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Snorkeling & Scuba Diving Circular Batfish on Hunga Reef, photo by Ross Neill

Skunk Anemone Fish, photo by Tor Oskar Skiftun

Welcome to Scuba Do Zanzibar Our philosophy is to offer our customers the most incredible snorkelling and diving experiences with our professional team of instructors and divemasters. We use top-quality equipment, follow stringent safety standards, and offer our guests a superior service. We have a fleet of six custom dive boats which can take you where you want to go, whenever you want to go! Scuba Do is a PADI 5-Star, Gold Palm Resort operating two dive bases on the stunning Kendwa Beach. In addition to being one of the best beaches on Zanzibar, Kendwa is the ideal place to launch the boats, swim at any tide and see spectacular sunsets.

Zanzibar’s life-rich coastline offers some of the best diving and snorkelling in the Indian Ocean. Our sweeping coral reefs, made up of hard and soft corals, are home to a spectacular variety of tropical fish, turtles, dolphins, stingrays and eels. With a passion for the aquatic realm, our eco-friendly snorkel guides and divemasters are well versed in our local marine life and enjoy sharing their knowledge. Our list of weird and wonderful sightings includes weedy scorpionfish, Mauritius scorpionfish, seahorses, leaffish, pipefish, and a variety of shrimps and nudibranches just to name a few.

Mwana wa Mwana Reef, photo by Juan Vega May

Snorkelling Adventures Tumbatu Island


Mnemba Island

Snorkelling Excursions

Surround yourself with an abundance of reef fish and enjoy floating over the spectacular corals on the fringing reefs around Tumbatu Island.


Enjoy a 30 minute scenic boat journey around the northern tip of Zanzibar Island and snorkel within the magnificent Mnemba Island Marine Conservation Area!

Learn to Snorkel


If you have never tried snorkelling before, let us introduce and guide you with a lesson in the shallow water followed by a snorkelling excursion to Kendwa Reef.

Common Lionfish, photo by Tor Oskar Skiftun

Discover Scuba (10 yrs +)


You do not need a certificate to try scuba diving and you will not want to miss out on the opportunity to experience Zanzibar’s beautiful coral reefs and diverse marine life. Begin by watching a DVD to show you the basics, learn a few skills in the shallow water and you will be ready to discover the beautiful aquatic realm on a shallow dive accompanied by your PADI instructor.

Bubblemaker for the Kids

(8 yrs +)


A great way to introduce children to scuba diving! They will begin by watching the PADI DVD. Under the direct care and supervision of a PADI Instructor, they will be taken into the shallow water to a maximum depth of 2 metres to experience breathing underwater.

Scuba Diving for Beginners

Discover Scuba Diving

Designer Scuba Bubble, photo by Juan Vega May

PADI Scuba Diver Course (10 yrs +)


PADI Open Water Course


The Scuba Diver qualification means you will be completing approximately half of the open water diver course and takes around two days. This qualification allows you to dive anywhere in the world to a maximum depth of 12 metres as long as you are with a Divemaster or Instructor. This certification never expires and can be easily upgraded to an Open Water Diver qualification.

(10 yrs +)

The Open Water Diver Course consists of reading the five modules of the Open Water Manual, watching the five DVD modules, completing five skill sets in the shallow water and four open water dives. As an Open Water Diver, you are qualified to dive to a maximum depth of 18 metres with a qualified buddy and a world of adventure awaits you!

Scuba Diving for Beginners

PADI Courses

Scuba Tune-Up


The Scuba Tune-Up program is designed for qualified divers who have not been in the water in the past 6 months to 2 years. The program involves reviewing your theory and dive equipment as well as practicing the key skills in the shallow water.

Green Turtle on Mnemba Island, photo by Unknown


For the diver who has been out of the water for two years or longer, you will be given a complete revision of your dive theory (including the Open Water Course Final Exam) and practice all skills from the Open Water Course.

Scuba Diving for Certified Divers

Full Scuba Refresher

Kichafi Reef, photo by Juan Vega May

Single Day Scuba Diving Adventures Scuba Tune-Up and Single Dive


Double Dive on Northwest Reefs

Scuba Diving for Certified Divers

Complete the Scuba Tune-Up program in the morning and join us in the afternoon for a single tank dive on one of our stunning coral reefs on the northwest tip of Zanzibar Island.


Two dives on two different reefs around the northwest tip of Zanzibar. Our normal dive depths are between 12-18 metres with boat travel times of approximately 10-15 minutes depending on the dive sites.

Mnemba Island Double Dive


Enjoy two dives within the Mnemba Island Marine Conservation Area. The boat journey is only 30 minutes taking you around the northern tip of Zanzibar Island. Maximum dive depths are typically 16 - 18 metres with an hour and a half surface interval.

Mnemba Island - Kichwani Wall, photo by Juan Vega May

Dive Packages

With more than 20 dive sites to choose from, you may want to take advantage of our special offers for dive packages! Dives 4 6 8 10

Days 2 3 4 5

Total $230 $330 $420 $500

Private Boat Charters For Diving or Snorkelling Northwest Reefs (2 hours, 4 pax)


Mnemba Island (3 hours, 6 pax)


Scuba Diving for Certified Divers

Multi-day Dive Packages

PADI Courses Advanced Open Water $505 Complete five adventure dives from the list below (including your deep and navigation dives) to achieve your PADI Advanced Open Water Qualification. You will improve your overall diving abilities and be qualified to dive to a maximum depth of 30 metres (21 metres for 12-14 yrs).

Adventure Dives Available Peak Performance Buoyancy AWARE Fish Identification Underwater Navigation Deep Dive Multi-Level / Computer Dive Night Dive

Underwater Photography Underwater Naturalist Boat Diving Drift Diving Search & Recovery

Mnemba Island - Kichwani Wall, photo by Juan Vega May

Scuba Diving for Certified Divers

(12 yrs +)

Anemone - Heteractis Magnifica, photo by Juan Vega May

PADI Courses Course

Digital Underwater Photography AWARE Fish Identification Deep Diver Peak Performance Buoyancy Underwater Naturalist Project AWARE Coral Reef Conservation Multi-level Diver Night Diver Underwater Navigator

Dives 2 2 4 2 2 1 1 2 3 3

Days 1 1 4 1 1 1 1 1 2 2

Total $285 $180 $345 $180 $180 $135 $135 $210 $260 $250

Equipment Hire (per day) Full Scuba Gear $15 Snorkelling Gear (w/excursion) $10 Per Item BCD $5 Regulator $5 Wetsuit $5 Fins $2 Mask $2 Snorkel $1 Specialised Equipment Hire Digital Camera & Housing $50 Dive Computer $20 Torch (w/batteries) $15

Scuba Diving for Certified Divers

PADI Specialty Courses

Pier at La Gemma Dell’ Est, photo by Tammy D. Holter

Emergency First Response


Rescue Diver Course


For divers as well as non-divers, this course teaches primary and secondary emergency care. As a prerequisite to the rescue diver course, you will learn and practice CPR and rescue breathing techniques in addition to other first-aid procedures.

(15 yrs +)

Learn to look beyond yourself to consider the safety and well-being of other divers. Rescue diver training prepares you to help prevent problems and, if necessary, manage dive emergencies using a variety of techniques. Although the nature and context in which rescue training may be used is serious, the course is enjoyable and builds your diving confidence.

Master Scuba Diver and Dive Master

If you are interested in taking your diving to the next level, please enquire regarding whether the Master Scuba Diver or the Divemaster program would be a more suitable option for you. We can also qualify you as an Emergency First Response Instructor or a PADI Assistant Instructor.

Scuba Diving for Certified Divers

PADI Courses

Contact Details +255 (0)24 550 2170 La Gemma Dell’ Est Dive Base +255 (0)777 417 157 Kendwa Beach Dive Base

Leven Bank

Chakatuni Shamzi

Hunga Reef

Coral Garden Mbwangawa

Nankivell Reef

Haji Reef Kichafi Reef

Scuba Do

Pengeleni Mwana wa Mwana Ras Mskitini

Misoli Reef

Kendwa’s Reefs

Leon’s Wall

Three Turtles

Big Wall

Tumbatu Island

Rates are subject to change, however we will make every effort to provide sufficient notice. Design by Bruce Levick

Mnemba Island Zanzibar Island

Watta Bommies Kichwani Wall


Scuba Do Zanzibar Price Menu (without transfers)  

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