unconditional love, mercy and grace; are gifts from above. To make any other choice you lose; will you run and hide, under the cover of pride, because of the false perception that a Christian Man is weak; or will you take a stand, and become an authentic man, strong in the Lord, yet humble and meek. Now that you know, what are you going to do, knowing that Jesus Christ gave His life for you, that His blood was shed for the remission of our sin; He is Holy, His word is true, He wants only the best, in life for you, And He stands at the door knocking, so open up and let him in. Mother’s Day This month we celebrate our Mothers. We see there are physical Mothers who birth us physically into this world, then there are spiritual Mothers who birth us spiritually in this world. Motherhood is a painful privilege, young Mary of Nazareth had a unique privilege of being the Mother of the Son of God. Yet the pains and pleasures of her Motherhood can be understood everywhere by Mothers. Mary was the only human present at Jesus birth who also witnessed his death. she saw him arrive as her baby son, and she watched him die as Savior, she was willing to be available to God. From this Mother we can learn that God’s best servants are often ordinary people who make themselves willing and available to God. We find that God’s plan involve extraordinary events in ordinary people’s lives. A person’s character is revealed by his response to the unexpected. I believe that even if Mary had known all she would suffer as Jesus Mother, she would still have given the same response. I believe that most Mothers who are in Christ is available to be used by God. My Mother who physically birth me in this world is gone to be with the Lord but she left her legacy in my only sister and my life to help those in need. She also birth me in the Spirit. However, my sister Marilyn since has been my spiritual Mother she has showed me what a true believer of Jesus is she has been there for me during my incarceration for some 25 years and it’s because of her life that im the man of God I am. Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mother’s, you are truly special. The Minister of Music in the Key of “C” David Wayne Brooks

To Whom This May Concern: Poor decision (s) has landed a many great men and women behind razor wire called prison. Many have not been blessed to come to prison, because the grave claimed them very early in life. I write this missive in hope that these word (s) will somehow detour some young man or woman from following my footsteps or the footsteps of someone who is giving a since of false hope to our young generation (s) behind us. People such as drug dealer (s), pimp (s), con-artist, thieve (s), rapist, alcoholics, drug addicts, false prophet (s), etc. A few day (s) ago a thought came to me, that thought was what impression am I giving people. I mean how uncomfortable are people around me? Do people shift when I enter a room? Do they change their language? Well, not that I’m something special, but seeing that I’m a Christian - people should shift when I enter a room. They should change their language that is “IF” I’m giving “THE RIGHT IMPRESSION”. So the other day I sat back and evaluated my situation compared to so many other (s). I’ll just say very candidly that I’m very fortunate to be alive and I’m truly blessed to be saved in spite of all my past failure (s) and shortcomings. I truly believe under the right circumstances every man, woman, boy and girl can and will encounter a genuine, bonafide, as well as authentic experience with Christ/God. However, some of us are more stubborn, hard-headed, and easily influenced by our environment and Satan that other (s) are. This makes us a high commodity on Satan's list od economic production, distribution, and consumption concerning our service (s) to Him. In closing my advice is simple  Don’t become a statistic; get on your knees and ask Jesus to come into your heart/life. So you can be the productive, saved and equipped person God has called you to be. I’m a stranger that you will likely never meet here on “this side” of Heaven. Yet, I’m your friend and brother in Christ… Absalom Lewis SHOUT OUT TO: JAVONI JONES “Whoso loves instruction loves knowledge: but he that hates reproof (correction) is brutish (stupid)” (Proverbs 12:1). Mr. Javoni Jones, ‘WELL DONE!’ I tip my hat to you for not turning your back on (wise counsel). It confirms for me that you obviously do have a “soft spot” in your heart for God - and that, my friend, is a wonderful thing - because it gives Him (access granted) to continue being “LORD OF YOUR LIFE!” In your (apologies) and asking for (forgiveness) from those whom you offended - “GOD WAS GLORIFIED-” because of how tall you stood next to the ruler of “HUMILITY.” and if it means anything to you, I just want you to know “I’M PROUD OF YOU!” Continue walking in (JESUS), and HE will continue to develop you……. IN HIM. PEACE! A Man After God’s Own Heart, Minister Oesby

“HOW GOD CALLED ME TO MINISTRY” - PART 2 Galatians 1:11, 12; Jeremiah 1:4-8 Alonzo D. Fuller #604169, Clements Unit 9601 Spur 591, Amarillo TX 79107 “ are the Lord’s prophet, you are the Lord’s prophet, you are the Lord’s prophet…” the heavenly voice

I definitely heard on that unforgettable day April 5, 2005. this was repeated three times. There were other things spoken, but I want to articulate those particular words from that spectacular vision of the Lord.

After this extraordinary experience I remember falling to my knees humbling myself to give praise and to worship God for giving me a supernatural revelation of a glorious experience. From that day forward everything about me changed. The way I thought about God changed, how I talked changed, and everything I believed about God also changed forever. What I saw and heard from that vision changed everything about me. This was the beginning to God bringing me into the high calling of His ministry. I cannot tell you why He chose me, but He did. Now, it was my job to respond to the call of God that was on my life. I began keeping a journal of the incredible visions and divine dreams God gave me just as Daniel did. I had revelations of the Lord which I saw the fate of America, the return of Jesus Christ and He taught me truths concerning the Word of the Kingdom of God. I was a spiritual baby (undeveloped in spiritual things) in the Lord not understanding any of those things I saw. I’m speaking from experience, it will take grace and growth to reach a place with God to learn some of these things. I can remember going to several men who I assumed were well-versed in the spiritual things of God thinking they were able to help me understand exactly what I was experiencing. Big mistake! Guess what? These so-called educated men scolded me, by telling me that spiritual gifts were done away. They even tried to justify themselves by giving me scriptures to reason their theory. The more they talked, the more I rejected what they said. Bear in mind, at that time I didn't have enough bible knowledge enabling me to challenge what they said. However, I had enough sense to keep my mouth shut. Needless to say, I knew what happened to me was a supernatural experience very real, and no man was going to take that away from me. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any restraint from blabbing to anyone who would listen about the things I saw and heard from God. Many didn’t believe. some laughed. Some mocked. Some ridiculed and some doubted. It took me years to learn that the things of God are Holy, and what God show or tell us are not meant to be blurted out, especially when you are spiritually undeveloped. We need wisdom to guide us in the affairs of God. Due to my ignorance, I actually had assumed because God called me to the prophet’s ministry, I was ready and everything was going to be automatic. Not so. God will not put a novice or a spiritual undeveloped ministry (a person) in a position of authority. Every ministry gift (listed in Ephesians 4:11) must ve developed. It takes time for God to develop and equip ministry gifts. Ministry gifts are those God calls people. Besides, if God did call anyone to the ministry office, he or she wouldn’t start there anyway. God has to equip him, and He does that through ministerial training. Part three in the following newsletter. Be Blessed!


1 JN 1:5


A battle is defined as a constraint; it can be a life or death situation, engaged between two parties. We all know of numerous wars that have take place; it goes back to the beginning of time. As we see in [Gen 3: 1-24] the battle that begun all battles, not a physical battle but a spiritual one. It amazes me of the Colossal times that I have heard believers quote [Eph. 6:12] but the snare of the enemy traps them [Ps. 91:3, 1 Tim. 3:7. II Tim 2:26]. Hollywood has too many humans looking for Satan as a three feet tall, red, pointy eared, pitch fork toting, fire breathing dude. Is that the description of the enemy the way the word of God explains to God’s elect? First let’s go to the word of God and see what the word days about the enemy of the cross. In the text of [Eph. 6:11] let us focus on the word “wiles” it is defined in the Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance as follows: Methodela is Greek for the English word wiles...traveling over, i.e. travesty, trickery, wile, lie in wait; in human terms, I gotcha!!! “You have gone to the alter, confessed your sins and accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. The air you breathe is crisper, the grass greener, the birds chirp a song just for you. BOOM, you awake yo your cellie screaming down the run to his partner at 4:30AM, you get up for work at 6:00AM when you in a humble voice ask him to please respect your sleep, he curses you out, using curse words you’ve never heard.” “You go to the Chapel of Peace full of the Holy Spirit, Full of Joy, Peace; after testimonies, exhortations, prayer, you sit down for the word. the men behind you are talking so loud for so long, you turn around and ask them to please hold it down so you can hear the word. BOOM, one of these men tells you to get out of their business, fight goes with it, it’s all on you.” After church, you are behind two slow walking cats, so you cut around them, then a big booming voice screams, “come here inmate”. When you step to the officer, he gets in your face, cursing & spitting, and then ask for your I.D. Get the picture, the enemy is not flesh and blood, he and his Army are spirits [Eph. 6:12] waiting to ruin you [1 Peter 5:8]. In all of the listed examples, put yourself in the situations, ask yourself; “what would I have done”? Prison or the freeworld, “the battle with Satan has been won with the finished work of Jesus Christ [John 19:30]. Does the battle belong to Christians? No, it does not, it belongs to the Lord [1 Sam. 17:47]. Too many believers lean on their own understanding [Prov. 3:5], relying on the flesh and its outcomes led most of us behind walls. To call on the name above all names [Ph. 2:9] the name that sends demons fleeing [Luke 10:17] is God’s way. Keep in mind those who trust in Jesus Christ; “Satan lies in wait for you [John 10:10, Luke 22:31].” Mark McKelvey #705997 Eastham Unit 2665 Prison Road #1 Lovelady, TX 75851

“THIS TOO, SHALL PASS” “But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint” (Isaiah 40:31). As I take a long look around me, I cannot help but to observe the many of faces I see that silently tell the story of a man who’s (hurting). In their eyes I see an individual crying out for (help) - even though there are no visible tears to be seen. Despair seems to age them by the second, and when they open up their mouth to speak, their words are choked back by a deep sigh...that unfortunately offers (no relief). Each breath they take is (painful), because it’s an even so present reminder that they are still alive...being molested by the agony of depressions unremorseful poison kisses. They fantasize about death, but the fear of dying, delays their attempt to commit suicide. If only they had a (spiritual shoulder) to lean on, O, what a difference that would make in their life!” My beloved brother’s and sister’s in Christ, I wrap arms of my heart around this precious moment… to share a brief word of “ENCOURAGEMENT” to any and everyone who is currently “bleeding emotionally!” After reading what “Brother Joseph Junior Evans” wrote in the (March 2013) newsletter– I nearly cried! Why? because it was almost as if I could literally feel the (mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual) torment that he’s experiencing, and yet I could do nothing to help him - other than to (pray) - which I eventually did. And after doing so, I felt led by the Holy Spirit to write these words of compassion to (him), and anyone else whose (faith) is being (tested) “DON’T GIVE UP… HELP IS ON THE WAY!!!” Though you may feel like you are all alone and in a lions den, “you’re not alone,” for the presence of God is always with you - and that’s why even in a lions den (figuratively speaking) - you can find rest. And that feeling of being (squeezed), I assure you it’s not the devil, but rather God who is squeezing you. You see, “HE” is the potter and we are the clay, and what you’re experiencing right now - “is Him (re-shaping) you!” “Sometimes the process doesn’t always feel good or seem right, but it’s indispensable that you go through it, because of what God is wanting to do in your life.” “And we know that GOD causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to (HIS) purpose” (Romans 8:28). Satan wants you to believe that there’s no light at the end of your tunnel, but that’s a bold faced (lie)! There is light just as there’s freedom from sin, and deliverance from the cares of this world that now asphyxiates your joy in the Lord. “You just have to keep moving towards that light!!!” “DON’T GIVE UP… HELP IS ON THE WAY!!!” In spite of how you may feel at this very moment - GOD HAS NOT FORGOTTEN YOU.” “For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end” (Jeremiah 29:11). Some (spiritual seasons) last longer than others, but one thing for sure and two things for certain - “it’s only a season - a period of time that eventually comes to an end.” So rather than hold your head down in defeat and allow the enemy to bully you (emotionally), look to the hills from which comes your help (JESUS), and speak into the atmosphere saying… “THIS TOO, SHALL PASS ME BY. AND WHEN IT DOES, I’LL BE EVEN STRONGER (SPIRITUALLY) THAN BEFORE.” I now leave you as I first came, in JESUS precious and Holy name. The following poem is dedicated to you “Brother Joseph Junior Evans,” and anyone else who can relate. Peace!

FATHER, On my bended knees do I kneel to pray, Asking that you be my guiding light - So I don’t go astray Lately I’ve been burden down by the plague of (sin), Running a race that now has me wondering - “Do I have what it takes to win?” It seems the more I want to do (right)… the more I find myself doing (wrong), My (faith) is now in question, because me and “long suffering” can no longer get along Sometimes I wish I weren’t living, because then I’d be at rest, Yet I know these “trials and tribulations” are only a test So “help me (Jesus)...HELP ME!” (Help Me) break the stronghold of sin, that by your (grace) I can run this race… That’s given not to the quick nor to the strong, but to the one who (endures) to the end. “AMEN!” A Man After God’s Own Heart, Minister Oesby A.K.A. Emotional Poet

BE ENCOURAGED I want to thank my Lord and Savior Jesus, for allowing me to write this. And I pray that all who read this awesome newsletter will be encouraged and see God wholeheartedly. I really appreciate all the support and love that’s poured out from the heart of those, who depend on Jesus. I have been incarcerated for 22 years now, and this journey has not been easy, but I thank God for saving me from the world, and myself. and I believe that no matter what you’ve been through, God can help you get things together. And all the obstacles, delays, and setback can be a learning experience to teach us, how to trust God and lean not on our own understanding, that He can direct our path. We can’t do this alone, so when you are going through a difficult time in your life, either death in the family or the news of a sick loved one, or whatever you may be dealing with. Jesus is a specialist in fixing problems and comforting hearts. And He has blessed you to have someone there to help you. I have been blessed to have many people in my corner, when my brother got killed and when my beloved Grandma died from an illness! And I thank God for the brothers here at the Stringfellow Unit. And I acknowledge Chaplain Watkins for her faithfulness an love, and I also want to thank a few brothers, there are many, but these are very close to me! Bro. Washington, Bro. Walton, Bro. George, Bro. Jones, Mr. Fred Carr, and many others. But also, I say that Mr. Carr is like a father to me and I do love him, and pray that God will release him soon. And I ask you all to stand with me, in this prayer, God is faithful, and I know that He hears our prayers. Well, you all be encouraged, keep on fighting the good fight of faith. God will reward your diligence and will hear your prayers. May you all be blessed and your families be blessed. And that God will bless you with the abundant living. From your brother in Christ, Bro. Anthony McKnight #639712, Stringfellow Unit, Faith Dorm “Genesis”

TO ALL MOTHERS ON MOTHER’S DAY A special Mother is a priceless gift that God gives a child. A special Mother watches over and protects with a simple smile. A special Mother feels your strain even from a thousand miles away and more. A special Mother is there to wipe away the tears of pain. A special Mother supports and encourages when your not so near. A special Mother shares God’s love not FEAR! Who is a special Mother? The women that gave birth here upon this Earth! A MOTHER’S LOVE A Mother’s love is sweet and precious. It is expressed in many ways. With a simple kiss of thankfulness. To a hug of encouragement. A Mother’s love is also deep and strong. It is give in a time of forgiveness and of hurt. A Mother’s love can’t be distorted or changed, because it’s grounded in her heart by God’s love. A Mother’s love stands the best of times. With a simple phrase your Mother will always be your Mother. To all who still have Mother’s, Grandmother’s living, PRAISE THEM, write them and tell them how much you love them and how sorry you are, before it’s too late. To all whose Mothers have passed, and grandmothers; just remember their looking down on us and still praying for us and protecting us from above. Our Mother’s didn’t raise us to be in prison! Samuel V. Harris I BELIEVE Hello my brothers and sisters, God put this on my heart. When I want to quit this is what keeps me going. See, I believe the storm is over, after 25 years I believe God has already fixed it. I believe I have made it through this, and I believe it’s already done. the word says weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning light. See, I can see myself out of this, the God I believe in He’s greater and stronger than anything and if my God is for me, who can stop me or stand against me? And He want put anything on us that we cannot endure. You might just want to give THANKS to God and praise Him and give Him glory because He will get it one way or the other. I got the greatest gift of all - and it’s called LIFE. So the next time you feel like giving up my brothers and sisters remember somebody did not get up today, some body don’t have a job at all, somebody lost a baby, mother, father, brother, sister, husband, or wife. Remember you can function with what God blessed you with. God says I know the plans I have for you. we must take a stand, the Bible is being lived out right now. If you don’t believe me read it for your self, look at the News and at the world we live in. Let me leave you with this: Humble yourself therefore under the mighty hand of God that He may exalt you in due time. That’s 1 Peter 5:6 May God Bless you and keep you all, I love you in Christ. Yours Truly, Mark Anthony Feagins

*FOOLS HEART* Fools heart are the devil’s workshop, so today I must do my part, to tell others what foolishness did to me! And how it kept me from being free. Ye fools and blind: for whether is greater, the gift, or the altar that sanctified the gift? (Matthew 23:19). Everyone of the world want to clink to their rights and do whatever they want to do; when you go against the word of God it’s sin!! Fools heart cause me to roam, lie, cheat, and steal from innocent people. The same heart led me astray, setting me up for doom at judgment day… The crown of the wise is their riches; but the foolishness of fools is folly. (Proverbs 14:24) Fools heart taught me not to care for others, to dis-regard the word’s of my father and mother… This heart set me up, only to find a dead-end, loosing my freedom, family, and friends. No matter how bleak the landscape of life may look, God can transform it into a glorious garden of color and fragrance. With God, there is hope even in the most hopeless situation. But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty. (1 Corinthians 1:27) Fools heart caused me to abuse, fight, curse, and mis-use, it taught me the homosexual life style and shun others when I’d had enough! Fools heart had me on the run, it made me think I was really living, until I became a dead-beat, living in prison. It is an honour for a man to cease from strife: but every fool will be meddling. (Proverbs 20:3). One day, I heard the good news, I decided to take a stand and fell to my knees and cried out to the Lord… No longer would I feel the need to sin, I begin to carry the Bible in my hands. Today, I can boldly call all a friend, I’ve made a constructive use of - This Fools Heart!!! For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God’s. (1 Corinthians 6:20). The enormous complexities of our bodies reflect the genius and wisdom of our great Creator… All life is created by God and bears His autograph! Written by: Joseph Junior Evans #604541 Michael Unit Praying for you All Writing for the Lord Ministry This article is a dedication to my late Grandmother; Betty Jo Parker Williams who passed on 4-10-13. I love you Grandmother!!! *Mother’s* Mother’s Day is a day that God has blessed all the children of the world with. Her children arise up, and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praiseth her. (Proverbs 31:28). This is the day to thank God for the mother you have to love and respect her in every way. Everyday a mother love is the same and strong for her children. To remember all the times she was there when nobody else was; always praying to God to protect you in the time of need! Favor is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that feareth the Lord, she shall be praised. (Proverbs 31:30). To all the “Mothers” keep on being a special part of your children life with the blessing of God. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! Written by: Joseph Junior Evans #604541 Michael Unit Praying for all Mother’s Writing for the Lord Ministry

Mother’s Day Each year Mother’s are celebrated around the world and why we’re celebrating, Father’s are becoming extinct in the community and causing Mother’s to work even harder to maintain a decent living, a future, and assure that our children grow up with morals, ambition and respect, and think about what Mother’s get in return, abused, divorced, disrespected and pushed to the side, but they always seem to keep moving ahead. that’s why this day is your day. Mother’s Day!! No other day is like it, and no one can take it from you all. Today is the one day that everything is perfect in your lives. As a son I finally realized how special this day is to Mother’s and as new creation in Christ I won’t ever take this day for granted again. The scariest things in life are the unknown, we work and live our life everyday never knowing when a change is gonna come. When that change usually comes it’s by surprise, and we usually don’t handle it will, but we should remember that God set’s our steps of our life and lights our paths along the way. You know Mom I finally realized my purpose in life I’ve realized that we are a mirror of life to our kids and usually what they see in that mirror determining how they live their lives. I don’t like what my son see’s in my mirror that’s why I pray and work on personal changes everyday, I also owe a lot of that to you Mom for all that you showed and taught me. I can’t change the past but I can lay around work for the future of course with the help of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Fifty six years ago you risked your life to give me life and for that. I love you Mom; a change is gonna come. Now for some encouraging words for Mr. Luckette. Thank you for those encouraging words my brother, that you sent on 10/12 sorry for responding so late. Just like you, I pray and study diligently seeking God not religiously but spiritually. I’ve only been saved for 2 years, but it has been the best years of my life Mr. Luckette. My testimony is the power of Jesus Christ and God’s ability to help me overcome gang life, drugs and hatred of other people, I thank you my brother just know that you are thought of and be encouraged. Do not worry that you don’t have enough, that you don’t measure up, that you’re a let down to God, NO the complete opposite is true my brother. You are His treasured possession, He holds you in His right hand and He does so not out of obligation or with regret on His part, no matter what you may be feeling right now, the truth Mr. Luckette is YOU have been blessed with the Father’s love. Remember we bear His dear name, and your lives are for others to view. You’re living examples, men praise you or blame you and measure your Saviour by you. Keep seeking His kingdom’s purpose, AMEN. Ray Martinez #885292 Michael Unit Church on the Rock

PATIENCE UNDER PRESSURE Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Savior unto all who believe His great witness! I would like to thank God for allowing me the opportunity to share what has been given to me through The Day of the Lord Ministries also may God bless this ministry, all partners, all who pray and contribute articles foe the furtherance of the Gospel, and all who help support this ministry financially; BE BLESSED! Scripture: James 1:4 “But let patience have its perfect work that you may be perfect and complete lacking nothing.” Patience. The dictionary defines it as “the bearing of provocation, annoyance, misfortune, or pain without complaint, loss of temper, or anger especially when confronted with delay.” The original Greek which the New Testament was written also adds to this idea of enduring, persevering, and in so doing, even cheerfully! The scripture in (James 1:4) says that this will make one perfect and complete! Surely I need this and a lot of us do because were anything but that at times in our various struggles and battles with the flesh, world, and Satan. As I’ve meditated on what patience is and what its opposing force is, I’ve discovered through the Spirit the cure for ailments of anxiety, discontentment, and even doubt is overtaken when you allow patience with the Word to produce the faith that is within to manifest the Word to be true! (James 5:7, 8) Facing my own problems and getting discouraged by anxious thoughts, I’ve learned to “activate” patience in my own life and overcome these woes and sorrows that have troubled me. Now every time an opportunity (and there will be many) comes to get me to stress I immediately go to God in prayer and ask that He give me patience to deal with the problem and I become quiet within and focus on His promises in His Word and as I shift my thoughts from the problem to the promises the more time passes the greater my faith becomes and relieves me of my fears that are counter productive to my faith. And this in a nutshell is patience at work! So whenever you are faced with a situation or circumstance that isn’t occurring as you planned, purposed, or believed it to happen, or flow; first thing you need to do is “STOP” Stop what? Stop those thoughts! Realize that you cannot be in control of everything but God is in control of everything. And Him, being your Lord, you have got to trust Him. that He is aware of what’s going on and will solve it as He, not you sees fit and ultimately it will be for your benefit. (Romans 8:28) Once you “stop” the negative thoughts shift them over to prayer and say “God, I don’t understand this delay nor am I required to, but I trust that you are at work and in this situation I rest and cast my cares unto you.” then review scriptures that you have memorized or just thank God for what is right at the moment and the longer you show this godly patience the less anxious you’ll become until the problem is overshadowed by the goodness of God! I cannot tell you how I have been blessed by doing this and in hindsight how many of my problems could have been solved if I would have allowed patience to work for me! I hope in sharing this wisdom it will help many overcome the quitting spirit and the discouraging spirit! Because discouragement comes when we look at the problem instead of the ANSWER (The Word)! When we look at the ANSWER, we are full of hope! So don’t look at the problem or even yourself because you are not the answer to your problem God is, look to Him and what you look at is where you will go! God is up! So as you look up you’ll be headed up and so will your feelings, emotions, and desires as long as you firmly fix them on Christ! Trying to look right and walk left you’ll eventually veer off course! You’ll start naturally going right even if slightly until you crash into something or turn your whole being in that direction! So I encourage you brothers (and sisters) fix your eyes on Christ in heavenly places that you may be lifted up above whatever it is your facing! That’s how David slew Goliath, he looked at the Living God. Joseph remembered his God given dream and became all that God called him to be, even Daniel looked to God even though he was in Babylon (the world’s system) and left behind a great witness that we still study today! So I’m telling you beloved, trust in Christ and when Under Pressure have Patience and you will overcome! Pressure creates Diamonds! Not overnight though, and only if it holds up until the precious substance is formed. Trust in God’s timing! I’m not only preaching to you, I’m preaching to myself! I do believe that God has brought me too far to give up on me now! I trust in His love and in His power to make all things possible! But how does He do that you may ask? Through His Word, His Word makes all things possible to him who believes. (Matthew 9:23, 19:26) And one of the fruit of the Spirit in (Galatians 5:22) is Patience or longsuffering which is actually a better word for patience. So your ability to endure does not rest on you but on God’s Spirit! So as you allow him to work He will accomplish the victory! In closing, I quote my old brother in Christ name R.C. (Ricky Carroll) “the main thing is, just don’t panic!” in other words when you panic you make a move that you’ll later regret! So let patience go to work and wait until the pressure of the moment subsides so that you can make a rational decision! Trust me, the worst mistakes I have made was when I acted under pressure be it peer pressure or just pressure of the situation that was before me! Learn to develop patience it takes time but the fruit it produces far outweighs the labor in developing it! I love you all and may God bless you to continue on in His Word, in patience. Remember: “A DELAY is NOT a DENIAL!” Special Shout Outs: Darnell Johnson “Rev” Man, I read your words to me and started crying like a baby, truly you know me, what more can I say? God bless you and Amber! Tell my boy Courtney Hollywood I love him and I haven't forgotten him! Thanks bro! Joemar Jackson “N.O./Como” Brother! You are my brother! I will never forget you and you have my love and will have my support! Thank you for your words only time will reveal how much I appreciated them! Keep trusting in God! Tell Richard Redd “Mighty Mouse” you two are very special to me! I still come up for parole, I’ll make it sooner or later and when I do I got yall!” With never ending love - Michael Kemmel #1459952 Michael Unit

CHARACTERISTICS OF A FOOL (ALL SCRIPTURES TAKEN FROM THE BOOK OF PROVERBS) 1. Despise wisdom and understanding (1:7, 15:5, 17:16, 17:24, 23:9, 24:7) 2. Hate knowledge (1:22, 8:5, 9:6, 9:13, 10:21) 3. They are complacent (1:32) 4. Their words are destruction (10:14) 5. Spreads slander (10:18) 6. Likes doing evil (10:23, 13:19) 7. Thinks he is right in his own eyes (12:15, 26:5, 28:26) 8. Gets angry quick (12:16, 14:16, 27:3) 9. Is foolish at heart (12:23, 14:24, 14:33, 18:2, 19:10, 30:32) 10. Doesn't care who sees his folly (13:16) 11. Love doing evil (13:19) 12. Leads others to destruction (13:20) 13. Destroys her own house (14:1) 14. Full of pride (14:3) 15. Are deceitful (14:8) 16. Speak foolishly (15:2, 18:6-7, 14:7, 15:14, 17:7, 18:6-7, 19:1, 26: 7 & 9) 17. Doesn’t spread knowledge (15:7) 18. Despises his mother (15:20) 19. Is grief and bitterness to his parents (17:25, 19:13) 20. Can appear wise and perceptive (17:28) 21. Leads himself astray (19:3) 22. Is wasteful (21:20) 23. Is immature (22:15) 24. Is unreliable (26:6) 25. Continues in folly (26:11, 7:22, 16:22, 17:10, 24:9, 26: 1 & 8, 27:22, 29:9) 26. Vents his feelings (29:11) 27. Will be judged by God (26:10) ARE YOU A FOOL? ACTIVE FRONTLINE MINISTRIES, BETO UNIT

Well here we are at the day we’ve set apart to honor Mama. Since my youth remembering Mama with something special has been the goal of many children. Honoring our mother’s exactly originated with God. In Duet. 5:16 we have this command, “Honor your father and your mother, as the Lord your God has commanded.” He didn’t make this a suggestion but a command. The remaining part of that verse says, “that your days may be long, and it may be well with you in the land,” we can look at our generation today and find large gaps of obedience in this area of command Paul echoes this Old Testament verse in the book of Ephesians 6:1-2 “Children obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right. Honor (respect) your father and mother, which is the first commandment with promise.” This commandment has a promise connected to it. “That it may be well with you and you may live long on the earth.” That same promise can begin it’s fulfillment with you with here and now. Honor your Mother by keeping out of stupid’s way. Honor your mother through obedience for the sake of being restored to her as quick as possible. Honor her with a letter or card of appreciation with words that announce “I LOVE YOU”. So what comes to mind of ways to appreciate your mom? Give her her flowers now! She’s waiting on them I’m sure. Happy Mother’s Day all you Mom’s R. Cook #1607585 Mac Stringfellow Unit

SOMEBODY IS LISTENING BROTHER MICHAEL HOWARD AT HOME!!! OL’ FRED This story is about a brother on Goree Camp that passed away. Ol’ Fred was one of a kind, everybody knew him cause he was one of a kind. People played games to the fullest with Ol’ Fred, because he was just one of a kind. Well, there was sone disturbing things about Ol’ Fred, he wanted to make parole so bad (we all do) that he would get mad at God, Ol’ Fred wanted to make parole so bad he would say disturbing things about God. Well, one Sunday morning Ol’ Fred came to church while Apostolic Tabernacle from Houston, TX was there, and the spirit of the Lord moved. Ol’ Fred made a vow to try, and Ol’ Fred was a man of his word til I left the camp. He tried, he came to church, and made a few prayer meetings and tried to stop the things he used to do. Well shortly after that Ol’ Fred received his FI-1 to go home. Everybody was very happy for Ol’ Fred, he would truly be missed at the camp. He was ready to go home. All he wanted was parole. Before Ol’ Fred received his parole he made a difference by receiving Christ. I don’t know how anyone else feels, but I feel that God will give us exactly what we ask for. Ol’ Fred date was on a Thursday, he died on that Monday. RIP Fred we love you Bro. I say this to say, parole isn’t everything! Getting your soul right with Jesus is EVERYTHING! God don’t care about what you have or what you know. stop tripping with yourself. God don’t care about anything you do, if he is not 1st in your life. Listen family, be honest, what do some of us do as soon as we get this newsletter? Do we read it? Do we look through it first? Do we go straight to our part then sit it down? Or do we just sit it down? It really doesn’t matter what we do because its going to go forward. The blood is not on the Founder’s hands. TDOTLM is doing exactly what God want them to do. Bound in Christ Ministries is doing exactly what God wants them to do. They’re feeding the flock. These ministries are making sure you get the love of God. Everybody goes through things even these ministries but they keep their eyes on Jesus so they can be a servant for the Lord. We don’t know when our number will be called, and half of us live like we don’t care, because we are still disobedient to the “Word of God” because in the “end”… that's all that matters!! All the cars, money, houses, girlfriends, boyfriends, husbands, wives, children, etc. will be still here. The main thing is giving yourself away so God can use you. If its God’s will and not mine I’ll make my short way this month (HE DID MAKE HIS SHORT WAY). But I tell you this family, if I don’t, I’m going to keep on moving because the Lord Jesus is the Refiner, I want Him to be able to see Himself in this steel when I’m pulled out the fire. I say that because, we all want to go home; don’t be discouraged if it don’t come when we want it too… GOD may not be finish with us yet. I love you family, stay positive, let people see God in you so there is nothing to talk about, and they will still talk - BUT YOU FOLLOW JESUS!!! BRO. MICHAEL HOWARD - AT HOME!!! RELEASE DATE: 5/17/2013

To all my brothers at Goree Unit - Michael Green I’m gone miss you laughing at the Chocolate Star & Snow Bunny shout outs!  haha. Samuel Harris nice to have met you Bro. thanks for all the good food you cook for the Inmates. “The man can cook family”!!! My Bro. Alberto, happy to met you as well, I’ll stay in touch, keep God first. To the rest of my brothers Prelow, Larry Beasley, Gary Spears, Shepard, Big Roy, Danny Dean, Steve Walker, Ladell Wilson (T/C). You brothers stay prayed up, PEACE OUT! Min. Michael Howard

My Cousin, Elvis Dean Robinson! Mannnnn!!! Keep your head up, you will be home soon. And, remember Galatians 1:10; Don’t be a seeker after wanting to be popular, seek to please GOD! I love you kinfolk. Oh yeah, I’ll eat some of Aunt Helen’s red beans & corn bread for you!  Min. Michael Howard

TIFFANY’S MUSINGS... As this tale unfolds, I am hopeful that my readers will forgive me while I still ponder at whether or not God simply possesses an amazing sense of humor or is wickedly clever at bringing two souls together in Holy and Divinely approved matrimony...or perhaps it is a blend of both. Now first let me state that I have been around the block before - in marriage that is - when I was young, dumb and totally fell for the ideal of love NOT the guy. My grandmother told me, my taste was all in my mouth and I have to admit she was right but I wouldn't concede to her wisdom then. Like so many marriages today, people get hung up on looks, possessions, or worse the perception of material things or looks that person presents. And as many of us do, I married the fist time without listening to God, let alone the parents, grandparents, cousins, friends and others who all said "NO!" you can do better. Why? Cause at 22 years old i thought I knew better than anyone. The night before the wedding, God tried to send me a message to not go through with it, but I ignored all reasoning it out with my own excuses. So the day after the wedding everything fell apart and within a year even with marriage counseling twice a week, relocating, new jobs, new home, new wedding bands it still crumbled to the ground in a mess of adultery, anger and finally violence. Turned off marriage - you bet I was. I realize now that nothing shiny and new will ever help a marriage where God isn't involved. So now here comes God's hand, for the next 15 years I would run from marriage choosing to date the most emotionally unavailable and commitment phobic men yet still stating I wanted marriage and commitment knowing I was lying to myself cause I felt so much distrust, anger and hopelessness that I would ever have my fairy tale ending. Finally I started to wise up - a little. I started to talk to God. I would ramble on about my stupid decisions and how I was feeling. I said how I feared a true relationship cause everyone always seems to cheat and lie. Then I got word that my cousin Steven was sick with cancer and would likely not survive. Like me Steven had been through a rough marriage that failed but was now dating a lady with a 4 year old daughter. I called him up to talk long distance. His ex-wife had flipped to the other side and began an affair with a female roommate they had been sharing their home with to help make ends meet. If anyone would commiserate with me, it would be my closest cousin. I got through immediately and we talked for about an hour. He spoke with love about his girlfriend and her daughter and that he regretted his fear about committing to her in marriage and that he would not get to see her daughter grow up. His final statement to me was "Do not live in fear and alone, reach out in earnest for your dream and give someone a chance. Don't wait too long and live with regrets of what if?" Steven passed away not long after and that was the last time we ever spoke. We were the same age, born within months of each other. I went into a tailspin feeling very strongly my own mortality and a huge sense of loss. I found myself sitting in the middle of my living room floor crying and praying to God to please, help me find the right one, a husband that He selected for me and I would do whatever it took. So what did God do? Ah, well this is where I am sure our Father has an amazing sense of humor. He connected this white, city girl from way up north Canada with a black, country gentleman from east Texas! And just to make it interesting, incarceration and immigration added extra spice and difficulty to this union. At first I felt that this had to be a mistake and that we would be the very poster example of why marriage doesn't work. I found myself shaking my head at the sheer enormity of it all - we didn't even share a country. Culturally our backgrounds were as varied and distinct from each other as it could be. The only common thread - we were both Christians who had prayed for God to Bless us with our lifelong soul mate and spouse. At church, our pastor in his sermon spoke on how God doesn't make life easy for us. Our Life is His and all that we experience and do is for His Glory and His alone. And in fact life is easier when doing wrong then when doing what God wants us to do. God shows up during our struggles and we get the benefits but He gets the Glory. Well for any married folk out there, most married folk experience struggles and have the good and bad days. I will tell you this, over 8 years together and I honestly can't picture myself with anyone other than my husband. Trials, all the time! Incarceration is hard on a marriage and it takes strength, commitment and honest communication to truly make it through the hardship. In our pot of troubles that we are still fighting with to this day is immigration hold ups, misunderstandings, miscommunications and people in society who disagree that we should be together including some less enlightened family members. I can tell you my mother was less than enthusiastic about our marriage but states now she sees true happiness in me despite our struggles and we have her blessings. Perhaps this is why God is wickedly clever in His pairings. It is very hard to take for granted someone who is different from you in so many ways. Someone whose strengths are your very weaknesses, who is able to inspire you to improve and grow. We will always have people pointing out our differences but now I know that our differences and the hurricane we live in makes us stronger as a couple. God didn't bring us together to illustrate how marriage wouldn't work, He brought us together to illustrate how with Him All things are possible, how even the most different of individuals when brought together in His name, with His Love and with His blessing do work. Trust in God - Place your marriage in God's hands. Allow only the trinity of God, you and your spouse to guide your relationship. Pray together each day giving thanks to God for the gift that is your marriage. If you have even one common thread you have more than you realize. We humans tend only to appreciate things in life that we must sacrifice to achieve, things given too easily are seldom valued as they should be. Which is why God is also amazingly clever in whom he selects to marriage. What God has put together let no man pull asunder. (mark 10v9)


T R I V I A – A p r i l

A n s w e r s

Trivia Questions & Answers “ N i g h t t i m e ”

1. Which day of creation included God making? (The first; Genesis 1:5) 2. What prophet, troubled by King Saul’s waywardness, cried all night long to God? (Samuel; 1 Samuel 15:10-11) 3. What supernatural source of nighttime light led the Israelites on their journey out of Egypt? (A pillar of fire; Exodus 13:18-22) 4. Where was Paul, experiencing a nighttime vision of a man, invited to spread the Gospel? (Macedonia; Acts 16: 9-10) 5. What sin did the Apostle Paul tell the Thessalonians is likely to occur at night? (Drunkenness; 1 Thessalonians 5:7) B I B L E

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

T R I V I A – M a y “ N i n e v e h ”

2 0 1 3

What prophet tried to disobey God’s call to preach repentance to Nineveh? How many days warning of the destruction to come did God give Nineveh? What mournful clothing did the people of Nineveh wear after repenting? What was the approximate population of the great city Nineveh? What mighty hunter built Nineveh shortly after Noah’s time?

DID YOU KNOW? The Brother Grimm, generally known for their fairy and folk tales, also created a German dictionary. In winter, many animals travel long distances to find warmer climates. Monarch butterflies, for example, have been known to travel more than 2,000 miles. A women living in Russia gave birth to 69 children between 1725 and 1765. They included 16 pairs of twins, seven sets of triplets, and four sets of quadruplets.



Attending a wedding for the first time, a little girl whispered to her mother, 'Why is the bride dressed in white?'' The mother replied, 'Because white is the color of happiness, and today is the happiest day of her life.'

TRUTH: What's been ordained yours...simply can't be taken from you. However, what's not don't want it. So, be careful what you ask for.

The child thought about this for a moment then said, 'So why is the groom wearing black?'

TODAY'S REMINDER: When you get stuck thinking about everything you've lost...just refocus your mind on everything you have left. TRUTH: You can only really know your purpose, when you let go of your preference.


Provide a support group for women who have husbands/spouses incarcerated. Meetings held monthly to encourage and lift the wives of incarcerated husbands. (Refreshments typically provided) Please contact Shyrolon “Shy” Wilson at the ministry’s PO Box or have your wives to call (214) 462-2009 for more information or directions. NEXT MEETING: 3rd Friday of EVERY month @ 7:00PM - Building the Kingdom Community Church

Smokey John's BBQ, Great Food • Great Service • Since 1976 1820 W. Mockingbird Lane • Dallas, Texas 75235. Phone: 214-352-2752 • Fax: 214-3525496 … 7-9 every Thursday night. Free food and fellowship for ex-offenders and families. One Man’s Treasure Clothes Closet 519 E. I-30 Suite #211 Rockwall, TX 75087 (214) 697-5152 (For those paroling to the Dallas area only)

The Job Lead Generator: Victor Pratt Criminal B 6011 Harry Hines Floor 7 #112 UT Southwestern (214) 648-1740

BIC (Bound in Christ) BIC is founded by Liz Compton and is a support group for men and women… meetings are held every 3rd Sunday at Saturn Road Church of Christ 3030 Saturn Road Garland Texas 75041 (972) 271-2444

P.W.C. PRISON WIVES CLUB FREEDOM LIFE CHURCH 2435 E. Hebron Pkwy. Carrollton, TX 75010 NANCY FRAMPTON (972) 235-0955

Concerned Christians for Inmates P.O. Box 101094 San Antonio, Texas 78201-9094 NEED ENCOURAGEMENT, HOPE LETTERS OR PEN PAL A CUP OF WATER MINISTRIES P.O. BOX 161759 FT. WORTH, TEXAS 76161-1759

Postage Stamp Drive Continues at The Day of the Lord Ministries

For January Newsletter: Vernon & Lora Falls Cliff & Yolanda Gordon Michael & Sandra Howard Dionicio & Nanncy Martinez Dale & Ann Taylor

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Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

The Day of the Lord Ministries, Newsletter: “The Spoken Word” has experienced amazing growth! PRAISE GOD!!! With all the inmates requesting to be added to the mailing list, we’ve reached over 500 “snail mail readers”, our postage expenses have increased tremendously. We do not solicit cash donations, but there are so many other ways that you can get involved and help. Pledging 10 x $0.66 stamps ($6.60) will help us reach more and more brothers and sisters in white. The next time you go to the post office… please ask for an extra 10 x $0.66 stamps and just put it in and envelope and send to: The Day of the Lord Ministries PO BOX 543004 Dallas, TX 75354 Thank you for your pledge. Together we can make a difference. _________________PLEASE SEND BOTTOM PORTION WITH YOUR DONATION_________________ Name:___________________________________________________________________________________ Address: _________________________________________________________________________________ City: _________________________ State: _________________ Zip Code: __________________________ # of stamps donated: __________

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ARLEATHA MCKNIGHT MAY 30TH Jameca Harris - Happy Mother’s Day and THANK YOU for raising our son, but times will be greater in our life and our kids life. Just remember you’re a #1 Mother in my heart!!! CHANGE OF THE SEASON Your kisses are so fresh as the morning dew. Each and every time I am with you. my heart desires you like the first taste of Spring. You are my everything. The love you have is like a full moon. on a crystal clear night. The warmth you give me in my life. It’s like a Summer night on the Fourth of July. The tender time of growing old is like a Winter day of the first fallen snow. A twinkling of the brightest star, tells me the truth of who you are. The tides will rise, The seasons will change! But the love we have for each other will never change! I love you. my side is approved, I’m ready or you? Love ya, Samuel V. Harris

“Happy 50th Birthday” Linda Carol Daniels

SHOUT OUT - TO ALL WOMEN IN AND OUT, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY AND MAY GOD BLESS YOU TO CONTINUE YOU GODLY JOURNEY. SAMUEL V. HARRIS Mr. Lemar Ervin - Hold on Bro. it’s almost over for you! Stay Strong in these 4 months you have. Keep God 1st. Love ya Lil Bro. Samuel A special shout out to my other Mother in the Lord, Shy Wilson To all that read this article, I must truly say that Shy has help birth me on in the Lord to spiritual growth. It is because of her availability to The Lord that she is willing to birth life to the lost, hurting, insecure, and abused to give the spiritual mother’s love that we need to face another day. Happy Mother’s Day Shy! Thank you for standing in the gap for me. The Minister of Music in the Key of “C” David Wayne Shout Out to my family member Royester Jones #1573066 On Wynne Unit Kinfolk, as I sit here in Ad. Seg on the Allred Unit. I was blessed to receive The Day of the Lord Ministries newsletter and upon reading, I noticed your words of encouragement imposed to me.  What joy it is to hear from a relative and someone from the home front. It’s been a minute since I heard from anyone, so I do not know what family member we lost last year. Therefore, I’d appreciate you extending your hand and heart to let me know when time allow you. Under these circumstances I am keeping my head up, keeping God first and pressing toward that day when I will finally be all that Christ Jesus saved me for and wants me to be. Stay in scripture, as it being inspired by God and useful to teach us what is true and to make us realize what is wrong in our lives, also straighten us out and teaches us to do what is right. Don’t get tired of doing what is good. Don’t get discouraged and give up, for we will reap our harvest of blessings at the appropriate time. From: Your Relative Darrell Horace A.K.A. “Crockett, Texas!” To: Joemar “N.O./Como” Jackson

May GOD bless you with many more to come!!!

Say bro, share the Word with Cabbage Head too! Tell him I love him and Mike-C too whenever you see them! One day we can make great impacts on people for God we all have powerful testimonies! I love you Mal! It’s gone be okay, I know sometimes it’s hard to get by from day to day having so much time but Jesus sees our tears and He’ll comfort us in due time! Hold on to Christ to the end! Never give up and never let him go! I’ll do what I can and you can ask my bro I’ve never broken my word! I come up next year for parole but I’m not expecting until 2015! If something happen my situation is 2 to 10 non-agg! But its in God’s Hands! Love ya much! -Mike

Mrs. Michelle Robinson, Daddy loves you so very much, with all my heart and soul. When God knocked on our hearts, He opened a door for us both to witness a beautiful future together. You know Mama Cat just like I do every beautiful relationship made by God comes with sweat and hard work by fighting all the devil’s tricks and mind games to bring us down. Baby stay encouraged that our storm is almost over with. And for the rest of our lives together is all about love, joy and happiness forever! When I met you Mrs. Robinson you was and is my dream come true. God is bringing the Robinson’s family closer and closer Baby. Hold-on Yellow Bone Daddy’s almost there. I LOVE YOU FOREVER YOUR HUSBAND MICHAEL

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY WIFEY (MRS. CHARLENE OESBY) Suddenly life has new meaning, because of how you give definition to my life, Turning my sadness into gladness, the day you took my hand… and became my wife Certainly the world looks so much better— because it’s in your eyes that I see, the abundance of an “unwavering love…” staring flirtatiously back at me “and it feels so right to share this life with a (queen), who has become the mother of my soul!” So in love am I, Your king Minister Oesby


Happy Mother’s Day (Auntie Mama - Ms. Kim P.) How do I say “Thank You…” for all the (LOVE) you’ve given to me, for the many times you gave me a word of encouragement - that gave balance to my sanity. How do I say “Thank You…” for giving me my second wind, for being the worlds greatest mother - not to mention, a special kind of friend “Actually there’s no one way to say it, so I’ll just say… “THANK YOU MA!”

Michael S. As I sit here and think over the past 9 years of my life, I smile as I am so grateful for God giving me a good gift in you, many girls dream of the man they will one day marry but never get to even experience true love or marrying Mr Right -now I see why it didn’t ever last with anyone else because we were never meant to be. What an honor it is to be your wife and even when I am not so easy to deal with my love, I thank you for not giving up on me or us I love you sweetheart even more today then when I said I do and you are still the one for me!! Endlessly loving you always….your best friend & wife for life Esmeralda


To: my faithful wife: my night owl: my rib bone: my queen bee CHERYL HOLLAND





Thank you Lord Jesus for Mom’s & Wives & Sister’s So SMILE for us ♥ Be of good cheer...GOD BLESS YOU! ♥ #1 Husband Jesus ♥ #2 Husband Christopher (Stringfellow Unit) (1st Peter 2:17) keep praying 4 all brothers & sisters in Christ Jesus …. LOVE GOD/LOVE OTHERS

“HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY HONEY” Honey, I would like to let you know that you’re a great mother to our “4” kids that God has blessed us with. I hope and pray that this be a great Mother’s Day for you. What a wonderful woman God has blessed me with, your beautiful smile, brings so much joy to my heart. I thank God for your faithfulness, and your compassion, your unconditional love that you show for me and our kids, always thinking about us and putting yourself last. I truly thank God for you Honey. I hope and pray that God will keep showing you His favor. I love you First Lady Kimberly Smith. Love Always, Pastor: Donnie Smith Jr. & Kids ALMA ROSA DE GARCIA WONDER OF WONDERS, A BLESSING YOU ARE! GOD IN HIS AWESOME WAY CREATED YOU LIKE NO ONE ELSE. YOU HAVE ENDURED SO MUCH AND RECEIVED SO LITTLE! YOU ARE A WOMAN WHO HAS BEEN GIVEN THE HEART OF A MAN WHO LOVES YOU WITH ALL THAT HE HAS, WITH EVERY BREATH I TAKE, I BREATHE A THOUGHT OF YOU. IN THE TRAVELINGS OF MY HEART & MIND, THE ROAD IS FILLED WITH SO MANY MOMENTS WHERE I ENCOUNTER THE BLESSING OF HAVING YOU AS THE LOVE OF MY LIFE! I AM BLESSED TO HAVE A WOMAN OF GOD AS THE OWNER OF MY HEART! MAY YOU ENJOY THIS SPECIAL DAY AS I RECOGNIZE YOU & APPRECIATE YOU FOR BEING THE MOTHER THAT YOU ARE. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY MY BELOVED & BEAUTIFUL ONE!


To My Very Own Sweet, Loving, Husband, King & Chocolate Star!!! OH HAPPY DAY! O LORD, I am blessed by your perfect timing. You alone have my best interest in your heart, and you have a purpose for my life. Thank you for the promise that you will make the future happen for me according to your perfect vision! Father, when I’m weak, your power leads the way. When I cannot speak, you teach me what to say. Oh, sweet assurance! What comfort every day! But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint. Isaiah 40:31 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Hebrews 11:1 In all your ways acknowledge Him, and he shall direct your paths. Proverbs 3:6 Lord, your ways bring forth a multitude of promised blessings in our lives each day. May we rejoice every morning in anticipation of what revelations you will bring. May we rejoice in the salvation you have already established! May we first and always delight in you for more reasons than these. Cast all your care upon Him; for he cares for you 1 Peter 5:7 Father, your purpose for me is like buried treasure, each step in life I take uncovers more of the mysterious and exciting blessings you have set out for me. GOD answers prayer! Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer, present your requests to GOD. Philippians 4:6 Delight yourself in the Lord; and He will give you the desires of your heart. Psalm 37:4 OH YES! ALL PRAISES BE TO THE GLORY OF GOD! HE IS THE ALMIGHTY! YOU HAVE BEEN SET FREE TO DO HIS WILL OUT HERE WITH ME! WE HAVE BEEN BROUGHT OUT OF THE STORM. NOW IT’S OUR TURN TO LET GOD SHINE THRU US! OUR GOD IS TRULY AWESOME! HE HAS ANSWERED OUR PRAYERS. EACH AND EVERY DAY THAT COMES OUR WAY IS OUR CHANCE TO “BEAT THE STREETZ”! I’M SO VERY PROUD OF YOU FOR BECOMING A “MAN OF GOD”! I ALWAYS KNEW AND UNDERSTOOD THAT YOU WERE CAPABLE OF THAT! MY LOVE FOR YOU WOULD HAVE NEVER ALLOWED ME TO EVER GIVE UP ON US. CAUSE WE ARE TRUE SOLJAHS ON GOD’S MISSION 4LIFE!!! COME ON HOME WHERE YOU BELONG! IT’S H O T TIME! I LOVE YOU! From your WIFE, QUEEN & SNOW BUNNY! MRS. SANDRA HOWARD Shout Out to my Mother: Mrs. Bernadine W. Hayes “To the most beautiful woman, I know.” I LOVE YOU MOTHER DEAR! “GOD” BLESS YOU IN EVERY WAY, FOREVER MORE… YOUR SON “DANNY DUPREE SR.”

The Day of the Lord Ministries celebrates May Birthdays Derrick Evans Antonio Oesby Reavis Howard Carmela A. DuPree Kaliyah Griffin Jaelyn Moore Barbara Tandy Laderrick Prox James Lasure Jesse Scourbrou Monique Bowens Jeremy Burkhalter Arleatha McKnight

6-May 7-May 8-May 9-May 13-May 16-May 24-May 26-May 26-May 26-May 28-May 29-May 30-May

Happy Anniversary Michael & Esmer Schwartz


SALVATION IS FREE! Thinking of you on your special day and sending warmest thoughts your way. Asking God to hold you near and bless you with each passing year. God Bless you on your birthday. -Virgil & Shy Wilson

TDOTL May 15 2013, Volume 5, issue 8  

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