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I am a responsible, respectful McKenneyHarrison Bulldog. My goal is to be at or above grade level in all areas.

UPCOMING EVENTS... Market Day 9/17 Fund Raiser 9/7-9/21 Duesenchords

Note From the Principal The fourth and fifth grade students

give our teachers the time they need to

have spoken!

get going in the morning. Please do not

There are some new

things in the lunchroom. We have mu-

hesitate to call your child’s teacher if

sic, introduce guests, sing happy birth-

you have concerns. The agenda books

day and most importantly, honor class-

are a great way to communicate as

rooms on our Bulldog Bravo Board!


This is a place where our class can earn spot.

When it’s full, Mrs. Tipton will

Perform at the

bring a treat to the class whose name is

The Definition of Bullying…

Fair 9/27

drawn. It might be an extra recess with

Did You Know?

Fair Day (No School) 9/30 PTO Meeting After school 9/22

her, a story or maybe The Silver Platter Treatment!!! Keeping Our Building Safe...A Focus on Learning! In an effort to keep our building and

“Bullying is when someone repeatedly and on purpose says or does mean or hurtful things to another person who has a hard time defending himself or herself.

students safe, our doors will officially open each morning at 7:30. We have staff at each entrance to greet you and to answer any questions. At door 2, our kindergarten and first grade parents

OFFICE HOURS Monday - Friday 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM

have been available to help our kiddos find their classrooms and lockers. In the Harrison building, we ask our parents of second and third graders to say good bye at the door! This helps our students to become independent and to


s at 7:30 AM Building open should be and students n at 7:50 AM ready to lear ll if your child Be sure to ca t or late to will be absen school


MCK Bulldogs Don’t Bully!!!

CORNER We love our PTO officers, parents and volunteers! Get involved….Jennifer Bell and Jennifer Stuckey would love your help. Think about getting involved! We’re looking for new officers to

New to our staff and students is our

learn and help out for

new Anti-Bullying initiative.

next year. Here’s

made a commitment as a school-wide

some of what your

community to stop bullying. Our school

PTO does for our stu-

-wide rules are:

dents… *Market Day *Butter Braids *Entertainment Books *Helping Hands Room *Providing needed supplies.

We have

1. We will not bully others. 2. We will try to help students who are bullied. 3. We will try to include students who are left out. 4. If we know that someone is being

school and an adult at home. 5.We will give our personal best to reach out goals.

We have implemented


meetings where we discuss issues from our class Parking Lots.


each classroom Parking Lot, we can give compliments, thank you’s, ask questions, or put concerns. If there are concerns, we openly discuss them in class and we are learning to be proactive to solve them!

bullied, we will tell an adult at

Our Bull Dog Goals McKenney-Harrison staff and students are setting SMART goals! They are smart because they are: S trategic M easureable A ttainable R easonable T imely Our school-wide SMART goal is that 97% or 615 students out of 630 at school each and

every day. So far, we have attained that goal every day. Mrs. Tipton announces our attendance each and every day. You can help by making sure your students are at school and are on time. Remember that if your child is absent, please call the office with the reason. If they are tardy, they’ll need a tardy slip before they return to class. If There’s a Delay….School Begins and Ends Two Hour: 9:50-2:30 Three Hour: 10:50-3:30

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