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Vol. 135 | No. 8 | Wed., Oct. 28, 2015




October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and many organizations have been involved in bringing awareness to the cause. From the NFL to coffee shops, the color pink is popping up everywhere. One student weighs in on how breast cancer has impacted her life and what she is doing to help fight it. Read more on page 4

In light of campus carry laws passed in Texas after Oregon’s Umpqua Community College shooting, Drake authorities and professors are questioning the idea of allowing students to have guns on campus. Read more on page 7.

For the first time since 2006, the women’s soccer team has gone undefeated in MVC regular season play and clinched the first seed in the conference tournament. The decisive game came last Saturday, with a 2-0 victory over second place Missouri State. Read more on page 11.


Jefferson-Jackson dinner attracts students

Students given opportunity to observe democratic party process Jessica Lynk News Editor @jessmlynk

In a room of over six thousand, presidential candidate Martin O’Malley told the crowd a story of an Iowa Dreamer that advocates for citizens’ rights for herself and other Americans in her position. That Dreamer was Drake junior Kenia Calderon, who was invited to the Iowa Democratic Party Jefferson Jackson dinner after writing a Huffington Post article endorsing O’Malley. “I got the opportunity to sit next to him, along with my family, during the dinner and I thought that was a huge honor,” Calderon said. “But hearing my name being called was amazing because none of the other candidates acknowledge a Dreamer and all the work we are doing not just here in Iowa, but here in the nation.” Calderon was among more than 30 Drake students in attendance at the JJ dinner on Saturday. The dinner, the largest event for the Iowa Democratic Party, featured all three of the presidential candidates running for the Democratic Party. The event drives voter turnout for the party through financial donations and speeches, giving candidates the opportunity to show why they stand out from the others. Likewise, the event gave candidates a space to outline their specific policies. The event, hosted at Hy-Vee Hall downtown Des Moines, brought in supporters for all three candidates, separated by bleacher tickets purchased by the campaigns to then distribute to campaign supporters.


DRAKE STUDENTS sit in Democratic Party presidential candidate Martin O’Malley’s bleachers on Saturday during the Iowa Democratic Party JeffersonJackson dinner. In addition to O’Malley, the other candidates for the party, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, were there to speak. Many students took time to go and see the candidates, by going to the dinner or by attending rallies put on by the candidates earlier that day. PHOTO BY JESSICA LYNK | NEWS EDITOR


‘Coffee with Jeb Jr.’ allows son to promote father Drake Rhone Staff Writer

JEB BUSH JR. came to campus to talk to students informally about the stances his fathers takes on topics from welfare to minimum wage. He was here after touring at University of Iowa and Iowa State University. PHOTO BY YING CHYI GOOI | PHOTO EDITOR

Jeb Bush Jr., son of Republican Presidential candidate Jeb Bush Sr., visited Olmsted Coffee shop last Friday for the event “Coffee with Jeb Jr.!” The event is part of a tour for his father’s campaign. The campaign included visits to Iowa State University and University of Iowa before finishing up at Drake. The 31-year-old businessman hung out and shook hands with some of his supporters from the area before answering any questions they had in an informal Q&A session. The questions started after an attendee asked Bush’s father’s opinion on welfare reform. “It needs to happen,” Bush said. “We need to do it with less money, but do it better,” Bush said. “If you look at what we did

in Florida with regards to this, we looked at kids with special needs, and we create a voucher program called the McKay scholarship. “This is the largest corporate scholarship in the country, and now there’s 30,000 kids in Florida who get this scholarship,” Bush said. When asked to clarify his father’s stance on reform that would affect impoverished families get out of poverty, Bush Jr. attempted to explain how educational reform could solve problems for families as a whole. “When you look at low income kids in Florida, and AfricanAmerican kids in Florida, they do two grade levels better than the nation as a whole,” Bush said. “If you think about that, lower income kids in Florida are getting a better education than the rich kids in California. Those gains are because we did things like vouchers. Education helps deal with poverty, and allows those kids to rise up,” Bush said. Bush also spoke about his father’s stance on income reform,

“We have a tradition where every Sunday we sit down and watch football and barbecue. It’s cool just to chill out and relax, no politics during Sunday. At least we try not to.” Jeb Bush Jr.

Son of Republican Presidential candidate Jeb Bush Sr.

which led to a discussion of some problems that he sees with raising the minimum wage, a common idea among the Democratic presidential candidates, and the party as a whole. “If you push up the minimum wage, and the data is there, that if you push up the minimum wage, what you’re going to do is people are going to stop hiring, and reduce their workforce. But if you give people a better income tax rate, then people get to save

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more,” Bush said. The event wasn’t about all work and no play, and Jeb Jr. answered a few questions that weren’t about his father’s campaign. When asked when the last time he sat down with his dad and did something just for fun, he chuckled. “We sat down last week to watch a football game,” Bush said. “We have a tradition where every Sunday we sit down and watch football and barbecue. It’s cool just to chill out and relax, no politics during Sunday, at least we try not to.” Before long, the questions came to a close and Bush shook a few more hands before leaving. He encouraged attendees to show their support for his father at the “Growth and Opportunity Party” in the Varied Industries Building at the Iowa State Fairgrounds in Des Moines, Iowa on October 31, 2015.

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