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Wednesday, Sept. 30, 2015


THE KISSING ROCK event brought in over one hundred students to learn about the tradition behind the rock. Read more on page 3.





Are you ready for homecoming week? Make sure to check out five reasons why you should participate in homecoming this year. From magicians to nudity, SAB is planning a week of fun for students including free events and food!. Read more on page 5.

On Sunday night, a rare super blood moon hovered over Des Moines, Iowa and brought many Drake University students out of their rooms, onto Helmick Commons and into the Drake Observatory. Read more on page 7.

The Bulldogs started out strong in conference play this weekend, as both the men’s and women’s soccer teams started the MVC season out with wins on the road. The men topped Evansville 3-1 and the women came from behind to edge Illinois State 3-2. Read more on page 10.


Students receive two alerts about gunshots in four days Security concerns influence new changes to campus Jake Bullington Digital Media Editor @jakebullington

More shots rang out near Drake’s campus Sunday night, heightening fears of continued gun violence near and along University Avenue. Drake Public Safety issued a Bulldog Alert at 9:22 p.m. Sunday night advising students to stay indoors and report any suspicious activity. The notice came at a time when many students were outside enjoying the view of the lunar eclipse; some students were less than a block away from where the shots were reported.

The shots were heard by the officer contracted by Drake through the Des Moines Police Department to patrol campus 7 p.m. to 6 a.m. seven days a week. Director of Public Safety Scott Law said that authorities, similar to last Thursday’s ‘shots fired’ report, did not find any shell casings. “Obviously it’s a big area, but we did have a Des Moines Police officer who was working for Drake at the time, he actually heard the shots and was the first to respond,” Law said. Similar to Sunday’s incident, Drake students received multiple Bulldog Alerts early last Thursday morning detailing reports of gunfire in an alleyway near the Kum & Go on 23rd St and

University Ave. There have been no arrests at this time related to the incident, and did not involve any Drake students. Des Moines Police kept several officers in the area for several hours following the incident, and Public Safety was able to have extra officers out to be a “visible deterrent,” according to Law. While students have received several timely warnings for various incidents this semester, last week’s notices were the first Bulldog Alerts to be issued this school year. During Sunday’s event, two suspects were pursued by DMPD, and eventually K-9s were brought in. “The K-9s were out because

the two individuals being chased fled a vehicle and were on foot, so they had canines to determine the direction of travel and where they were. DMPD took the vehicle into their custody,” Law said. Des Moines Police K-9s and officers were searching neighborhoods near and on 27th Street, and also interviewed two black males outside of Old Main Apartments, which are coincidentally just across the street from DMPD’s traffic unit building near the corner of 24th Street and Carpenter Ave. The two males were determined to be witnesses to the incident, and were let go after being questioned and having their pockets searched. At 10:00 p.m., Drake Public

Safety informed students that DMPD had ended their active search for suspects, yielding no arrests. Although the current search is still underway, DMPD and Drake Public Safety have asked students to report any suspicious activity. This is the second consecutive year Drake security has had to send out Bulldog Alerts early in the fall semester. Almost exactly one year ago, two shootings took place near campus over the span of four days. To take more safety precautions in addition to the newly hired DMPD officer, Drake has added a second safe bus alongside the one added at the beginning of this year.


Sodexo to create collaborative board to give students a voice Jessica Lynk News Editor @jessmlynk

After a three-year hiatus, Sodexo is reinstating the Dining Student Board of Directors, a program meant to collaborate with students. “(Because a) manager that was in charge of it left and then different personal shifts, quite honestly it (the board) is something that fell through the cracks,” said Sodexo Director of Operations Mindy Murphy. The board hopes to evaluate dinning choices, create initiatives for the dining hall and assess meal plan set-up. “It really is a platform for

students to be able to sit down with us, as Sodexo managers, and get their voice heard to get some real responses,” Murphy said. Murphy also hopes that it will be expanded beyond that. “In the past and at other universities, the Student Board of Directors had a lot of input with things like dinning hall remodels and different concepts they want to see,” Murphy said. “Hopefully down the line we will be able to use it in that capacity as well,” Murphy said. The announcement of the creation of the board came alongside the announcement of longer meal conversions this year. Meal conversions will now occur once a semester from Oct. 9 to Oct. 29. Students can convert up to 100 meals for flex

“It really is a platform for students to be able to sit down with us, as Sodexo managers, and get their voice heard to get some real responses.” Mindy Murphy Sodexo’s Director of Operations

dollars. The conversion period next semester will be Feb. 19 to March 10. They will try to reflect last semester’s meal conversion period. “The announcement that Vanessa put out was a perfect

vehicle to help get the word out about it,” Murphy said. These board members will also be the first to know what is going on campus, as well as help communicate issues to the student body from Sodexo. “From time to time, it can also be used for things like the eggs shortage for example,” Murphy said. “Things (like) that are beyond Sodexo’s control, but when we need to do some educating with the student body — like why we had to take omelets out of the everyday morning rotation to help facilitate being able to actually get the eggs that we needed to be ordered — the board can help.” Murphy hopes the board will consist of 20 students, with at least 10 consistently showing up at the monthly meetings.

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Murphy believes that “this way we can get a good diverse picture of what the campus is really wanting and needing.” Overall, the board hopes to curve backlash brought to Sodexo. “Just because a problem is brought up doesn’t mean we will be able to fix it right away, but we want it to be a collaborative effort,” Murphy said. “We will hopefully use it as a vehicle to help make changes that students actually want to see on campus.” If students have an interest in being on the board, they are asked to e-mail mindy.murphy@

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The Times-Delphic (09.30.15)