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Strategy for understanding facts and ideas in the context of a conceptual framework and organizing knowledge in ways that facilitate retrieval and application.


Create a mind map that organizes the math concepts (math vocabulary) with illustrations of each concept.

Example: Under “Changing Mixed Number to an Improper Fraction,� we encounter the following math vocabulary (concepts), and operations (multiplication and addition) for the steps in procedure of making the change for 3 1/2:

r by e b m u n e l who 1. Multiply tor denomina 3x2=6 product)

result e h t e c 3. Pla over 2 p e t s f (sum) o inator m o n e d the 7/2

Changing Mixed Number to Improper Fraction

(6 is the

ct) u d ro

(p t l u r es r e h t a to d r e d 2. A e num h to t 6 + 1 = 7 (7 is the sum)

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