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Anxiety Disorders ! Think about how you felt before a make-or-break exam or a big presentation – or perhaps as you noticed police lights flashing behind your speeding car. Did you feel jittery and nervous and experience tightness in your stomach? These are the feelings of a normal anxiety, an unpleasant feeling of fear and dread. In contrast, anxiety disorders involve fears that are uncontrollable, disproportionate to the actual danger the person might be in, and disruptive of ordinary life. They feature motor tension (jumpiness, trembling), hyperactivity (dizziness, a racing heart), and apprehensive expectations and thoughts. ! In this section we survey five types of anxiety disorders: ! deviant •Generalized anxiety disorders (atypical) •Panic disorders •Phobic disorders •Obsessive-compulsive disorders 3 •Post-traumatic disorders


personally distressful (long period of time)

maladaptive (function); (danger)

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