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Wednesday, April 13, 2016


OPINIONS Des Moines has a lot of hidden gems that are not Zombie Burger and Raygun. These local shops are often overlooked or not even known to Drake students but one writer offers why you should visit these places. Read more on page 4.


A new restaurant offering craft beer and comfort food has opened up near Des Moines’ Historic Village. The Iowa Taproom has become a favorite among locals and those who are willing to travel for a taste of Iowa delicacies. Read more on page 9.

Men’s Tennis improved to 11-1 at home this season with a win over Wichita State in its first conference match of the season. The match was senior Ben Lott’s last in the Roger Knapp Tennis Center as he was honored on Senior Day. Read more on page 11.


Student Senate and UNITY make first steps to foster inclusion Jake Bullington Digital Editor @JakeBullington Student Senate met for its weekly meeting last Thursday evening, where it passed four motions, partially meeting

the deadline provided by the UNITY Roundtable at last week’s meeting. These four motions, mutually agreed upon by both UNITY and Senate earlier this week, take steps to answer the demands and to begin the process of making UNITY a governing body.

The first motion passed will permit UNITY to become an official student organization recognized by Senate, thus beginning the first steps in becoming a governing body, one of the demands that UNITY presented last week. The second motion that was

UNITY ROUNDTABLE members came out in support of the four motions Student Senate was passing in regards to the demands UNITY presented Senate with the week before. Around 50 people came out to show their support. On Thursday, Senate will work towards addressing the rest of the demands set. PHOTO BY JAKE BULLINGTON| DIGITAL EDITOR

passed was titled “Reaffirmation of UNITY’s Mission,” which acts as a written form of support from Senate to UNITY. The motion reads that Senate “strongly reaffirms the mission and commitment of UNITY Roundtable and supports their efforts to become a governing body.” Incoming Student Body President Thalia Anguiano commented on the motion following its passing. “(This is) to show that we support everything that is going on and to show that Senate is supporting equity and inclusion instead of just throwing around those words,” Anguiano said. The third motion, which was necessary to adequately fund student organizations in the future, was a recommendation that the student activity fee be raised. Senators recognized that this was not a popular motion to pass, but a crucial one in order to allocate sufficient funding. This motion was not directly related to UNITY’s demands, but will help Senate address the group’s concerns in future years. The forth motion was allowing a member of UNITY to join the Student Fees Allocation

Committee (SFAC) as an exofficio liaison. This liaison will be a non-voting member, like all exofficio positions on Senate. UNITY felt funding was unfairly cut this year, so UNITY hopes that the addition of this liaison, who will help oversee the funding allocation process, will prevent unfair allocations for the future. Despite the inability to vote on SFAC motions, the liaison’s voice will be considered heavily in both SFAC and around the Senate table. Next week, Senate will continue to address UNITY’s demands. Treasurer Trevor Matusik will be bringing a draft of next year’s annual budget, which will, as UNITY hopes, address their remaining concerns, especially financial ones. “This is by no means the end of the conversation,” said incoming Vice President of Student Life Kevin Kane, reiterating that Senate is still working to address the remaining concerns from UNITY via the Senate working group and in conjunction with representatives from UNITY. For updates on tomorrow’s Senate meeting, follow @TimesDelphic on Twitter and ‘Drake-TD’ on Snapchat.


Outgoing Senate recommends raise in activity fee Beth LeValley Staff Writer @BethLeValley

As the conversation between Student Senate and UNITY Roundtable continues, Thursday night’s Senate meeting ran a more regular course than expected from the estimated 50 students that gathered in room 201 in Cowles Library. Student Senate unanimously recommended that the student activity fee be raised in the 201718 fiscal year. The fee has not been raised in four years, despite the consistent increase in annually funded

student organizations on campus. “As the one that had to make so many necessary cuts this year … I can tell you (the Student Fees Allocation Committee) fully supports this,” Treasurer Trevor Matusik said. Another motion that Senate mad was to allocate money to the Men’s Ultimate team. Senate allocated $511 to cover transportation and registration costs for the Conference Championship, as well as the regional tournament. The team has a record of nine wins and four losses in the regular season. Mitchell McCarthy, a representative for Men’s Ultimate, said that the team has a good chance to win the Conference Championship. The

University of Northern Iowa hosts the tournament with the closest six teams in the area. In the past, Senate has resisted funding the organization because of its lack of fundraising. On Thursday, McCarthy announced that the team had partnered with Coca-Cola to raise $3,300 for the organization. This money is going toward the last tournament that wasn’t funded by Senate, registration costs for upcoming tournaments and future costs that may come up in the next year. “I’m really glad you got your fundraising taken care of,” Sen. Richie Serrano said. “It sounds like you’ve been doing really well in all of your tournaments, so I’m excited to hear how you do the rest of this year.”

Senate also approved two new student organizations, both of which are a part of national organizations as well. The United Malays National Organization International Club Iowa has already been active on campus, including hosting a member of Malaysian parliament. The organization focuses on intellectualism, professionalism and community service, both in Malaysia and Iowa. “It’s great to see how they’ve empowered students,” said Sen. Russell White. “They’ve already done so much, so I think it’s time to make them ‘legit.’” Senate unanimously approved HOSA, an organization that will replace the current Health Sciences Student Organization.

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Because HOSA is also a national organization for high school students, the Drake University chapter plans to recruit from those who were involved in HOSA in high school. The group also plans to reach out to the community by mentoring those students that are still in high school. Treasurer Matusik and President Kevin Maisto reminded Senate members that the finalized budget will be voted on tomorrow. Student Senate will not be able to make amendments, and if the budget does not pass, Senate will have to call an emergency session during the week of Drake Relays.

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